Google Workspace boosts productivity at Leone-Fell & C. Law Firm.

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The challenge

The Law Firm's mission is to make a difference in people's lives by encouraging and supporting them to assert their rights by standing up for what they love most.

For these reasons, the firm has always promoted large collective and individual legal campaigns with a completely innovative formula called Instant legal assistance.

A method devised by a team of experts in different disciplines to make the most of the most advanced computer systems for remote collaboration and customer caring," say Lawyers Francesco Leone and Floriana Barbata.

Our firm has always had a need to equip itself with state-of-the-art tools, suitable, however, for people who are unfamiliar, due to age issues or personal inclinations, with the use of digital tools.

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The solution

No one has so far offered the simplicity, stability and security provided by Google Workspace.

One of the strengths undoubtedly is theintuitive interface,access from multiple devices (computer, phone, or tablet), and the ability to talk with different operating systems.


The head office of the Leone-Fell & C. law firm is divided between Palermo and Rome.

We have more than 100 legal points throughout the country and more than 130 legal partners with whom we collaborate in the relevant forums. Our professionals travel frequently and must remain perpetually connected, because the issues we deal with are sensitive and exceedingly important to our Clients. 

Thanks to Google Workspace, attorneys work on the same Document, writing the heart of the appeal, while colleagues deputed to the correction comment on the text, adding their own notes.


We recently followed a very interesting interdisciplinary appeal that encompassed European Union law in a major way. It was fruitful to work with our lawyers in Brussels while we had Clients in the office in Italy-we worked as if we were all in one meeting room!

Dedicated services are offered in the legal world, but none can be as effective and provide as high levels of productivity as Google Workspace.


Another tool we use a lot is the Google Cloud Search which allows us to browse the entire archive securely: we query the search bar by entering even a call sign and we have what we need with one click, saving a lot of time.


The results

Using a stable and secure service like Google Workspace is critical, especially for GDPR-related issues.

Relying on architectures that are compliant with regulations and armor our customers' data across the board, allowing us to also use encryption tools or two-factor authentication, are benefits that are priceless.


"We receive hundreds of emails and phone calls every day; coming to meet customers smoothly and safely is vital.

With the help of Google Workspace, our internal communication is more effective today.

In addition, the timely collection of information and the ability to introduce it in court at the appropriate time allows us to satisfy, this is our main goal, every request," say Attorneys Floriana Barbata and Ciro Catalano

Google Workspace accommodates the standard required by our legal community, but it has an incredible advantage-it is a perfectible tool that adapts to everyone's needs.


Thanks to the synergistic work led by Attorney Catalano, the power2Cloud team has developed a Script for our customer care team that allows, through one of our operatives, requests collected from the site or generic email to be automatically channeled to the subject specialist.


With power2Cloud, the implementation of Google Workspace was very easy and fast.

The aspect we insist on a lot, according to our internal policies, is training to align all lawyers; our goal is to push them to use Google Workspace in an increasingly professional way. 


Mastering Sheets, colors, filters, labels quickly allows in perspective to gain a lot of time. After training we do some testing. With Sheets, for example, we deal with conspicuous lists of Clients; we make it a point to let every trainee know that any erroneously deleted row of data can be restored at any time without complications. 

While for other systems these errors represent irreparable business damage, thanks to Google Workspace they are an easy step to recover from.

"Google Workspace pushes corporate transparency: we all see everything and use everything without jealousy, something that is rare to find in offices.
There are lawyers who work in the same firm but struggle to share forms, masks or templates for appeals: that's not the case here, and that, for us, is a strength."
Lawyer Ciro Catalano
Co-founder Leone-Fell & C Law Firm.
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Studio Legale Leone-Fell & C is the largest administrative law firm in Italy, founded by attorneys Francesco Leone, Simona Fell, Floriana Barbata and Ciro Catalano.

With 100 offices nationwide, it specializes in class action, competition, university, school, tax, labor and welfare.

In recent years it has totally revolutionized the world of the legal sector, being the first in Italy to grasp the potential offered by new digital infrastructures, developing new working models for its staff and an advanced customer care service for the benefit of all clients.

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Sector: Professional Studies

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