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How much time do you waste searching for the information you need? With Google Search you leverage smart search for all your company's content, with relevant suggestions.

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Speed up file searches
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An enterprise search tool is essential in daily work, especially if it is as fast, secure and instant as Google's. Cloud Search is integrated with all Google Workspace applications. Find what you need in Gmail, Documents, Sheets and Presentations in Google Workspace and third-party data sources. Simple isn't it?

The information you are looking for, when you are looking for it.

Filtering search results

On the Cloud Search results page refine your search by selecting filters. View only e-mail, Drive, or Calendar. It then continues to explore in the drop-down lists according to a different time interval (Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month, Anytime...), according to the owner, specifying All (anyone) or My Owned, and according to the types contained, such as documents, PDFs or images.


Search results reflect your sharing settings

Privacy and security meet business needs

In addition to Google Workspace security, Cloud Search supports corporate privacy and security needs. Therefore, the application follows updates that are quickly synchronized for group access. This way users see in search results only the content they can access.

Frequently asked questions

Search works in your organization's domain content; content created externally and shared with you will not show up in search results.

Google Cloud Search supports the following Google Workspace services:

- Gmail (deleted and draft emails are not displayed)

- Calendar (not secondary calendars or calendars shared with you)

- Global contact directory (does not include personal contacts)

- Drive (including Forms, Documents, Presentations and Sheets)

- Groups

- Keep

- Classic version of Sites

- New version of Sites

Sure. You can refine your search by choosing specific criteria such as content type (All, Mail, Drive, Sites, Groups, Worksheets, Text Documents, Videos, Pictures, Drawings, Pdf Files, Folders, Calendar) or time period (Anytime, Yesterday, This Week, Last Month, Last Year), using the filters available at the top of the results page. 

Google offers personalized experiences to make searches faster and more relevant. When you type a search query into Cloud Search, the system shows you some suggestions for completing it automatically.

Of course, you can turn custom suggestions on or off in Google Cloud Search settings, those related to search or people, for example.

If the console administration allows it as a company policy, you can download the Cloud Search application to your mobile device.

You can access Cloud Search from any supported browser from this address cloudsearch.google.com, of course by managing the settings you can use this how to set Cloud Search as your default search engine or homepage, for example.

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