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The challenge

"We decided to adopt Google Cloud solutions to trigger positive changes in a large part of the Company and get immediate feedback," explains Francesco Di Maio Business Innovation for Alilauro.


"Alilauro is the beating engine of the group's holding company in technology: being one step ahead is our daily challenge!

Mariaceleste Lauro, CEO-among the youngest shipowners on the national and international scene-has succeeded in engaging an under-30 team that is particularly enthusiastic and responsive to new implementations, which can count on the support of milestones that have lived through the Company's history.


I believe our CEO can broaden horizons by improving on the work carried forward by his predecessors with the right momentum, succeeding in blending the drive for innovation with past experience to navigate to prestigious destinations with a look back at the rich, nearly century-old family tradition."

The solution

Alilauro's team realized that Google Workspace Apps can open up new scenarios.The company currently uses Google Cloud tools to store sensitive data and streamline communications between clients and work teams, but the intention is to extend them more and more widely.


"It's only a matter of time, we have the right tool! Thanks to Google Workspace, we have begun to rationalize the passive cycle," continues Francesco di Maio, "to manage the amount of work that is generated by Marintecnica (the three shipyards-two in Naples and one in Castellammare-serving all the shipping companies of the Lauro Group).


Master dematerialization of sensitive data makes it possible to optimize the entire supply chain, reduce the time required by tax regulations, payments, possible transmission errors, and facilitate timely consultation.


In Drive, thanks to the App Forms e Google Sites, for the past year and a half we have been storing all invoice packets, including previous invoices, available to the administration at the click of a button.


The next step will be to add digital signature document validation! The legal area also works only with Google Workspace on a dedicated Drive where it stores the documentation and PECs of all holding company companies, GDPR compliant.


Google Workspace tools are easy and intuitive to use, but for specific needs related to new implementations we enlisted the support of Mario, Google Cloud Deployment Specialist in power2Cloud. Together we developed the Work with Us section for the Alilauro website.

Whereas before we had only one email reference, for recruitment there is now a dedicated Form for each company department to which we attach, according to privacy regulations, resumes and personal data, which our employees, in the back office, can consult in Drive documentation or through Sheets.

Warehouse, ticketing, and administration also work with Sheets and Forms Apps to practically and cross-accountingly track ticket dispensing operations on our sea routes.


But that's not the end of the story. One project I am working on," Francis concludes, "to facilitate the work of Customer Care and our administrative department, is a platform for managing subscriptions, whether they are requests or renewals.

The new system will link Google Workspace to a QR Code (generated and placed in Alilauro ticket offices), which through scanning will open a Google Form that our customers can fill out easily and independently.

We will thus collect all data easily, safely and quickly, limiting errors by virtue of tax compliance and electronic invoice issuance.


Google Workspace will once again be a valuable ally. I will then continue to work on a platform for managing shipbuilding activity, that is, the marriage of sea and land, in order to make connectivity between the shipboard and the shipyard faster simple and operational, all based on the tools provided by Google."

The results

"Explaining the change produced by the implementation of Google Cloud is complicated!

Let's start with the fact that it positively disrupts working life, allowing access to data at any time and with any tool (computer, cell phone, tablet).

You no longer need to be in the office to give assistance to colleagues!

Alilauro works in peace of mind because protection, privacy and security of information are Google's top priorities.

A company like ours, carrying 4.5 million users a year, with substantial online traffic, a tour operator, outside agencies hooking into our systems, and sensitive and copious internal communications, can be attacked virtually at any time.

With Google Workspace all our data is kept in the cloud. In Drive is the whole business life: we save copies of contracts, invoices, F23s, F24s and much more. If the computer has viruses thanks to the Cloud we don't lose anything, if the power goes out ditto!

Also, with such a structured repository, Google Cloud Search is essential to always search for what you need in no time."

power2Cloud - Alilauro - success stories

Alilauro S.p.A. is a modern company operating in the passenger maritime transport sector in southern Italy.

Founded in 1944 by Agostino Lauro who operated the first link service in the Gulf of Naples, the company has always been a major player in the local maritime industry.

In recent years, the Group has been focusing more and more on young people and the concept of smart living, a phase that also coincides with the second generational transition, a sign of the continuity, experience and family tradition that has distinguished the Group for years.

Alilauro, occupies a leading role in the Italian shipowning scenario by focusing its attention in the care of maritime links not neglecting: design, research, mechanics, technology, environment, safety tourism and communication.

Country: Italy

Sector:Travel & Hospitality

Product: Google Workspace

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