Jira Service Management

Provide customer service, IT and business development teams with advanced capabilities to respond quickly to all requests and ensure an excellent customer experience.


Immediate added value

Why choose Jira Service Management?

Your agents can rely on a unified and collaborative platform, your customers on excellent and timely service. Processes for incidents, issues, changes, and requests for fulfillment in Jira Service Management are certified by PinkVERIFY™ and are available ready-to-use for easy configuration.

Use cases

Jira Service Management for ITSM Customer Support Help Desks and beyond

It uses a simple, intuitive portal capable of showing customers the services they need and the progress of tickets, while agents quickly respond to requests, contingencies, issues, and changes from a single platform. Jira Service Management is a comprehensive ITSM tool that is ITIL certified.


Empower your work with the apps you love

Jira Service Management Integrations

Jira Service Management was created to be customizable to your needs, which is why Atlassian's Marketplace provides over 1,000 applications and integrations such as Google, Salesforce, Microsoft 365 and HubSpot. Create custom add-ons with the REST API to deliver excellent customer support and work seamlessly on your goals.

Chosen by teams around the world

Security of Jira Service Management

Learn why Jira Service Management is chosen by teams around the world. Atlassian is committed to providing products that ensure the highest level of security, reliability, privacy and compliance. In addition, to access your instance you can take advanced security measures such as IP authorization or adding Atlassian Access


Frequently asked questions

As with all the cloud solutions we deal with and offer you, power2Cloud is not only a partner of Atlassian and a reseller of its products. We provide support, consulting, implementation and training to enable you to make the best use of Jira Service Management as well. Just ask our team.

Jira Service Management is the only ITSM help desk built on a software development platform. It links Jira Service Management tickets to Jira Software issues so that support and development teams can collaborate in the same work environment to resolve incidents faster and make changes safely.

With Jira Service Management you start today and add value faster to your work, thanks to a powerful workflow engine. If you've already set up a Jira project, starting Service Management is even easier. Don't wait, let's talk about it!

If your software teams are already using Jira Software, you can link IT tickets to the development team backlog. That way you can identify the root cause of problems before they escalate and close the feedback loop between customers, support teams, and developer teams.

Yes. Jira Software Management offers advanced service level agreements (SLAs) and customer satisfaction survey questionnaires (CSATs) following your interventions. Users can report anything from response time to resolution time and more.

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Asana project management: optimized project management in Teams

Teams never lose the high road with Asana! Keep track of your team's projects, track progress, and follow up on tasks, all from one platform. With Asana as your work organization assistant, and power2Cloud as your technology partner, you'll always be up and running on all team work. Follow the example of tens of thousands of organizations worldwide including Avon, Nasa, Salesforce, Danone, Red Bull, vodafone, PayPal, nielsen, HubSpot, ING, Sony Music. Don't miss the opportunity to work more and better with all the features of Asana Premium and Asana Business.

Get everything organized with a custom software project manager

Add, assign tasks and actions to be done with Asana. Your team in this way can know at all times what needs to be done, what actions are prioritized, and when a task has been completed. - Control. Go from planning your projects to tracking progress with a click of a button, monitor how your team makes sure nothing gets missed. - Plan better. Use Timelines to create schedules that unfold over time with firm deadlines. Keep track of your deadlines and calendar, complete your goals, even when work changes in progress. - Finish projects faster. Workflow management fast and accurate with Forms, standard work templates. Share useful details with your team right away and manage every request, always only in Asana. Monitor progress. Do advanced research and create reports based on the metrics and KPIs that matter most to you. Watch how the work is progressing and you need to focus your efforts. Full control over your work. Create private or exclusively commentable projects for the most sensitive projects so they can be seen by the right people and your data is always intact.

Project management Asana for organizing your work. Don't lose your way!

Focus on activities that are currently within your reach or necessary. V isualize each level of work and immediately become aware of any blockages or snags. Set and achieve strategic goals. Connect your organization's goals and related work in one platform. Visualization settings allow you to keep track of all progress. All resources work mindfully to accomplish what is needed. It aligns your organization's work. Without clear goals, people run in circles. Set the organization's goals in Asana and keep them relevantly in mind at all times allowing teams to reduce conflicts among themselves and bring every effort toward the same direction. Give your team's performance a boost. Teams that have clear goals make better decisions. They prioritize projects that truly support the organization's strategies and those activities that bring greater, measurable results. It inspires the actions of your resources. With Asana, team members immediately realize how their work contributes to the organization's goals. They understand the value of their strengths and capabilities and, in return, are much more enticed to do the best work possible. Set OKRs correctly. Find the best way to decide on "objectives and key results (OKRs)" to align the organization around measurable goals. Improve your team's performance and motivate employees to do a better job.

Deadlines? They are no longer an issue.

Watch the work evolve over time. Manage dependent, untied, and repeated activities and create a concrete plan that your group can rely on. See how all the pieces fit together. Use Timelines to create project schedules that help you meet timelines and every deadline. Get help from the best task management tools, kanban boards and advanced gantt diagrams. Map your project in every direction with power2Cloud support. See how tasks and deadlines connect, so you'll identify problems right away and can resolve critical issues before they arise. Share your plans with anyone you want. Showcase your team's work and introduce new resources into the project more easily-that way everyone will be on the same page. Modify your plans if the reality of things changes. Even when work changes and deadlines slip, be the master of your plans: easily correct your data and get projects back on track. Turn boring worksheets into Timelines. Projects are not meant to be done in spreadsheets. Import your CSV files directly into Asana and create interactive Timelines that help you with every deadline. Lots of new features are coming to Asana to help you and your organization make time work to its full potential .

Design software that, quite simply, works

See how all your projects are progressing in real time with Portfolio, so you can proactively address risks and report updates to stakeholders. See how busy team members are on projects, all in one view. Make sure no one is overworked or underworked and keep tasks on track. Tie everything together. Bring emails, files, tickets and more into Asana with over 100 integrations to choose from, so you can see everything in one place. We have to be honest, Asana is great on its own but it offers the best of its capabilities with them, the power2Cloud partners: HubSpot, Gmail, Sheets, Google Calendar, G Drive, Zoho, Zendesk. Don't reinvent the wheel. Turn common processes into templates that your entire team can use, so projects run smoothly every time. Control your data. Easily manage your team's Asana account, apply the security controls required by your organization, and understand how people use Asana in your team. Keep track of what is most important. Use custom fields to keep track of the information that is most important to your team or organization so that it stays front and center. power2Cloud is an Asana partner in Italy. Our team will be happy to get to know your organization and show you the full potential of this application. Request a no-obligation demo now.