Atlassian: all the tools your team needs

Atlassian: all the tools your team needs

Plan, track and support

Plan and monitor with Jira Software, keep business and IT teams connected with Jira Align. Improve collaboration and eliminate silos with Jira Work Management, while Jira Service Management makes your customer service excellent. Halp helps you provide timely responses to internal teams, Statuspage to keep customers informed in case of business interruption. For escalations and better problem resolution there's Opsgenie.

Collaborate effectively

Organize tasks and small projects in an easy and fun way through Trello. Collaborate in advanced ways, organize work and keep track of meetings, plans and comparisons through Confluence.

Write code, create and implement

Take your Git repositories to the next level with advanced management, new ways to share, collaborate and write software from Bitbucket. Rely on Sourcetree to manage the full power of Git and Mercurial from a single application. Manage the deployment and release management cycle in a streamlined and effective way with Bamboo while finding bugs and improving code quality in peer review through Crucible. Use Fisheye to search and track evolutions of SVN, Git and Perforce repositories.

Security and identity

Connect and manage to Atlassian cloud tools all your users across your domain with Atlassian Acces. Manage and integrate identities via single sign on through Crowd's simple, out-of-the-box interface.


The fastest way to manage teams,
tasks and projects

Manage priorities and projects intuitively and effectively, synchronizing your team, meeting deadlines and achieving goals. This project management tool is particularly suitable for shared management of projects, large and small.

You're in good company; they've already chosen Atlassian

Discover the Atlassian Universe

Use many built-in applications

Only the highest

Keep all your teams aligned, just all of them

Atlassian's software suite is designed to align the most diverse teams in the most agile and streamlined way: IT, Development, Legal, Sales, Support, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Operations, Escalations. Open the door to new collaboration methodologies and develop your business effortlessly, even in the most challenging environments.

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atlassian market place

Bring people and platforms together

App Marketplace and Open API

An entire app marketplace at your service with incredibly powerful integrations: Tempo, PDF, GitLab, Approvals, Bootstrap, Figma, Miro, Microsoft365, PowerBI, Azure, Zendesk, AWS, Google Drive, Chat, Doc, Sheet, Slide, Calendar, Forms, Translator, and so many more! If you can't find what you're looking for, Atlassian APIs are ready to do the work for you.

Trust is also built

Stability, security and privacy

The entire Atlassian suite complies with the highest standards and regulations in force in Europe and abroad: FedRAMP, SOC 2, ISO 27001/27018, CSA, PCI DSS, VPAT, FedRAMP. Every feature is fully compliant with GDPR and Privacy Shield legislation. Keep everything safe with data encryption, in transit and at rest, administrative controls by application and level of protection by organization, SSO SAML, enhanced two-factor authentication and SCIM.

Stability, security and privacy

Frequently asked questions

Atlassian has a solution for every team: Development, DevOps and Design, Marketing, Legal, Human Resources, Finance, Operations, Sales. 


Any project, in every aspect of its complexity, can be managed through the suite. Thanks to Atlassian, even interdepartmental work management will no longer be a problem!

The Atlassian suite consists of software that you can buy and use on their own or connect with each other exponentially increasing their functions and capabilities. You have no constraints, you get only what you need, for the users who need to use each platform. 

Projects, teams and companies are all different from each other, each has its own unique peculiarities and working patterns. Each application in the Atlassian suite is designed to adapt in a few hours and clicks to each reality, with guided configuration paths. 


In case you want to push your use of Atlassian to the max, you'll have power2Cloud experts and an extensive library of guides and tips, including from the developer and user community.

Of course! The power2Cloud technicians will walk you through every step of Atlassian adoption-from installation, set-up, and training to the success of your most important projects.

Absolutely not. Atlassian values the user experience. That's why all the apps are intuitive and easy to use. You can use them in advanced mode by writing your own automations by hand, or make use of the many apps available to you-no need to know a single line of code!

Atlassian solutions have different costs depending on the technologies being connected and the users using the platform. Some plans are free and can be activated in the blink of an eye: trust power2Cloud to understand what you need to implement and manage your projects at the best budget.

