With HubSpot the sales team Temera increases the value of offers, tasks and leads.


The challenge

"Since 2019, Temera has been on a path of internal restructuring and reorganization. 

The dynamics of change," explains Valentino Fattori Head of Sales in Temera, "have mainly affected the sales area: we have moved from direct management by the corporate board (since 2009 he has also been personally involved in this activity) to a dedicated team. 

I was entrusted with sales management and the creation of a sales network to carry on activities in new markets and geographical areas. 


In Temera lacked a tool to manage offers and customers, assign tasks and priorities.

The repository of all business contacts used to rely on the tool that all medium-small companies approach, an Excel file.But this made the organization of all the information still too disorganized and manual.


From a growing startup Temera has become a company with a more structured organization. We needed to equip ourselves with a new dynamic and high-performance tool for managing our contacts.

We were looking for something that would allow us to organize work, define business goals and tasks, and provide real-time sales and performance information to the corporate board as well.

The assessment was given directly to the business management. I started conducting a market analysis to evaluate some solutions."

The solution

"The move to HubSpot has been momentous. Today colleagues have an organized platform with which they can prioritize their tasksdaily or prospectively .

It was also a great achievement for the corporate board, which can now monitor all activities through dashboards and indicators in a simple and immediate way.


Compared with a cold tool like Excel, HubSpot allows us to take long-term actions in an informed way and correct less effective ones in a short time. 

The migration of data from Excel to HubSpot took place within a month. For the adoption of the platform there was a big sponsorship from the corporate board, which I thank.

Beyond the commitment and ownership of the project, there was some reticence in the beginning from teams who were not yet familiar with this tool. 


Temera is not an imposing company. We were able to find the right fit to involve all colleagues in a short time, and that makes us even more satisfied. 

Perhaps the key to success was precisely the healthy competition urged by HubSpot.


On the platform for the sales team, I built dashboards to track sales progress, and this pushed everyone to do their best.

Today the sales team uses HubSpot, uploads bids, enters and uses the information, and optimizes it, partly because they have recognized the benefits.


Thanks to HubSpot, we can think prospectively (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or for the next year). We segment prospects, know which business unit they belong to, prioritize and categorize communications, taking targeted and effective actions with a rather relevant retention rate. 


The native connector with Google Workspace helps us on a daily basis to quickly register new contacts in our CRM: when we send an email, we can update the form directly in the Gmail window .


Of course, we are continuing to work on optimizing all contacts, including by including custom flags that will be useful for the marketing team to distinguish, for example, CEOs to invite to the Temera event.

There is more or less important information, but it is essential to rely on a tool that concentrates all of it to always find the information you need, safely and from any device."

"The transition to HubSpot has been momentous for us. Today we have an organized platform with which to prioritize tasks daily or prospectively, as well as perform decision making and business strategy organically and effectively.

It was a great achievement for the company, also aimed at providing a quick and effective tool for the corporate board, which can finally monitor dashboards and indicators with simplicity and immediacy.".

Valentino Fattori 

Head of Sales - Senior Business Program Manager

The results

"The goal for the second half of the year with Marketing Director Marco Ruffa is to adopt HubSpot for his team as well., who will perhaps benefit most from a CRM like this.

We will soon begin this transition to bring all Temera's information and initiatives to HubSpot and generate our campaigns there. 


With colleagues, we will centralize the collection and management of all information (even the forms on our site are integrated with this tool), while continuing to automate many actions that we now follow with multiple applications, such as Mailchimp. 

Compared to other competitors' solutions I feel I give positive feedback to HubSpot and power2Cloud as a system integrator. The team understood that Temera is a growing company, but with the lean and dynamic mindset of a startup. 


Everyone who proposed to us thought they would find a rigid, "pyramidal, compartmentalized" multinational corporation, but this does not reflect us at all. 

'When I chose power2Cloud as a partner and HubSpot as a tool by presenting them to the corporate board,' Valentino concludes, 'I got off the hook and I'm glad I did, because my and our expectations were paid off!


We really appreciated the consultative approach of power2cloud and we are happy to have chosen it as our system integrator.

The team that has supported us in our work has helped us configure HubSpot by gradually adapting it to all our needs. We also hope to continue this optimization through new integrations, such as the one between HubSpot and Aircall."


"We really appreciated the consultative approach of power2cloud and we are happy to have chosen it as our system integrator.

The team that supported us in our work helped us to configure HubSpot by adapting it gradually to all our needs." 

Valentino Fattori 

Head of Sales - Senior Business Program Manager

Temera is a center of excellence, supporting enterprises through the development of solutions based on the innovative use of IoT technologies such as RFID (UHF NFC) andBlockChain, designed specifically for the Fashion & Luxury industry.


Temera is the leading company in this specific area of expertise, boasting more than 60 of the most renowned brands globally as clients.


The company is distinguished by specific know-how, gained in response to the need to address and solve problems related to optimization of supply chain processes, anti-counterfeiting activity management and parallel market control, and process optimization in Retail.

Country: Italy

Sector: Technology, Retail

Product: HubSpot

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