Need professional business email? Gmail is so much more: it protects you from SPAM, offers lots of smart suggestions for your tasks, and solid integrations

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One Gmail account many features!

Neighbors even at a distance

One Gmail account many features!

Personalized corporate email (info@company) and optimized for conversations, projects and activities. Free yourself from ads and SPAM, use a system integrated with other email clients. Access from any device thanks to the Apps for Android and iOS, even without a connection; choose the GB you need and get started right away. Here are the Gmail features we love:

Easy migration, operational with all your tools

Use Gmail, but talk to everyone!

We plan the safest and fastest world to protect your data and migrate legacy email from Outlook, Exchange, Lotus or other providers to Google Workspace. Please note that Gmail also works with desktop clients such as Microsoft Office, Apple Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird. Also if you use Outlook you can synchronize emails, events and contacts to and from Google Workspace.

Use Gmail, but talk to everyone!
Give continuity to your work with gmail

Work from a single window

Give continuity to your work

Don't jump from one application to another, work from a single window in your browser. Use your Gmail email and integrate it with HubSpot CRM, Asana, Zendesk and all the tools you already use. You can connect third-party applications with add-ons from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

You can trust Google 

Gmail protects you from threats

Did you know that thanks to ML more than 99% of SPAM, phishing and malware is blocked? By default, suspicious emails are moved to SPAM. In addition to the strict security and privacy parameters that Google Workspace respects, as an administrator you can choose to customize and increase security:

Gmail protects you from threats

Frequently asked questions

If you are a business, the Gmail version of Google Workspace is the one for you because it has so many additional features: personalized business email @companyname, unlimited group email addresses, potentially unlimited storage space, no ads, Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook and more. Ask our team for all the details.

Yes and at no additional cost. Console administration can add up to 30 email aliases for each user beyond the main address. 

For example, if mario@rossienterprise.com needs an email address to handle returns and billing you can assign it to vendite@rossienterprise.com e amministrazione@rossienterprise.com . Email sent to these email addresses will be delivered to the Inbox. The recipient will be able to reply always choose the one they prefer.

Yes, Gmail messages deleted by users remain in the Trash for 30 days. After this period they are permanently deleted from the Trash and users can no longer retrieve them. Once 30 days have passed since deletion, the Console administrator will have another 25 days to do so after which they will be deleted forever. 

Sure! power2Cloud can help you migrate legacy email from Microsoft, IBM Notes and other email systems to Google Workspace's Gmail while protecting all your data.

There are many very useful features such as scheduling emails to be sent, unsending an email, adding an email to Specials to mark important things. You can also use the labels to file all your communications (labels are different from folders) or use the search filters. Learn about these and other features with help from our team.

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