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What if designing was always easy and fun?

Atlassian is the tool you've been waiting for to unleash your team's potential

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Atlassian: the full potential of teamwork

Atlassian is a robust solution used by thousands of companies around the world and in all industries. 5000 engineers and experts work on the suite's products from offices located in 7 countries around the world, but Atlassian's real strength is in working side-by-side with external developers as well. Over time, this has enabled the creation of more than 4,000 apps in the official marketplace and the emergence of a community with more than 2.6 million members.

Atlassian is a company moved by important values that represent not only a corporate manifesto but more importantly a promise to its users:
A company open to the future, not just in words
Teamwork at the core
Creating each tool with passion and balance
Don't "cheat" the customer
Change starts from within

From cradle to purse, all successful startups use Atlassian

Think Twitter, Invision, Blend, Peloton, Lyft, Zoom, Slack, Lucid, Pinterest-these are just a few of the realities that were born and grew on Atlassian to success. Much more than success stories, true fellow travelers who have also helped Atlassian shape its software.

Easy installation. Power doesn't mean heaviness. Activating Atlassian for all your startup employees is a matter of a few hours, with all the powerful features you've been looking for already built in and fully functional.
The essentials. Regardless of your team or industry, Atlassian is a flexible system that can adapt each tool to your reality, not the other way around. Without a paintbrush, no painter would finish his painting: choose the essential tools for your development.
Scalability and performance. Scalability of tools is an essential requirement for any company, even more so for startups. Atlassian is the suite you can use from 10 to 10,000 users: if your team has less than 10 people, start using it for free!

Already broken-in templates. Confluence, Trello and Jira contain within them templates and templates useful for any situation and for any team. Developed by experts and tested daily by thousands of users worldwide, they can be a source for new ideas or a way to streamline and optimize your routes.

Our recommendations. Atlassian apps are many, so we recommend you start with the right ones depending on your goals:
Planning and tracking: Jira Software, Jira Work Management, Halp
Support and correction: Jira Service Management, Opsgenie, Statuspage
Collaboration: Trello, Confluence
Coding, release and compile: Bitbucket

Great Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises

Atlassian solutions are designed for growth, at every level. It doesn't matter your current size, your plans for the future, your current investments, or the more or less favorable environment.

Keep the momentum going on all your projects, with high-performance tools that adapt to your production processes, put you in control of all your data, and facilitate all your operations, digital and physical.

Connect your teams but also your work tools. Break down business silos and watertight compartments by integrating every part of your work for smoother operations, better communication, and healthier and more transparent knowledge exchange.

Build long-term success today. We believe that the secret of a job well done is always the right people, strategies and practices. Our experience has taught us that by putting these three pillars at the center, great results can be achieved in a short time.

Use the right suite:
Jira Software to monitor projects and keep track of issues
Jira Service Management for high-speed ITSM
Trello to collaborate more leanly and effectively
Confluence to work simultaneously on feature-enriched documents
Halp to manage your support tickets
Jira Work Management to take collaboration among business teams to the highest level

It is never too early to equip yourself with the best tools. Success is often about the little things that work well. Getting off on the right foot, right from the start, is a great competitive advantage for you. Leave everyone behind and speechless with Atlassian!

Happier, faster and more coordinated DevOps

Effectively track and coordinate work among teams, accelerate releases, and work with the tool most used by Agile teams worldwide.

Let your team focus on creating and managing software, fully connected with the tools they already use or with Atlassian tools (with an extra booster). Plan, code, deploy, manage and collaborate: whether you want to use Jira, Bitbucket, Opsgenie and Confluence or the tools developers are already used to, the most important thing is to maintain unity, flexibility and focus in development. In this Atlassian is really a phenomenal partner.

No other solution can truly offer everything development and operations teams need to get their work done in such an efficient and integrated way. Create custom toolchains designed around your personal needs: activate ready integrations in one click and cut down the time invested in tool synchronization. Forget about configuration difficulties, Atlassian is designed to get your employees working right out of the box through advanced out-of-the-box features such as Deployments and Code tabs, automation rules, and more.

