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Aircall VoIP switchboard: telephone system for business, PA and cloud-based call centers

Aircall Essentials

Record calls to improve your help desk service, easily transfer them to other agents even when they work in other offices or remotely.

Aircall Professional

Increase productivity and performance with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities by monitoring live calls in silent mode.

Much more than a switchboard

Always more connected to your customers and their needs

With Aircall you work from a single flexible and intuitive interface. Automatically synchronize data between your phone and business tools to immediately recognize your caller and anticipate their needs. Track your agents' performance and call data in real time.

You are in good company, they have already chosen Aircall

Many advanced feature 

A comprehensive software for Customer Care and Sales

Instantly create local phone numbers in more than 100 countries around the world. Save time: make one-click calls directly from your CRM/Help desk, email or web page. Use custom tags to get to know your callers better and organize work smartly from the desk or Mobile App (ioS and Android).

Aircall VoIP switchboard for your business in the cloud
Aircall VoIP switchboard for your business in the cloud

Connected with all your tools

Seamless Integrations and Open API

Connect your phone to your CRM and automatically record the content of your calls in your favorite tools. A dedicated marketplace with more than 50 integrations at your disposal (AI, voice analysis, data, eCommerce). Build fully customized processes and integrations through public APIs.

Aircall you can trust

Security, Stability, and Privacy

A PCI and GDPR compliant system. 99.99%+ uptime guaranteed with a performant and secure infrastructure. Dynamic operator switching and intelligent algorithms for call enhancement. Secure records and encrypted data to ensure privacy. Regular penetration tests conducted periodically by independent experts. TLS-encrypted SIP protocols.

Aircall VoIP switchboard for your business in the cloud

Frequently asked questions

If you wish, we can transfer your existing numbers to Aircall. To do this you must first become an Aircall customer and subscribe to a plan with power2Cloud. Please note that Aircall requires a minimum activation of 3 users.

Next we will need the following information:

- number you wish to transfer

- your current operator 

- first and last name of the owner of the number

- full address

- a copy of your last bill

Keep in mind that numbers with the old operator must remain active in order to be transferred. If you delete them before this happens we will not be able to proceed with the transfer to Aircall.

There should be no service interruptions while porting numbers to Aircall. However, depending on the efficiency of your old carrier, a small amount of downtime may occur.

This is a rare event; Aircall works to ensure that there are no delays.

You no longer need hardware! You can access it from a browser (please note that Aircall is cloud-based software; you don't have to install anything on your computer) or from the Mobile App. All you need is an Internet connection and headphones. 

Preparing device and earphones for use will ensure the best call quality and experience, here are Aircall's tips:

Computer requirements 

- Google Chrome (the latest version)

- 64-bit version of Windows 10 or macOS 10.14+

- Minimum 4 Gb RAM

- Intel i5 dual-core processor or equivalent

Aircall is not supported on Linux nor on Chromebooks, you will need to use the web application in these cases.

Mobile Requirements

- iOS 13.0 or later or Android 7.0 or later

Headphone requirements 

When using a VoIP service, it is important to choose a professional stereo headset, especially with Aircall, as it improves calls and makes them more stable.

Aircall recommends using the stereo headset Jabra Evolve 40 UC, which is available with USB and mini-jack adapters, making it useful for both Mac and Windows computers.

- In Windows (Microsoft) , a wired USB headset is recommended.

- On macOS (Apple) , we recommend using a headset with a mini-jack cable.

The use of mono or Bluetooth headsets, earbuds and other wireless headsets is not recommended as they are not compatible with Aircall and problems may occur that could affect quality.

The time it takes to transfer your number to Aircall depends on two factors: whether you have provided us with the correct information and how quickly your current carrier responds to our transfer request. The process can take from a minimum of ten business days to an extended period of time.

You can save your contacts in your CRM automatically thanks to the integrations Aircall offers with HubSpot, Zendesk, Salesforce, just to name a few. If you choose to enable this feature, your contacts will be automatically synchronized and will be visible to all your colleagues.



















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Aircall VoIP switchboard: cloud-based call center phone system

On this page you will find the solutions and benefits of a VoIP PBX such as Aircall offered by power2Cloud. If you have never heard considered a VoIP PBX for your business dedicate five minutes to reading this article, because we will try to summarize all the advantages.
power2Cloud is the first Aircall partner in Italy. We believed in this solution from the start, choosing it first for our team than for our customers.

