Ticketing system: omnichannel customer support including Chat and Answer Bot

Zendesk Is it a help desk? A ticketing system? A management system? Much more: become the organization your customers want

Zendesk Support

Integrated customer support: ticket monitoring, prioritization, and resolution. Multilingual and customized, CSAT, analysis and reporting, automatic ticket assignment.

Zendesk Guide

Knowledge base and self-service resources: definition of frequently asked questions, easy creation and review of articles, AI-based, multilingual suggestions for teams.

Zendesk Chat

Expand personalized support for your customers with multichannel chat, increase customer satisfaction and sales. Monitor activities with advanced statistics

Zendesk Gather

Forum management software: create dedicated areas for your communities where users can communicate and collaborate with each other, provide assistance whenever required.

Zendesk Talk

Integrated phone software, easily continue conversations started on any other channel over the phone, advanced diagnostics with dedicated reports and dashboards.

Zendesk Explore

Simplified omnichannel analytics: always make the right choices, be data-driven. Measure team performance. Real-time operational metrics on user experience.

Zendesk Sunshine

It aggregates data into a high-performance cloud CRM, presents a complete picture of the user, using all available data,understand and segment users.

Zendesk Sell

Sales CRM software: improves productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for sales teams from a single dashboard.


The customer experience that makes you unique

Talk to your customers like you haven't before: manage all your channel interactions (email, phone, social) in a single dashboard. Zendesk is a solution for customer care and team sales. Stop working in silos! Use data to improve the customer experience.

You are in good company, they have already chosen Zendesk


A ticket is not just a ticket thanks to Zendesk!

Did you know that 81% of consumers choose other brands because of unsatisfactory support. Zendesk is suitable for start-ups and large companies: automate ticket management and personalize communications. Anticipate your customers' problems and provide support in real time. Any attention is never enough for your customer care!

Ticketing system: omnichannel customer support including Chat and Answer Bot
Ticketing system: omnichannel customer support including Chat and Answer Bot


Seamless Integrations and Open API

1000+ integrations, an App marketplace, lots of sales, support and chat solutions. Increase productivity and make workflows smoother. If you can't find what you need, let's create it together! Use the API and app framework to bring anything to life. With Shopify, Hubspot and Aircall, Zendesk gives the best: integrate all your solutions, work to the max.


Protection and reliability
all round

Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies also rely on Zendesk products because they adhere to enterprise-class security features and comprehensive application, system, and network auditing functions that ensure ongoing data protection, such as SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001:2013 and 27018:2014, Cloud Security Alliance, and Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready.

Ticketing system: omnichannel customer support including Chat and Answer Bot

Frequently asked questions

power2Cloud is a Zendesk partner in Italy. Our team offers your business the advice and assistance you need to choose the Zendesk platform module closest to your needs. 

We also take care of configuration and training of your agents to enable you to make the best use of Zendesk. A dedicated account will be assigned to you upon activation of this solution to provide best practices, updates and more.

To startups as well as large enterprises operating in different sectors. 

We all have customers to whom we must offer timely and efficient assistance if we are to continue selling our goods and/or services. 

Zendesk is an omnichannel platform that facilitates communications and simplifies the management of all interactions. Streamline the work of your agents, even when they are few in number, and respond to support tickets in a timely manner, even when they increase unexpectedly. Discover some use cases with our team. 

For web and mobile devices, you have many products available that are easy to use and without writing a line of code! Answer Bot optimizes your resources: it leverages Artificial Intelligence to gather information and manage low priority tickets. For common questions it offers quick answer options and advice with targeted articles.

Of course, if necessary, the Answer Bot routes the request to the appropriate agent, sharing the transcript of the conversation, so the customer does not have to repeat himself.  

Zendesk Chat, on the other hand, allows you to communicate each user in an informed and immediate way. This is a particularly popular choice because it increases the speed of support and improves the customer experience. In fact, agents can organize workflows, tags and reports to get to know their callers and offer personalized support. Don't forget that you can automate responses by using bots to solve problems or simplify escalation to the most appropriate agent, on any channel.

Zendesk allows you to measure customer interactions with your brand-the dashboard provides important metrics that help you personalize services, optimize the customer experience, and increase your agents' productivity. 

With Zendesk you can create corporate knowledge exclusively for internal use. It is a help center available to all employees, also useful for onbording. 

At any time, agents can consult this centralized repository to search for the information they need. With Zendesk, you can optimize and save your resources' time by providing verified information to better assist customers. 

Zendesk is a cloud solution integrated with many channels and applications that you love and already use: email, social networking (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat), telephone switchboard, eCommerce (Shopify, Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, PrestaShop), CRM (HubSpot, Salesforce), project management software (Asana, Trello, Slack) and many more.

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Become the company your customers want!

Zendesk works on all the devices you already use now

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Omnichannel ticketing system to enhance customer experience

On this page you will find the benefits of a ticketing system like Zendesk offered by power2Cloud. If you have never heard of Zendesk for omnichannel Customer Service Management, you are in the right place. Customer Service is the first point of contact between users and your organization and is critical to improving the customer experience. This is true for any type of organization, whether it is a Public Administration, a Company, an Enterprise, a startup, and even an NGO. Zendesk is a helpdesk system chosen by more than 45,000 companies in 140 countries, such as: Slack, Subito, Infinity, Airbnb, Shopify, Deliveroo, Groupon, Trustpilot. Don't forget that users consistently compare you to the best experiences they have had with other organizations. The data is significant: 64 percent expect to receive real-time support regardless of the channel they use, while 87 percent still think organizations need to make an effort to offer smoother service. Managing Customer Care is probably more complex today than it used to be given the amount of channels we make available: email, phone, chat, WhatsApp, Social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...). What happens if an omnichannel ticketing system is not used? If a user is looking for information or wants to file a complaint, he or she starts typing simultaneously on multiple channels, forcing agents to respond to the same message several times. It can happen that the responses received are different for different agents because no one is clear about the path or history of interactions with their organization.

