Shopify ecommerce platform: sell online, anywhere to anyone

Shopify ecommerce platform - create an ecommerce in simplicity, find customers and generate sales

Basic Shopify

Manage payments, orders, inquiries, SEO and more from a single dashboard also thanks to countless integrations.

Advanced Shopify

All the tools of the "Shopify" version. Features include all advanced reporting tools, third-party calculated shipping rates at check out, and the lowest commissions among solutions.


All the tools of the "Basic" version. Advanced features in addition to more account staff, reporting, and lower commissions.

Shopify Plus

The ideal solution for your enterprise company if you have from a large turnover, with many customizations available.

Shopify Lite

Add products on any website or blog and accept credit card payments directly from your platform.

Much more than a sales platform

The all-in-one eCommerce or dropshipping solution

Create unique shopping experiences with ease with a customized storefront: start, manage and grow your business. Orders, customer database, returns, centralized inventory, payments: integrate everything across multiple Social channels, physical stores and more. 

You are in good company, they have already chosen Shopify

Lots of advanced features

With Shopify you reach your customers everywhere!

Start with an idea but use the right tools: sell online all over the world with Shopify! Choose from 100 free and paid themes the one that suits you, offer discount codes to your customers, use built-in SEO tools, track paid campaigns without leaving the platform, and get assistance from the virtual marketing App. 

Shopify ecommerce platform: sell online, anywhere to anyone
Shopify ecommerce platform: sell online, anywhere to anyone

Connected with all your instruments

Native and Open API integrations

Fast, secure, reliable and natively integrated with all your business tools: Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, Google Merchant Centre, Google Analytics, Google Ads, eBay, Amazon, HubSpot, Zendesk Support, Zendesk Chat and more. Install a plugin and increase the functionality of your eCommerce, choose from all those in the Shopify App Store or create your own with the API!

Shopify you can trust

Security, stability and privacy

Shopify is GDPR compliant, PCI DSS level 1 certified. With ~99.98% guaranteed uptime of the service and servers, you will never go offline! Data protection is critical to help you preserve your customers' trust-the platform is designed to allow you to offer them transparency and total control over their data. 

Shopify ecommerce platform: sell online, anywhere to anyone

Frequently asked questions

power2Cloud is a Shopify partner in Italy. Our teams (technical, creative and marketing) can assist you according to your needs in managing your eCommerce.

A dedicated account will be assigned to you upon activation to follow all project activities and support you in the implementation and management of your E-Commerce.

The expertise we have allows us to train you on all the areas that eCommerce embraces. In addition, through our partnerships, we can help you simplify and perform all those tasks that you cannot or do not want to handle in-house.

Many people believe that Shopify is only suitable for multinational or structured companies, but this is not the case. Compared to Amazon or Ebay Marketplaces, this eCommerce platform enhances entrepreneurs, whether small or large, and helps them sell products and/or services (consulting, experiences, classes, courses) on different channels worldwide starting at $29 per month.

Here are the subscription plans available for your needs: Shopify basic, Shopify and Shopify advanced for small and medium-sized business owners, and Shopify Plus for enterprise-level businesses. In each case you have an easy-to-manage SaaS tool that you don't have to install or download, an intuitive and customizable interface, native or third-party integrations (free or paid). Upgrading to the next plan is possible at any time without difficulty; power2Cloud will guide you through the process.

In addition to many features such as coupons, gift cards, tips and more, you can manage abandoned carts. This feature allows you to check the history of unsuccessful ones at any time, sending manual or automatic recovery emails. Of course, you can customize communications from the templates already available to you.

Shopify's abandoned cart email reports help you understand how many conversions you generated with this strategy to close the transaction. 

Shopify offers you many tools to help you follow all the initiatives you need to give more visibility to your products and content, increasing traffic to your eCommerce site. Each Shopify theme allows you to create and add a Blog to your online store. Taking care of content scheduling helps you grow your audience over time through SEO strategies and storytelling, increasing traffic and thus conversions. 

In addition, you can carry out retargeting/remarketing actions on Google, Facebook, Instagram and the platforms you decide to implement, thanks to active paid campaigns to conclude your sales by intercepting users who have already visited your eCommerce.  

Ready to open an online storefront?

Shopify allows you to manage your eCommerce wherever you are

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Shopify ecommerce platform: create an ecommerce in simplicity, find customers and generate sales

On this page you will find the solutions and advantages of an eCommerce platform like Shopify offered by power2Cloud. If your eCommerce is difficult to manage, if it is not integrated with other channels, or if you are simply thinking about opening one, we recommend you read our article.

Shopify's is the best eCommerce platform because it allows you to open an online storefront in just a few steps by providing many tools that anticipate every need. It also requires no technical skills!

You put the idea, Shopify what you need to start, manage and grow your business in a short time and across multiple channels including eCommerce site, Social, physical stores and more.
Shopify is nothing more than a software "SaaS (Software as a Service) that provides the IT infrastructure of an eCommerce.

