The world has changed abruptly, mobile work is the new normal. Video call meetings help you stay connected, share your screen, optimize your resources

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Video calls for everyone from any device

Participate with a click

Video calls for everyone from any device

Arrange secure and professional video calls with Meet with two or hundreds of people inside or outside your company. To participate, simply click on the invitation link you receive. It's easy even for non-Google users! Integration with all Google Workspace applications allows you to see all the details directly in Calendar as well.

Meetings at your fingertips

Access video calls from browser or iOs or Android App

To create or access an online meeting you don't need to install any plugins, Meet works in the browser and this limits exposure to attacks, while for Mobile devices you just need to download the dedicated App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Google Meet: Access video calls from browser or iOs or Android App
Google Meet works with all the tools your team uses

Let's stay connected

Meet works with all the tools your team uses

It works with Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Slides-all the apps your teams know and love. Let's take a few examples: share invitation link and join meetings directly from Gmail or Chat; schedule and join meetings directly from Google Calendar; share content found in Google Slides, Docs or Sheets; record meetings and save them to Drive

Secure infrastructure, integrated protection, global network

Secure video meetings

It has been more than 10 years that Google has been working on cloud-based video conferencing systems and offering reliable performance on a large scale based on its global infrastructure. Companies around the world rely on Google to protect user and data privacy. Google offers multilayered security for hardware, firmware, operating system and browser.

Google Meet lSecure Video Meetings

Frequently asked questions

Of course. Compared to Zoom with Google Meet, recipients of your online meetings will not have to download anything. If they access from their computer they just click on the link they received in the email invitation notification or in their calendar. If they access from their cell phone, on the other hand, they need to download the Google Meet App available for both IoS and Android.

Please note that if someone tries to add a person to the event who has not been invited, the request must first be approved by a meeting participant who is part of the organization.

Presentations, Documents, Worksheets and more. You can share the entire screen or a specific window.

Of course. You will have at your disposal several useful features such as Raise your hand (to let the moderator know you want to speak) and Q&A, which will allow you to ask questions more easily. Also use Polls to quickly find out what attendees think about your Google Meet and Work Groups to break up the discussion into smaller groups.

If you are a Console administrator, you can enable video recording of your meetings with Google Meet so that you can watch them again later. The feature is available for the following versions of Google Workspace that also include Google Meet: Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus.

If your connection is not performing well, you can connect to the Google Meet video meeting with audio from your cell phone. 

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