Google Workspace ensures scalability to travel etc.

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The challenge

"Travel etc. - comments Marco Fogliamanzillo, one of its founders - was born to offer a package tour, but it soon became a structured reality and our tourism project evolved into a tour operator. 


When we started, the organization was very fragmented: we had Zimbra for e-mail, we used Apple Calendar and Address Book, an accounting program, and contextually Sheets, which we shared in Drive with our collaborators. 

Sheets we immediately found them more functional than Excel, but our Gmail consumer version had limitations that we overcame by switching to Google Workspace along with power2Cloud.


Ours is a young team, we work to enhance the area in which we live, we have an excellent network of contacts, and we have always been passionate about challenges, but enthusiasm needs to be coupled with good tools to support business growth, especially if this happens suddenly as in the case of travel etc.


Competition among tour operators is strong and the work challenging since we have to interface daily with many intermediaries between guides and drivers to ensure a service that leaves our clients satisfied.

Google Workspace accompanies us in our daily work and is certainly one of our strengths. It is not only an innovation that allows us to collaborate, store and communicate securely, but it integrates and communicates with other solutions we use in the office such as HubSpot. "

The solution

"The first requirement was to equip ourselves with a data repository suitable for our needs. 

Drive is for travel etc. a trump card, because we have copious exchange of communications and a range of tourism proposals concerning the Coast and part of Campania that represent an important point of contact with tourists from all over the world. 

In travel etc. fortunately we no longer attach files, but share them via a direct link to our Drive repository , we talk about business proposals, Customer lists, internal programs, but also report files for viewing within our office.

We also use a lot of Google Calendar to manage appointments and deadlines for many of our departments by cross-referencing them.


The work of our tour operator is multifaceted. We organize excursions to the most popular destinations such as the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Vesuvius, Capri, Sorrento and Paestum, but we also handle private transfers, the sale of sea and coach tickets, and the planning and management of some accommodations (in Verona , Rome, Positano and Sorrento), while for others we offer business consulting.

Here's why Sheets is essential to structure this work and monitor the checkout of our stores located throughout the territory in real time.


Thanks to Google Workspace we all speak the same 'language,' we all have one access to data, we all work on the same file in great transparency, although as a console administrator I can establish privacy and security filters to limit viewing, editing or sharing." 

The results

"Google Workspace," Marco concludes, "is state-of-the-art, secure and reliable, and is a dynamic Cloud solution that allows information to be shared in real time with the assurance that data that will not be lost. 

Google Workspace is a microservices infrastructure that makes it easier to organize our work.


The tools our tour operator used before were fragmented and made communications really unstable.

Thanks to Google Workspace Apps we can keep the history of all our clients and more easily work on the next schedule from which to restart our work, updates are automatic, we don't need to worry about investing in buying new software to keep up with innovation, to infrastructure and our services Google thinks automatically.


Google Cloud solutions are something to invest in and something we hope to expand soon with Apps Scripts."

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travel etc. is a tour operator born in 2003 in Sorrento from an idea of Marco Fogliamanzillo, Pasquale D'Esposito and Domenico D'Oriano, offers tours, transfers and hotels to travelers who are looking for an authentic experience in Campania's most popular destinations such as the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Vesuvius, Capri, Sorrento and Paestum. The motto is Live like local!


Country: Italy

Sector: Travel & Hospitality

Product: Google Workspace

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