Google Docs

When writing text, you should focus only on words, not on learning how to use complex software. Shape your ideas with style and without complications.

Documents google endless cells

There are cells that are infinite!

A more effective way of writing? There is no

Access your documents as soon as you find inspiration, from any device, even without a connection. No more worrying about compatibility and formats: you'll just have to write and create. Use hundreds of fonts and insert graphic elements, create tables and use instant preview links for even richer texts.

Productivity and collaboration

The solution that teams love to create together

Share files with colleagues, collaborators or external staff, with one click and in a granular manner. Control permissions and change them with ease: give the ability to freely see, comment or act on text. See changes in real time, where your colleagues place their cursor and what they highlight. Chat, comment and send notifications directly from your document, never taking your attention away.

Google documents The solution that teams love for creating together

Even a small mistake can be fatal

Have you ever happened to lose a file or overwrite a modification?

Never Again. Google Docs automatically saves endless versions of your texts, with all the changes made by you and collaborators. This way you no longer have to worry about disaster recovery: just click and browse to the day and time you need. A time machine of ideas!

Security and integration

Why is Google Docs the best? Because you can do more, safely

With third-party components, text editing and processing options become truly limitless. Use advanced features from other applications and take productivity through the roof, with texts that become dynamic and interact with other data sources. All in complete security, with the market's best encryption and intelligent storage technologies.


Frequently asked questions

All applications included in Google Workspace such as Documents are saved automatically. Enable theOffline Setting for Chrome to work even when you don't have an Internet connection.

View changes to a Document by clicking on the Version History (you can do this only if you have permission to edit it). Find users who have edited the Document and restore the version you need at any time with one click.

In addition to real-time editing of the same Document with users in your own organization or external users, you have many useful features at your disposal such as the comments and suggestions to work more effectively and quickly.

Yes. Save the Word Document in Drive and open it with Google Documents. If you wish you can set it to convert automatically whenever you open a file with this extension. Once you have edited the Google Document you can download it again as .docx.

Yes. You have a gallery of templates to customize to choose from, but you can create your own saving you time every time you need the same documents. 

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Documents is included in Google Workspace, the complete solution with everything your business needs.