True winning work is teamwork. Connect your technical team with everything else in the company. By setting up workflows on Atlassian, coordinating the work of staff and the different stages of production, from ideation to deployment and support, is a breeze.

Offer the best of both worlds, always in constant connection, so that everyone is always up-to-date on the information they need to know through clear interfaces that speak their language.

Behind Atlassian is not just a tool but a methodology as solid as Agile, so many valuable resources implemented over years of development, collection of best practices and updates.

Not just code: Atlassian has a solution for every team

Have you ever wanted an easy-to-learn, efficient, streamlined, intuitive and inexpensive solution to manage the work of all your business teams?

Jira Work Management is exactly what you've been looking for for your human resources, marketing, finance team, and all your teams at headquarters or scattered throughout the territory. Collaborate, design and implement to the best of your ability, from any location and device.

Choose the best way to track and manage your activities through effective and easy-to-understand views:
by day, week, month, quarter,
in lists rich in strategic information and relationship indicators,
in calendar form to relate tasks and deadlines,
in time sequences, as in a Gantt chart, to plan dependencies and map skills
on a bulletin board that allows you to customize your workflow

Create dynamic reports and dashboards to keep everything under control at a single glance. Automate work across the enterprise without knowing a single line of code, even using the many examples already in the Atlassian library. Bring forms and templates to life to guide your team on any adventure, in seconds and in a completely visual way.

Plan, create and launch your next marketing campaign with approval mechanisms, role definitions and chained tasks. Bring your reality into compliance with automations, authorization mechanisms and workflows that help with compliance. Help your HR team manage the employee lifecycle smoothly and meet every deadline.

Keep your finances on track with an audit-proof suite tested on complex financial transactions, budgets of all kinds, and reporting to the penny. Design every dream with a click. Create interactive, customizable, iterative and structured workflows designed for the most demanding teams. Manage leads through advanced pipelines, simplifying handoffs and information to close every deal, faster than ever.

Intelligent incident management

Jira Service Management accelerates the flow of information between operations and development teams to better respond and restore systems when incidents occur.

Help DevOps teams understand change and innovate faster with integrations into modern software workflows. For IT operations teams, use Opsgenie's powerful swarming and on-call alerting capabilities by integrating them directly into Jira Service Management.

Respond to critical issues before they impact your business:
Allow employees to report issues: leverage an intuitive service desk portal that makes it easy for employees to report incidents.
Centralize all alerts: aggregate incoming alerts and signals from all monitoring, service desk, and logging applications.
Rank and prioritize issues: surface the most important issues to the most appropriate team.
Make sure critical issues are never lost sight of: alert the right people using powerful routing rules and multiple communication channels including SMS, e-mail, push notifications, chat, and voice calls.

Bring operations and development teams together under one roof for faster resolution:
Prepare for major incidents: plan ahead for specific service disruptions with response templates. Define in advance which stakeholders and interested parties to notify, create communications, and set up the best channels to collaborate.
Collaborate efficiently: quickly resolve any incidents using built-in video conferencing capabilities or integrations with cutting-edge tools such as Zoom and Slack.
Act immediately: save time by attaching runbooks to alerts so you can quickly initiate common repair tasks, automatically or on demand.
Build trust through every incident: proactively communicate service disruptions to your customers with Statuspage integration. Reduce inbound support tickets and preserve your most valuable relationships.

Track and improve incidents over time, along with problem management:
Record everything: Get full visibility into the entire incident lifecycle with an automatically generated incident timeline.
Document key moments: automatically create post-mortem reports to track root cause, areas of success, and opportunities to improve your incident response practice.
Assign and monitor follow-up tasks: address issues by easily creating problem-related tickets, tracking them to completion.
Improve operational efficiency: use in-depth analysis and reporting to better distribute monitoring tasks, identify recurring problems, and improve your response practices.