If you think about it, the telephone is still the most used tool for users to get in touch with all kinds of organizations, this regardless of its size.
Think Public Administration, Company, NGO, startup or large Enterprise. So we advise you to choose your PBX very carefully, especially because you could turn it into a productivity tool. Let's see how.

Aircall is much more than a virtual telephone switchboard because it simultaneously meets the needs of customer care, sales, internal departments and developers. In fact, it makes these teams closer-knit and offers know-how that enables them to face daily challenges with greater ease, effectiveness and awareness.

Why is Aircall preferable to a traditional PBX? First, it allows teams to collaborate and share information in real time, avoiding working in silos as is often the case.
But that's not the end of the story. Aircall is an easy-to-manage application and offers accessibility, transparency and productivity even when yours is a small team, you do not have a physical office, you work remotely (fully or partially), you are often on the move (travel, meetings, trade shows) or your colleagues also work abroad.

Choosing a VoIP PBX such as Aircall also frees you from hardware: all you need are headsets and you can also answer freely from your computer, if you prefer.
Activation is done in very few minutes and is fully customizable; you can add local numbers in more than 100 countries and choose one of many native integrations (Salesforce, Zendesk, HubSpot, Zoho CRM, Intercom, Pipedrive, Freshdesk).

If you haven't thought about a VoIP PBX yet, maybe it's time to get started! Aircall is chosen by more than 5,000 companies around the world such as BlaBlacar, Uber, Stripe, Glovo, Expensify and Adore me, the next one could be yours.
Think Aircall is a scalable VoIP PBX, so suitable for all needs, from a startup to a large enterprise.
You can choose how many users to activate and manage for your PBX with more flexibility and convenience than ever before.


10 reasons to choose a VoIP PBX like Aircall

We can give you at least 10 good reasons for choosing a cloud PBX such as Aircall. First, however, we want to make you think about some of the critical issues caused by the use of traditional PBXs especially during lockdown.
In quarantine, many people experienced problems in managing their traditional PBX from home. Forced use of hardware in the office made smart working impossible or uncomfortable.
In the absence of company telephones, moreover, call transfers to personal numbers made outgoing calls unprofessional, not to mention the absence of adequate phone plans and insecure data management.
Contacting colleagues for internal needs or external requests, such as transferring to a competent department, was also complex and unprofessional.

In fact, the rigidity of traditional telephone switchboards does not suit the needs of modern organizations or the pressing needs dictated by situations that are not as easy to predict as Covid's19.

Let's now come to the 10 reasons why we recommend a VoIP PBX such as Aircall. As if by magic you can:


1. activate the VoIP switchboard in a few minutes

Simplicity, flexibility, and speed: Aircall meets the needs of users who have long had to deal with traditional phone systems that are constraining, expensive, and ill-suited to their specific needs. Today, administering your PBX in the cloud is simpler and more intuitive.


2. give continuity to your conversations with an intuitive interface to speed up and simplify phone calls and all your internal processes.

Time is a vital component in any job, especially when dealing with the Sales team or agents in a call center.
With Aircall's Power Dialer feature, it allows you to compile a list of numbers that it dials in succession automatically, eliminating almost all manual work for outbound calls.
In addition, integrations with other applications such as HubSpot's CRM or help desk systems such as Zendesk ensure continuity in your work.


3. work on the go, respond from any device in freedom, even your computer

A virtual cell phone number such as Aircall's allows you to answer from any device (phone, computer, tablet) so you can work in smart working or mobile without interruption.
With a Pbx VoIP PBX you can transfer a call with one click to your colleagues, choosing to have your recipients display phone numbers with their city area code to create a more empathetic approach.
The mobility that a VoIP PBX such as Aircall offers is huge! You can handle incoming or outgoing calls when working from home as if you were in the office. You can solve problems just as easily and communicate with the technical support team that is in another city or country by providing them with the context to help them answer the call competently, quickly and safely.


4. integrate and synchronize the information you receive verbally with the tools you use daily to work

Take, for example, the integration between Aircall and Zendesk in customer service ticket management.
Whenever you manage a ticket and a user calls multiple times, all actions are recorded in the same dashboard automatically.
Otherwise with a traditional PBX all these processes would have to be developed manually taking away time and especially manual errors.


