Google Sites

Sites is a powerful tool that allows you to create the site of your dreams without any need for technicians or knows programming specifications, with wizards and just a few clicks

Navigable content, with style

Select, move, drag, edit:
the site is ready!

The website is one of the most important resources for any type of business. It is a window to the world, allowing you to tell stories and progress in real time and with a great level of customization. With Sites Google not only more publish all your content but directly share your files from Drive, your Documents and Shared Calendars.

Productivity and collaboration

The solution that teams love to create together

Build your site with colleagues, collaborators, or outside staff, to each his or her permissions. Give them the freedom to see, comment or act on any content. See changes in real time, where your colleagues place their cursor and what they highlight.

Ideas become reality safely

No need for geeks and IT technicians!

Google's Sites is an easy and safe environment to use. By using Sites you will never run the danger of opening leaks in the system or corrupting the working code with slowdowns in navigating your platform. Want to purchase a custom domain for your company? No problem, there is a simple wizard directly within Sites for that as well.

Not only for the public

You make decisions about your data

The beauty of Sites is that you can decide to easily restrict access to your site and the data you upload even to just your employees, or a small circle of co-workers. This flexibility allows you to sleep soundly with respect to the dissemination of your most confidential information: try Sites now to see how easy it is to create an area for your employees

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Google Sites works with drag and drop so you just drag and drop the elements you want to add to your web page. You can also change the font, theme or layout, insert Google Forms, videos, images and anything else you want easily and instantly. 

Sure. Once you have created your web pages with Google Sites you can choose whether to make it visible to Anyone on the web or to Specific people.

Yes, Sites will always be responsive, so it will adapt to all devices from which it will be accessed such as mobile, computer and tablet.

Yes. You can add an editor to the Who has access. Of course you can remove it at any time.

Many of our clients also use Google Sites as an intranet for their employees: they share training sessions, information, updates, initiatives, campaigns. Have you ever thought about this?

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Sites is included in Google Workspace, the complete solution with everything your business needs.