With Aircall Value11 has transformed the telephone switchboard into a business tool

The challenge


"Value 11 Consulting Ltd is a direct marketing company for information technology. 

For more than 10 years," explains Gabriella Dozio CEO Value 11 Consulting Ltd, " we have been working with leading IT companies, handling events and lead generation in 49 countries. Ours is integrated marketing, the result of a fusion of digital search and telephone activity.


Today it is increasingly important to listen to what customers want and offer tailor-made services, but also to be fair and credible in every proposition, sharing expectations about expected results. 

To this end, that is, to offer a reliable and excellent quality service to our clients, we have always tried to select our 'strategic' technology support providers very carefully with a focus on the quality of their offerings as well as the cost.


All the applications we have adopted have been carefully selected. We have competitive wholesale contracts with two telephone providers that work well for the Italian and European markets. 


As our services expanded to the Middle East and Africa, we felt the need to broaden the roster of our voice service providers, both to have better voice quality on some international routes poorly covered by existing providers and to ensure technological redundancy.


Ours was not a choice of mere cost optimization. We wanted to ensure an alternative to traditional providers, should times of poor or bad coverage occur.

We started using Aircall because we were looking for a solution that could be integrated with our applications, independent of physical devices (we access Aircall from mobile or desktop), and that would allow us to do a good volume of traffic while controlling costs."

The solution

"Aircall soon became not only a backup , " Gabriella Dozio continued , "but also a development alternative for our call center .

It is a tool we can always count on, even during smart working, which we have activated, for security reasons, since the beginning of the pandemic.

Aircall is not tied to a physical switchboard or to our location, so it provides business continuity, allowing us to operate in markets that are not fully covered by our traditional providers.


A cloud-based VoIp PBX such as this one offers dashboards from which we can extract data in real time, which is not so straightforward with other providers.

99% of the success of our work depends not only on what we say, but also on how it is perceived. At Value 11 Consulting Ltd today we use both traditional providers and Aircall: when we know that the telephone solution offers superior quality we prefer that one. 


We really appreciate the flexibility that Aircall offers-we access it from any device, and the software is also compatible with Macs (traditional providers only with Windows) . The switchboard is easy to use-no training was necessary-and allowssame-day activation of new licenses.


Value 11 Consulting Ltd's work is measured by the amount of leads generated or attendees at the events and webinars we curate. Performance indicators are important to us, allowing us to closely monitor the progress of different campaigns. With Aircall we are able to intervene promptly if a problem arises and understand, for example, if the buyer personas identified are not the most appropriate ones or if the proposition is incorrect."

The results

"Value 11 Consulting Ltd is going through an evolutionary phase; we will continue to optimize our applications .

We are considering," Gabriella Dozio concludes, " integrating the potential of Aircall with HubSpot to manage all contacts and interactions. A CRM with these capabilities is definitely a very useful application for our work. Thanks to the open and clickers we can prioritize the contacts with the most significant engagement facilitating our developers.


When Value 11 Consulting Ltd began as a call center in the IT market, many proposed opportunities were almost unknown, think of the cloud, for example .

Traditionally, companies grew with onprem solutions and staff dedicated to implementing new features. 


There used to be qualms about adopting a SaaS service, especially for data management by an outside vendor. Fortunately, people and the approach to technology have changed! Today there is more of a service orientation than a product orientation. We also see this on a daily basis in the lead generation campaigns we conduct on behalf of our clients.


With the pandemic, many have realized that having managed solutions, as in the case of Aircall, is an advantage. It is the service provider that offers the PBX, then takes care of it.

By paying, we can use a useful solution to Value 11 Consulting Ltd's work , instead of worrying about it directly. At a time like this when flexibility is vital, this is undoubtedly a competitive advantage .


Value 11 Consulting Ltd is extremely pleased to have chosen Aircall and power2Cloud as partners in this journey. We discovered apersonal attention to the customer that goes beyond SLAs.

The team devotes time, attention, training and insights to evolve processes and tools proactively." 


"Aircall is an important tool for our call centerwork especially now that we also operate in the Middle East and Africa. 

A cloud-based VoIP PBX like this ensures business continuity even during smart working and offers dashboards from which we can extract data in real time. We really appreciate the flexibility it gives us and the simplicity of its interface."

Gabriella Dozio

CEO Value 11 Consulting Ltd

Value 11 Consulting Ltd is a telemarketing and account-based marketing agency based in Malta. The company offers its clients international coverage in 49 countries, including Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and has a long track record of B2B business for the ICT sector.

The international team includes multilingual professionals (12 different languages), is customer oriented, and works with a quality database that is up-to-date and compliant with GDPR and the national laws of the countries concerned. 

Value 11 Consulting Ltd's mission is to provide tailor-made solutions for marketing and lead generation activities through a strategy that combines timely execution and coordinatnt of campaigns, with an approach that is always customer and performance oriented.

Country: Malta

Sector: Consulting and Services

Product: Aircall

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