Angiodroid with Google Workspace the best corporate intranet

Angiodroid with G Suite the best enterprise intranet3

The challenge

"Angiodroid was born in July 2013 as a startup, but in a short time it has transformed into a small business. Such radical expansion was made possible by designing, manufacturing, and marketing the only patented automatic CO2 injector for peripheral angiography in the medical field.


Reporting, archiving, and document production in Angiodroid over time has become copious and structured.

In addition to the administrative department, today they also require a slice of the Cloud from the technical, production and sales departments.


Here in April 2018 we went from Gmail consumer, the first free email service with 15 GB included, to a more comprehensive Google solution such as Google Workspace.


Thanks to Google Workspace, we have recreated our corporate structure in Drive by storing files of different natures according to teams of expertise. In Drive we have Office Worksheets, Google Sheets, Documents, Presentations, Excel Sheets, promotional videos, vectors, business graphics, 3D files, photos and much more, with no space limitation.

Google Cloud solutions bring everyone together: modern, functional and maintenance-free. At Angiodroid, we are satisfied!"

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The solution

"Today Angiodroid is present with its injector in about 50 countries and has more than 30 medical marketing approvals.

Our head office is in Bologna, but we have collaborators and clients in Indonesia, Taiwan, China, then in Uk, Brazil and Arabia with whom we are able to communicate and collaborate thanks to the Google Workspace Apps, which are also useful for communicating with accounts using other software.

Angiodroid recently organized a round table with several vascular surgery professionals in Bologna, Italy. We streamed the meeting on YouTube by recording the memberships with a Google Form.


Google Cloud innovations provide new tools, drive digital transformation, involving not only the IT department, but the whole organization. Our goal is to use the computer only as a workstation, all documents must travel on the cloud.

Transforming these business processes can yield immediate benefits.

In fact, with the help of Google Cloud, we can access files saved on the Drive from any device (cell phone, computer, tablet) and from anywhere in the world, collaborating on editing a Document, for example, simultaneously and in real time. Several times I was able to show presentations and videos on Angiodroid to medical staff using my credentials on a computer other than my own.


Another advantage of Google Workspace is searches. With Google Search we abandoned Windows searches. It was a revolution!

Google Search searches all of our business records and emails, just choose a keyword. When I need something, I no longer waste time sifting through folders; backoffice employees do the same with orders and invoices.

Google Vault is equally useful and addresses our company's archiving and eDiscovery needs."

The results

"Google Workspace helps our intranet: Angiodroid has three websites made with Google Sites dedicated to the sales network, distribution network and specialists, respectively.


From headquarters we take care of updating the contents of these repositories. These pages can only be accessed with a password for security issues.

Since there have been, requests for searching files or documents have decreased dramatically. This saves time and optimizes work.

With Google Sheets, on the other hand, we plan work, travel in real time. Salespeople and specialists have a dedicated one.

For Angiodroid this is a major advantage, and it is one of the reasons we switched to the Google platform!"

"Privacy, after GDPR, is a very sensitive issue and Google fully meets these standards.

Although our employees know what they can share with external accounts, as an administrator of the Google Workspace console I authorize views and changes to the various corporate accounts."
Lorenzo Casadei
Product Development & Marketing Manager 
Angiodroid with G Suite the best enterprise intranet3

Angiodroid Srl is a medical device development company, is focused on the design, development and commercialization of the only automatic carbon dioxide (CO2) injector as a contrast device in angiography.

Carbon dioxide angiography (Angiodroid's ACDA) is the safe alternative to the use of iodine in patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD) at risk of contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN) accounting for up to 30% of the total (A. McCullough, AJC 2006). 

PAD affected 202 million people worldwide in 2014, projected to grow at a CAGR of 7% between 2014 and 2023.

The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Bologna, Italy. The patented Angiodroid technology is used daily in more than 250 hospitals worldwide.

The first CE mark was obtained in 2014, and other certification permits have been applied in more than 30 countries outside the EU.

Country: Italy

Sector: Health and scientific research

Product: Google Workspace

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