For a monthly fee and a fee on store sales, this eCommerce platform gives its users the opportunity to count on automatic and constant updates and always-on support.

This makes Shopify an especially suitable solution for both small and more structured businesses. The interface is simple and intuitive and offers many native integrations to make the shopping experience smoother, creating new sales opportunities.
It is no coincidence that this eCommerce platform is chosen by over 800,000 companies in 175 countries such as Velasca, Filo, Nestlé, Kylie, segway, Benedetta Boroli, and Depuravita.

The lockdown experience has prompted many businesses to look for new touch points. This is why eCommerce and digital channels have been so successful. Mobile working has also been rewarded because it has enabled so many to respond to their users' requests on the move, from home or from a location other than the canonical office/shop.

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that meets this need in fact it allows you to work from any device and manage your storefront by connecting from the web, or thanks to the App for cell phones and tablets.

This has provided continuity for employees and users/customers, increasing the customer experience.
If you want to create an eCommerce site, we recommend choosing a tool like Shopify all in one. Cut the expense of tools that make you work in silos, prefer integration to reduce costs while improving processes. Don't stop measuring metrics in real time to make more informed decisions and proactively improve your relationship with your users/customers.

Shopify ecommerce platform - Sell online anywhere to anyone. How to create an ecommerce quickly?

Selling online anywhere to anyone has never been easier. But how do you create an eCommerce quickly? We have the answer for you: with Shopify! The perfect solution for new merchants and those who want to go from off to online with an easy-to-use platform.

  • - Sell products and services anywhere to anyone and everywhere: in the online store, in the physical store, on Social, in the Marketplace.

    Creating an eCommerce quickly is easy with Shopify, in addition to the custom domain, you can choose from over 100 themes the perfect one for the image of your business. In addition, thanks to the Shopify Buy Button you can generate a product tab with check-out that can be integrated into any type of website

  • - Promote your business with marketing tools on the most important channels. Native integrations include those with Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, eBay and Amazon.

    On your Shopify eCommerce you can put the blog to propose constantly updated content and increase your store's audience and traffic, while thanks to SEO tools you can help users find your store with the right keywords. With Google Smart Shopping on the other hand you can set a daily budget, running strategic campaigns, not forgetting Facebook Ads to create, manage and track your advertising campaigns without leaving Shopify.

    From Shopify's eCommerce platform you can create discount codes to offer your users, a percentage discount or a free shipping discount, enlisting the help of the Virtual marketing assistant App to boost sales, while with the marketing dashboard you monitor your campaigns from start to finish.

  • - Manage your entire eCommerce from one platform, wherever you are-orders and fulfillments, customer database, centralized inventory, and payments.

Selling online fast with Shopify eCommerce platform: the advantages

Here's why power2Cloud recommends Shopify for your business:

  1. 1. Easier to build to start selling quickly. Shopify setup is simple, features integrated. Shopify is an all-in-one eCommerce solution: platform, shopping cart and integration with different channels are included.

  2. 2. Ready for optimization and constantly evolving. Shopify promotes regular updates to bring you the best solutions in the industry. Integrations are also easy: Third-party apps and integrations extend your store's functionality to create a fully customized solution.

  3. 3. Simplified maintenance: focus on your business while Shopify takes care of the platform, ensuring security for your data. With technical support and constant maintenance, your business will continue to run smoothly.

Getting started with Shopify is easy because you don't have to install any programs.
The power2Cloud team can guide you in choosing the right template for your products and or services. Some are free others are paid and can be customized according to your needs and budget.
They use Shopify brands from beauty, fashion, food, online courses. Just organize your items into categories by carefully curating the tabs with descriptions, payment method and related.

What apps does Shopify integrate with?
In addition to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, in the Shopify App Store you will find many native integrations both free and paid such as HubSpot CRM, Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, Google Merchant Centre, Google Analytics, Google Ads, eBay, Amazon, Zendesk Support, Zendesk Chat and more.
In addition, Shopify integrates with more than 100 external payment channels found globally, with apps such as Ordoro, Inventory Source, and eCommHub, allowing you to dropshipping sales seamlessly.
If you can't find the integration that's right for you, you can build it with the API!

Security for your eCommerce platform

Every Shopify store includes a free 256-bit SSL certificate. All pages, content, credit card data and transaction information are protected with the same level of security used by banks.
Shopify is GDPR compliant, PCI DSS level 1 certified. With ~99.98% guaranteed uptime of the service and servers, you will never go offline! Personal data protection is critical to help you preserve your customers' trust-the platform is designed to allow you to offer them transparency and total control over their data.
Shopify also has PCI Level 1 compliance, so you won't have to worry about the security of your customers' credit card data.

power2Cloud can help you choose the Shopify version closest to your needs from those available: Basic Shopify, Shopify, Advanced Shopify, Shopify Plus, Shopify Lite. Contact our team and request more information without obligation.