Omnichannel rhymes with Zendesk

With Zendesk, you can easily support all conversations seamlessly from a single platform, across multiple channels and different ecosystems. This process enhances the customer experience, makes your users more satisfied, and frees agents to handle requests with timeliness and knowledge. This saves them time and allows them to focus on more complex requests. Zendesk is an omnichannel customer service software that allows you to handle a large volume of tickets, think of retail companies at the time of sales, travel and leisure companies at the time of pandemic, and so on. This helpdesk allows you to improve communication, offering support when and where it is required, while continuing to use users' preferred channels. Through a modular offering, you can choose and integrate Zendesk tools that meet your needs. Let's briefly look at what they are: Zendesk Support: integrated customer support Zendesk Connect: Proactive campaigns Zendesk Chat: Real-time chat and messaging Zendesk Talk: Integrated telephone software Zendesk Guide: Knowledge base and intelligent self-service resources Zendesk Gather Forum Management Software Zendesk Explore: Simplified omnichannel analytics Zendesk Sunshine: open and flexible CRM platform Zendesk Sell: CRM software for sales Zendesk Answer Bot: automate conversations with your users If you don't have omnichannel support software or if the one you have isn't satisfactory, it's time to switch to Zendesk. Zendesk is perfect for all organizations, especially if you have a few Customer Service agents. But also if you have a very structured team that can't share information. Zendesk solutions are ideal then if you have a team that works remotely on the move. In any case, it is the solution for you if you have at least a couple of contact channels to manage (email, phone, chat, Social), regardless of where your team works.

The old school? Leave it behind!

Most organizations, still carry out manual and repetitive processes, using difficult to use and even antiquated tools. Many teams work in silos and make change is extremely slow. So many teams use tools that are not scalable and have access to poor information that often does not show the true needs of customers. Or they cannot handle an increasing volume of requests if their business grows rapidly, creating unhappy customers/users. With Zendesk's omnichannel customer management, you can maximize your work and get more results: Organize everything from a single conversation. Every interaction is part of a conversation, so you need a single thread between channels Keep teams connected. Managing customer data requires close collaboration among internal teams and investment in the CRM platform Working toward a Strategic CX. User experience has become a strategic priority for all organizations. Zendesk is an application that provides benefits not only for Customer Care, but also for the Sales team, internal Departments, and developers.

What are the benefits of omnichannel ticketing systems like Zendesk?

power2Cloud chose Zendesk as the ticketing system for its team and clients because it is much more than a Help Desk! It is a strategic tool for all business departments: administration, logistics, customer care, sales and marketing teams. It puts the user at the center of your business by helping you manage tickets and back office activities, increasing team productivity, with transparency and continuing customization of services. It is also a competitive solution: you can buy the utilities you need even if your organization is less structured. If your business volumes grow, Zendesk grows with you. Why choose Zendesk? Because it offers a complete view to the user journey: track communications on the channels your organization provides such as email, chat, phone or Social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), WhatsApp and consult appropriate analytics metrics to always make the right decision. Because it creates engagement at the right time with the right message: test different messages like for live chat to identify the most engaging ones. Also from the reports you can monitor response volumes and optimize your team's planning and efforts. Because it anticipates problems and automates communications: send automated messages in real time based on what your users are doing on the channels you provide, to intercept needs and engage your team if necessary. Do you think you're giving the right attention to your users? Organizations often work as compartmentalized, don't share information or do a lot of manual, cumbersome tasks to create updates.

What tools does Zendesk's omnichannel help desk software integrate with?

power2Cloud chose Aircall because it integrates with so many tools and applications you probably already use in your organization. Connect CRMs, help desks (such as Zendesk), marketing software programs (such as HubSpot), chat systems, eCommerce platforms (such as Shopify) and more right away. Zendesk offers many useful tools for personalized customer service, so agents are always clear about the context of users. With the complete picture, they can offer integrated support across multiple channels with great ease, including many messaging apps, managing everything with ease from one platform. Streamline customer experience workflows, with automations and dedicated work areas that also save your agents time, self-service tools and Artificial Intelligence, access to relevant knowledge (FAQs) and easy-to-use communication and collaboration tools. Finally, measure and improve your processes with insights into customer needs, in-depth analysis on team and service performance, revenue data and cost drivers.

Security and privacy to manage your tickets with Zendesk

Security is a top priority for Zendesk. The solutions combine enterprise-class security features with comprehensive application, system and network auditing functions to ensure the ongoing protection of customer data and, as a result, those of their customers: ISO 27001/2013, ISO 27018:2014, FedRAMP LI-SaaS, SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, PCI DSS. That is why it is also chosen by Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. The power2Cloud team is ready to listen to your needs and offer you the best solution to manage your tickets in the easiest way possible. Request more information without obligation from our team.