Every brand possesses unique and enormously valuable assets. On this page you can find our official resources: use them to ensure consistency and loyalty of our brand .

The logotype

Our logotype consists of the two portions icon + text. Please do not alter:
the font, the weight, the colors or proportions to ensure consistency and readability.

power2cloud logo vector blue
power2cloud logo vector blue
power2cloud logo vector white

Air of respect

Generally, the respect air of a logo is equal to the height of the proposed logo.

Color Palette

Our colors are bright, bright and modern

PANTONE® P 104-7 U
HEX: #0064F6
HSB: 214° 100% 96%
RGB: 0 100 246
CMYK: 87% 63% 0% 0%

PANTONE® P 127-5 U
HEX: #00FFB0
HSB: 160° 100% 100%
RGB: 0 255 176
CMYK: 61% 0% 54% 0%

PANTONE® P Process Black U
HEX: #171615
HSB: 29° 8% 9%
RGB: 23 22 21
CMYK: 76% 68% 62% 86%

the brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Font - Futura

We have adopted Futura as our default font. The Logo itself is designed and constructed based on the proposed font.

Designed in 1927 by Paul Renner it was designed for the Bauer foundry in Frankfurt. It is a linear type character derived from characteristics characteristic of Bauhaus design, such as compositional balance and constructivism.


In the year 1933, it was presented at the Fifth Milan Triennial of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts. Despite its success at the triennial its rise did not begin until the 1950s, that is, when many advertising agencies began to use it. It was successful both for its design and for the variety of its weights, (thirty in tortale), realized, however, only after it was launched on the market.

Futura Font is still one of the most popular and renowned fonts for many famous brands and companies around the world.


A variation of it, Futura Black, is based on stencils.


In Italy, Futura is currently used for signage and timetables by the State Railways and starting in the year 2000, it was adopted by RAI. It is also the official typeface of the renowned fashion house DOLCE & GABBANA.