Restorative Neurotechnologies improves organization and communication with Google Workspace

The company encountered difficulties in internal communication and sharing, even in mobility

Restorative Neurotechnologies was founded in 2018 in Palermo, Italy. It is a startup that produces a medical device for neurorehabilitation based on non-invasive neuromodulation technologies.

Although it is very young, it has been able to establish itself in the market right away thanks to a commercial scale-up and a €1 million grant in 2020.


"When we were born," explains Gabriele Chiaramonte, Product Manager Restorative Neurotechnologies - we were less than ten people, one contact person per area: one for product development, one for clinical references, one for marketing.

Our reality began to scale quickly, so from our headquarters in Palermo we began to have several collaborators throughout Italy. 


Growing up and managing operators in different locations, one of the first needs was organizational: We needed to simplify the sharing of information and resources so as not to slow down our business. It was not always easy to get teams to communicate efficiently or to know when a colleague had a commitment without having to do a thousand follow-ups.


Pandemic accelerated this need, as we were all into smart working after a short time, eager for a "virtual office" to make work more agile, even on the move.

Therefore, the priority was to adopt a tool to improve the internal organization and optimize the outward organization as well."

With Google Workspace and its native integrations, work is now optimized

Google Workspace responded to the organizational needs of Restorative Neurotechnologies.


"As product manager and co-founder of this startup," continues Gabriele Chiaramonte, Google Workspace adoption liaison, "one of my tasks was to lay the groundwork especially for IT issues. 


We were very familiar with the platform and this gave us additional confidence. What convinced us most was the abundance of services for communication, sharing and data analysis that the Google suite provides!

Google Workspace immediately proved to be the most comprehensive solution on the market, useful for improving not only internal but also external communication. 


Thanks to tools such as Google Meet o Drive, we can send files while always controlling permissions, to which users and how they are shared.

The use of the Google suite has proven to be critical to manage business operations in a more streamlined manner as well, with Google Workspace we automate many manual processes, leaving employees freer to focus on their tasks.


Another advantage is offered by the native integrations. We have connected Gmail e Calendar with many of our business tools, such as HubSpot, to automatically record and manage data and interactions of all users with our CRM.


A popular and extremely high-performing tool is Google Sheets, while with App Scripts we customize this App and create automated data analysis algorithms.

For a company like ours, having data that is always up-to-date and automated allows us to leave the interpretation of the data and the resulting behavioral choice to people alone.


From our proprietary product platform, thanks to the API and with a simple spreadsheet, such as Google Sheets, we make data accessible to simplify analysis. All business areas, including administrative areas, are filtered and analyzed with this tool.


We have also integrated to Google Sheets Jira, our project management tool: with some custom code we customize the reporting according to our wishes. Thanks to the Atlassian MarketPlace we ensure a good integration for design and also for change delivery and we are fully satisfied with it.


With all these resources, we manage our daily work better: by moving in a synchronized and linear way, we optimize time and productivity."

Invest in training to take advantage of all Google Workspace applications, such as Vault

"We started out like any startup with a lot of trial and error. Over time we were able to focus on improving the quality and traceability of the work, relying on the robustness of tools that allow us to go beyond what were the initial limits.


We now have a larger and more structured team: in addition to the product area formed by a group of developers, the sales area (sales, marketing, and business development) and R&D, which has always been the driving force behind our startup, have grown. 

We are increasingly aware of the importance of automating manual processes to allow employees to take care of the human side and high value-added features both personally and professionally. These tools enable us to do that. 


The fact that we have an IT system that is governed mostly by Google Workspace tools has helped us to have easier and faster onboarding than in the early days and thus allowed us to grow.


Google Workspace is a game changer! It is important to to continue to invest in training to take advantage of the full functionality of the Apps, which is why we will organize dedicated sessions with power2Cloud.

We consider it strategic, for example, to use Google Vault, included in our version, to store, lock, search and export user data within the Google suite.


The Google suite," Gabriele Chiaramonte concludes, "allows us to solve problems and better manage many of our daily activities. It is useful for tracking our business, both internal and external, I am thinking for example of quality and activities with regulatory bodies. It is a communication and sharing tool that allows us to have a more continuous and linear workflow."

"Today thanks to Google Workspace we solve daily problems and tasks, our workflow is more seamless and linear. 

It is important to continue to invest in training to take advantage of the full functionality of the Apps, such as of Vault, which is useful for information governance and eDiscovery."

Gabriele Chiaramonte
Product Manager Restorative Neurotechnologies

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Restorative Neurotechnologies is a med-tech start-up founded by ex-Harvard neurologist and researcher Massimiliano Oliveri. It is the first company in Italy to produce a medical device for digital cognitive rehabilitation based on non-invasive neuromodulation technologies.


MindLenses Professional, the flagship product, is the first medical device for digital cognitive rehabilitation for focal brain injury, neurodegenerative diseases, and neurodevelopmental disorders. MindLenses combines noninvasive neuromodulation (to "stimulate the brain without touching it") with specially designed video games. MindLenses offers greater certainty of treatment time, greater efficacy than traditional rehabilitation methods, as well as a more immersive experience that increases patient adherence to therapy. 

Country: Italy

Sector: Health and scientific research

Categories: Google Workspace

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