Caffè Borbone with Google Workspace makes its corporate data more secure

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The challenge

"To support the digital transformation of Caffè Borbone and its processes to agile and modern it was necessary to overcome the problems related to the pre-existing on premise mail services based on Microsoft Exchange, explains Paolo Cozzi ICT Manager.


The purpose was to to facilitate internal collaboration e make information exchanges more secure between corporate and remote users, while limiting the management impact on the IT team.. The pre-existing service architecture involved management complexities borne by an extremely small IT team, starting with normal provisioning, system management, and backup and recovery procedures.

But most importantly, it engaged internal IT significantly in the cyber risk management due to a very high frequency of SPAM, phishing and malware."

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The solution

"We chose to adopt Google Workspace because of the availability of an enterprise-level suite of services. We identified power2Cloud as the right partner to accompany us in this transition. 


The migration of 60 users lasted less than two weeks, with no interruption to business services.

Thanks to the familiarity of the applications and the interface Google-which many were already using as consumers-users and stakeholders began to collaborate more efficiently, dramatically decreasing IT support requests.


The training, which we underwent with the power2Cloud team, also involving remote colleagues, enhanced all the features of Google Workspace applications useful to our work.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has been critical to be able to enable the bring your own device with the use of smartphones and personal devices alongside corporate ones.


With power2Cloud, we have also been able to configure and leverage additional security features, already built into the Google Workspace suite, to enhance protection of the corporate perimeter.

While smart working, simply opening the Chrome browser and browsing the corporate repository in a secure way has certainly been a great benefit. Not surprisingly, many of my colleagues have enthusiastically reported to me that with Google Workspace they work better without distractions."

The results

"With Google Workspace, the frequency of SPAM and phishing has been reduced by 70 percent. 

The collaboration, even in mobility, has become more agile and secure.

In recent months, the use of Google Meet and file sharing in Drive has more than doubled, a fact that shows users' appreciation for a more effective way of sharing information as an alternative to traditional email.


Cloud solutions from Google are completely out of the box. They allow secure access to corporate information from any device, which is why we were also able to quickly enable smart working during Covid-19.

Mobile work was limited to administrative and staff functions, but if it were necessary, all users would be able to be as productive from home as in the company.

Google Workspace offers a way of working totally different, agile and above all ubiquitous, ubiquitous: I can work wherever I am!


Thanks to Google Apps we create an event in Calendar very quickly. Participating in meetings is easy, just share a link or connect from your phone in audio conference using the number to call. This is something that everyone can handle on their own.

I happened on more than one occasion to participate in Meet while driving; it was as simple an experience as being at my office desk. Our General Manager also uses it to periodically hold board meetings with connected interlocutors from other cities.


The use of Google Workspace has encouraged a different work culture. Even the information that used to be scattered all over the place is now collected in a much more structured and centralized manner, benefiting productivity and security.".

Paolo Cozzi ICT Manager - cafe borbone - power2Cloud success stories
"With the adoption of Google Workspace, we have enabled a mindset change. In a company with double-digit growth rates like Caffè Borbone, speed and effectiveness are vital. Even working remotely with Google tools has improved productivity tremendously. Today you can find and share important information more easily."

Paul Cozzi 
ICT Manager
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Caffè Borbone S.r.l. is a Neapolitan company founded by Massimo Renda in 1996, active in the business of roasting, producing and marketing compatible pods and capsules. The company is the third player in Italy after Lavazza and Nespresso in the portioned coffee business and among the top producers in the compatible capsule market. Thanks to the foresight of Massimo Renda, the company, which was family-owned in its early days, quickly went on to compete among the top positions in the market. Precisely for this reason, in 2018 Massimo Renda decided to be joined by Italmobiliare, Italy's largest "investment holding," with the aim of ensuring the company's long-term vision. This operation allowed Caffè Borbone to become a company with a structured governance capable of supporting challenging and ambitious development plans.

The young company founded in Naples, where espresso coffee is history, after only a few years already represents an entrepreneurial case of extraordinary success, thanks to a continuous process of growth.
At the center of the company's vision is tradition, a primary value of Caffè Borbone that is expressed through the constant telling of the philosophy of "true Neapolitan espresso." Sustainability, of fundamental importance in Caffè Borbone's ethos, which represents not a choice but the essential prerequisite for "doing business." This vocation that Caffè Borbone has for respecting the environment is foraged by innovation, the result of a continuous and constant process of research&development. Two values that travel hand in hand and that together find the best way to express themselves. It is no coincidence that the company is always looking for solutions that respect the environment, environmental impact being a crucial concept of the company's philosophy, and shared by the entire staff.

Innovation is a tool that also helps to improve the user experience, thanks to innovative and practical packaging, and it is a value that also invests the company's communication style, especially with reference to the digital ecosystem. The continuous visits that these channels receive and the very high level of interaction are proof that the company has a valid communication approach, and is able to provide consumers, in a functional and consistent way, with all the information related to the company's products and novelties.

Country: Italy

Sector: Food Industry

Product: Google Workspace

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