5. make your work more productive even with colleagues in other teams/departments

You can save time, make your colleagues' time less repetitive and more productive. How? For example, by using different tags to label each conversation in real time. This allows you to gather a lot of information and improve, where possible, the user's customer experience and the knowledge of specific cases by the agents taking certain calls.


6. know your interlocutor better and anticipate his or her requests


7. implement the security of your data


8.measure the performance of your agents

You can record conversations to improve your service, while from the Aircall dashboard you can track the number of incoming calls on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. This information allows you to better plan and organize your staff.
You can also review the activity of individual agents, monitor the duration of each call, average call time, registration, who answered, and so on.
In the event of increased turn over, Aircall's Call Whisper feature allows you to intervene directly during a call in silent mode to make suggestions to the agent with best practices, for example, to improve and support service, following up adequately and in real time with agent training.


9. use a scalable solution that grows and adapts to your organization's needs flexibly and intelligently


10. reduce maintenance costs and obtain automatic updates

The costs and management of a traditional phone system certainly are not to be overlooked: not having a physical phone system means not having any physical hardware to maintain!
Calling an IT team to run diagnostics on the hardware is expensive and time-consuming. Every moment devoted to handling these issues means less time that support and sales teams spend on the phone with customers, reducing the quality of their support.
Aircall's virtual switchboard works in the cloud so, unlike traditional operators, it offers: automatic upgrades and maintenance, this eliminates unnecessary costs and does not interrupt workflows.

Consult the power2Cloud team to choose your cloud PBX, and we will be happy to recommend the version (Aircall Essentials or Aircall Professional) best suited to your needs.


What is a virtual switchboard?

A VoIP system does not use an operator's telephone wires; it works by simply converting analog voice calls into digital voice communications that travel over the Internet. This way you can initiate a conversation anywhere in the world and from any device.

Aircall is a modern VoIP PBX: designed for all organizations' needs; competitive: less expensive than traditional phone systems; easy to manage: cuts maintenance costs; flexible: doesn't tie you into multi-year contracts like traditional companies; and scalable: allows you to add or cancel numbers as and when you need them.


What are the advantages of a VoIP telephone system such as Aircall?

Organizations often work as silos, not sharing information or performing many operations to create updates. Let's look together at the advantages a VoIP Pbx like Aircall offers:
- fast: active in less than 5 minutes thanks to immediate configuration
- scalable: add numbers, users or change routing rules anytime, anywhere
- flexible: answer the PBX wherever you are. Aircall works on your computer or from your cell phone (ioS and Android).
- global: instantly create local phone numbers in more than 100 countries around the world
- freed from hardware
- connected: synchronize your phone data with your work tools (Salesforce, Shopify, Slack, Hubspot, Magento, Zendesk), log calls
- collaborative: manage everything from a single platform, consult your agents' metrics and productivity and call data in real time, support training and turnover
- customized: build tailored processes and integrations thanks to public APIs
- in real time: if you work mobile, you can communicate in real time with colleagues in other locations

Now let's look at what applications Aircall cloud switchboard integrates with.
power2Cloud chose Aircall because it integrates with so many tools and applications that you probably already use every day in your organization.
Think CRM (such as Zoho and HubSpot), Help Desk (such as Zendesk), marketing programs and software (such as HubSpot), chat systems, eCommerce platforms (such as Shopify), and more.
These integrations enhance the benefits not only of Aircall PBX, but of all your tools.
When an Ip PBX phone rings, the agent can retrieve the user's contact information. Think history, notes, support tickets, and other information to offer personalized and dedicated support in a short time.
In addition to enhancing the customer experience, then, Aircall call center software simplifies agent processes by making work easier, more timely, and more productive.


Aircall VoIP switchboard: security and privacy for your data

Security and privacy are a priority for Aircall and for our team as well: all Aircall data is stored in modern, industry-leading data centers monitored 24/7, plus the solution is GDPR compliant.
Data is encrypted and stored in secure, industry-leading data centers that benefit from some of the highest information security standards in the industry.
Aircall follows the recommendations of various information security frameworks including ISO 27001/27002, SOC 2 and PCI / DSS.

power2Cloud offers dedicated consulting and services specifically for Aircall VoIP PBX, tell us about your needs and request more information with no obligation from our team, what are you waiting for?