Nitro Agility increases productivity with the integration of Aircall, Google Workspace and HubSpot.

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The challenge

Nitro Agility is an IT consulting firm and software house founded by Nicola Gallo and Antonio Radesca that now employs 16 people and works in the enterprise environment.

Its offices have always been located not only in the country, but also in Europe. Nitro Agility currently has two offices: in Italy, in Matera, and in Chisinau, Moldova.


"Our team consists of highly qualified software engineers, we help startups or multinationals by developing Bespoke software solutions," explain the two founding partners Antonio and Nicola, who in addition to other technical aspects also follow the sales area. "We use techniques and methodologies that allow companies to improve their business processes through automation and often help them develop Data Platforms.

Working between Italy and Eastern Europe, we have been in smart working mode practically forever, used to collaborating at different times, times and locations. With Covid we are also connected from home. We were already set up to do that and it has not impacted our productivity.


In Nitro Agility we started using G Suite Basic, now Google Workspace, although we did it very loosely at first. In truth , in addition to Hangouts, we paired Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, and mobile for calls. We never chose a phone system; each sales manager had his own corporate device, and that always prevented us from controlling the flow of calls.


As an IT reality, we are always up-to-date on digital tools, but we have never thought about leveraging them to better organize our data, also optimizing sales processes.


The use of a CRM such as HubSpot, for example, has always been seen more as an address book than as a tool to strategically gather and manage all the information for our service or sales initiatives.


To avoid data leakage in Nitro Agility early on we realized that we needed a centralized infrastructure: We needed to unify what was still fragmented.

That's why our approach has embraced multiple cloud solutions, which we have, however, integrated with the help of power2Cloud in an efficient way to simplify and optimize our time, giving more value to our work and our data."

Nitro Agility boosts productivity with Aircall, Google Workspace and HubSpot integration

The solution

"Google Workspace has been elected as the benchmark tool for enterprise collaboration, as it brings together all the useful tools for work in a single platform.

For these reasons, the use of Office, which is more restrictive in the enterprise environment because it is too integrated on its products, was eliminated. Google immediately seemed to us to be a moreflexible solution, givingyou what you need and working instantly.

Following the new needs, they switched to the business version of G Suite, now Google Workspace, which has more services included, starting to use all applications. 

This was made possible, thanks in part to theonboarding dedicated to all employees, the training accelerated this transition by showing the suite's main features.


Google Workspace also continues to be very useful because ithelps us to increase security; in fact, we use a single identity to access other software because of Single Sign On .

When it came time to think about the phone system, we ruled out the old switchboard right away. We didn't want something legacy or physical, so we went looking for a digital solution like Aircall.

With this VoIP switchboard, we have achieved the goal of centralize the management of incoming and outgoing calls. Everything started working immediately upon completion of activation.


Today our phone system of Aircall is integrated with Google Workspace, and HubSpot's CRM we used to use in a bland way. This makes us really excited. Before, a lot of information was stuck on the individual contact person, but now it is transferred transparently to the various teams.


Aircall offers countless advantages to our work: multiple users can answer incoming calls even when some colleague is absent or busy in another conversation; we can also target other countries without having cost problems; and we can answer from any device, from cell phone as well as computer .


This also helped us during the Covid19 period. Without a landline phone we can collaborate as if we were in the same physical office, although in practice we are not. 

The our brand awareness has improved, we have dedicated numbers in every region and in every country. It is a more professional approach that allows us to plan sales strategies to Italy and abroad in a smarter way."

"The use of Google Workspace, along with Aircall's VoIP switchboard and HubSpot's CRM, has increased productivity."
Antonio Radesca and Nicola Gallo
Co-founder and CTO in Nitro Agility

The results

"In addition to acquiring digital solutions useful to our work, thanks to power2Cloud, there has been improved integration between these software. This immediately generated real added value. We refer, of course, not only to the tools of the power2Cloud partnerships, but also with those we have adopted internally.

The use of Google Workspace, along with Aircall's VoIP switchboard and HubSpot's CRM has increased productivity.


HubSpot today is no longer just a repository of email and contact data, it allows us to track information, manage leads, and remember follow-up activities. While with Aircall we add tags to calls during phone conversations and update our colleagues in real time, tracking everyone's work. With Drive we continue to organize the administrative and management side of the business and share functional requirements for some projects.


Google Workspace continues to be a valuable ally for teamwork: we can now manage the retention period of Documents, share the Drive, search Documents more easily and quickly with Google Search.

Colleagues, also thanks to the training, use everything without any problems; we have had no downtime. 


Our mindset clearly was already digital, but we recognized the value of these cloud solutions and the processes they help us solve. We organized a more professional service. Now we can focus on our work and sales and avoid producing inefficiency caused by cumbersome and erroneous processes.

power2Cloud selects the best tools to optimize the work of each reality, we advise our colleagues to evaluate these opportunities to improve business operating costs as well.


People often do not realize that a lot of information and processes have exorbitant costs just because they are not using the right tools, so you have employees engaged in unnecessary activities to the detriment of others that are more profitable for your business.

For the near future, we hope to continue to integrate and optimize internal processes even more with the tools at hand."

"In addition to acquiring digital solutions useful for our work, the integration between these software has been improved thanks to power2Cloud. This immediately generated real added value. We refer, of course, not only to the tools of the power2Cloud partnerships, but also with those we have adopted internally."
Antonio Radesca and Nicola Gallo
Co-founder and CTO in Nitro Agility
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Nitro Agility is an IT consulting and software house with offices in Europe. It works for startups or multinationals developing Bespoke software solutions with a highly scalable team of technology experts. 

As Team as a Service, in fact, Nitro Agility becomes an extension or replacement of the internal workforce committed to achieving short- or long-term goals for each business. After consulting activities, it works to build technology solutions from the ground up to ensure security, scalability, maintainability, and resilience and ensure that they remain competitive and innovative over time.

Country: Italy

Sector: Technology

Products: Aircall, HubSpot and Google Workspace

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We combine the most innovative solutions with a highly qualified team to support each organization in the migration, deployment and training phases.

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