Say goodbye to redundant spreadsheets and emails: Trello's bulletin boards, lists, and tabs allow you to organize personal projects and tasks in a fun, flexible and visual way. Wanna bet?


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Why choose Trello?

Through lists and tabs you can manage tasks and deadlines, organize teams and projects even as work increases and the team grows. Trello is an indispensable resource that prompts a new way of collaborating together, from meetings to setting goals according to a timeline, organizing workflows and customizations. Compared to the free version, Trello Enterprise offers integrations and automations, unlimited access to features and native integrations to increase productivity as well.

Use cases

Everyone likes Trello!

It shortens distances and brings busy people closer together to meet deadlines while achieving new goals. Trello is a lightweight tool perfect for those in design, engineering, human resources, marketing, product management, as well as remote teams, sales, support, and those coordinating multiple groups.


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Integrations of Trello

In addition to reports and custom fields, in Trello you can easily connect the apps you already use in your workflows such as Confluence, Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote, or add a Power-Up, in the Enterprise version, to address a specific need. With hundreds of Power-Ups available, all of your team's wishes will come true!

Trello Security

With Trello Enterpise you can centralize the management of security and compliance reports in one location. You can access the Status Page that shows real-time updates on Trello accessibility and allows you to report bugs. Trello Enterprise is compliant and authorized by a large number of certifications, including robust data encryption.


Frequently asked questions

Trello is available on the Web (supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari browsers), mobile devices (iOs and Android), and desktop apps (Microsoft and Apple Store).

There is no default answer, it depends on the business needs of each individual user, for example, a team may even start out using Trello and then grow to need a tool like Jira.

A Trello Enterprise administrator can manage permissions related to Workspaces and bulletin boards. The Dashboard for Enterprise administrators allows them to set specific permissions that impact all Workspaces, bulletin boards, and members.

Butler is the no-code automation tool built into Trello and is used to automate tasks and workflows: it saves you time and energy by automatically executing repetitive tasks, remains consistent by performing the same tasks under the same circumstances every time, and keeps your bulletin board in order by periodically performing maintenance tasks.

Trello offers a free plan and paid versions with advanced features, as well as an Enterprise version for maximum customization and flexibility.

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Trello the project management software you've been looking for

Trello is an excellent project management software that makes teamwork collaborative and increases productivity fast. With Trello, you no longer have to ask yourself, "Who is working on what this week?" Connecting, collaborating, exchanging, building, and succeeding is really easy: Trello is a useful monitoring and control app for resource and work management designed to track team projects, highlight ongoing tasks, show who they are assigned to, and detail progress to completion. This holds team members accountable as everyone helps their team succeed. It maximizes the time invested in meetings, avoids following up on projects without being clear on goals, instead organize yourself to make sure goals are clear and organize the entire project team effectively. With the Kanban visuals and flexibility of this tool you can visualize workflows, providing managers and human resources with a simple and transparent project overview from start to finish. power2Cloud as an Atlassian partner can guide you in adopting Trello and the version closest to your needs. Learn about best practices and features with our experts and get started quickly!

Why choose Trello?

From a single platform project managers and users access bulletin boards, lists, and boards. You can always customize features to scale as the work requires it, continuing to effortlessly manage projects and tasks while cultivating a more collaborative culture with all your colleagues. Now you don't know whether to choose Trello or Jira for your work. Let's say there is no perfect, default answer to this question. Trello helps you manage your bugs, but let's be clear, it is not a bug tracker, but an app (iOs and Android) to manage projects. The choice of which Atlassian software to adopt also depends a lot on your business needs, that's why consulting with one of our experts, defining your goals, can help you. Trello Atlassian has become a popular productivity and project management software solution for all types of users, including those who are less technical or for personal, not just business, purposes. Atlassian has sought to make Trello even more powerful with the introduction of workflow automations and integration with Butler features. This allows users to set simple rules to automate repetitive tasks such as moving a tab to the to-do list when a checklist is complete. More Views Trello supports task visibility in a transparent, simple, and most importantly, real-time way to track progress and get detailed information about the work of all team members. Organize tasks, add deadlines quickly. Users can view their workload or dependencies between tasks. Of course, depending on the version of Trello you can access advanced features 2 Smart and connected tabs. Trello tabs represent work or tasks that users can sort, tag, and move through different stages of project management. Each tab returns detailed task descriptions, comments, and a feed. Users can perform various functions such as adding members, checklists, due dates, and attaching files. 3 AI and integrations Trello synchronizes all information across devices (desktop, tablet, or mobile). Butler chatbot AI provides automation to integrated workflows for simple projects and repetitive tasks, helping teams save time and effort as they assign tasks. Power-ups provide third-party app integration to tools teams are already using. Email integration allows users to create tasks and add comments from their inbox. Users can also use mentions for example to enliven discussions. Of course, public APIs are also available. Depending on your business plans you have more advanced features available. In fact, if your company is looking for advanced security and end content control, the Trello Enterprise version is certainly the best choice. Trello Enterprise gives every team unlimited access to the full power of Trello's features and integrations to be as productive as possible. Want to get started? Ask our experts now!