San Giorgio SpA: data security and team building with Google Workspace

We were looking for software that could adapt to the growth and needs of our company

"The company was looking for a flexible office automation tool," explains Orazio Del Franco, IT manager at San Giorgio SpA - that could adapt to the growth and needs of the business.


The company as early as 2015 began outsourcing applications to the cloud, using Google Workspace. Since those years, I have witnessed a substantial change. The staff, between offices and the plant, still did not number 265 employees.


In a reality such as ours, information systems must adapt quickly to needs and changes. Thechoice of Google Workspace starts precisely from the need to coordinate all the teams, but without the support of a partner we could not take full advantage of all the features of the platform. "


San Giorgio SpA, which has plans for expansion, currently has 3 operating plants, in one there are most of the offices, 17 production lines and an automated warehouse, in the second there is the logistics billing office, and manual picking, and in the last there is the automated warehouse.

Enhanced enterprise data security and simplified sharing with Google Workspace

"The adoption of Gmail has immediately enabled teams to communicate smoothly, and securely, thanks to the SPAM control and the proprietary antivirus offered by the platform.


In fact, on several occasions the protection system has succeeded in blocking malicious events, protecting the company and ensuring the integrity of the information. Today our colleagues call us about attachments that do not arrive and are blocked directly by Google, and this makes our work in no small part easier as well!


We use a lot of Documents and Google Drive to share files even with users who are not physically present in the company or are in different offices. These apps are essential also for mobile agents who are busy collecting orders or recruiting new customers.


For information gathering and new customer onboarding everyone uses different devices, some the laptop, some the cell phone, some the tablet. With Google Forms, agents transfer the necessary information by sharing it directly with headquarters.

By offering a single working tool, information can be securely retrieved and shared at any time. 


Everyone accesses, according to settings, the same information. Google Workspace also proved to be the ideal choice because it provides so many functional Apps.


The use of shared calendars from Google Calendar is essential, both to view everyone's commitments, but also for organizing company resources such as meeting rooms. This way we are able to view details, such as time and place, and stay updated through notifications.


Although we work in three different buildings, each with its own organization, we share the calendar with everyone, but we do further subdivisions to better manage the commitments of specific teams without creating confusion."

Training optimizes the use of Google Apps

"The training provided by power2Cloud to IT staff has enabled them to optimize the adoption of all the tools from the outset Google Workspace. We have found a helpful but above all professional and competent partner, we know that whenever we need or for any doubts we can safely turn to power2Cloud.



With the train the trainer model, we shared skills and information to the rest of the workforce. Google Workspace, due to its flexibility, proved to be an effective tool in keeping up with changes in the company, easily adapting to needs and eliminating distances between teams.

We do not rule out resuming training to continue to learn more about updates and features that we can best use in our daily work."

"In power2Cloud we found a helpful but above all professional, competent partner who understood and listened to our needs. The training proved to be essential to set up all Google Apps in the best possible way."

Horace Del Franco
IT Manager San Giorgio SpA

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The story of San Giorgio began in the 1980s with Sabato Bruno, who in 40 years transformed a small pastry shop in Castel San Giorgio, on the outskirts of Salerno, into a large croissant company specializing in the food service market: San Giorgio Dolce & Salato.

The company boasts a very rich variety of assortment, the result of the work and research of a team that aims to ride new trends without forgetting quality. 

San Giorgio's product range reflects the needs of different target markets: from breakfast to aperitifs, for every desire and need, San Giorgio has created a line of savory snacks for buffets, happy hours, and appetizers.

For those who love sweetness, on the other hand, an assortment of traditional Campanian and Italian sweets has been created, including cakes as well as sfogliatelle, pastries and lobster tails, made with passion and craftsmanship.

Country: Italy

Sector: Food Industry

Categories: Google Workspace

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