With Workspace, Aircall and HubSpot, Marketing Italy boosts its performance

Analyzing data and team performance was difficult

Marketing Italy is a company engaged in the promotion and enhancement of the territory and represents one of the most influential entities in the field of marketing and tourism.


In 2016, he launched the channel to promote Italy around the world Visit Italy, which has become a benchmark for incoming tourism, thanks to the creation of inspirational content, digital itineraries and an authentic narrative of the bel paese.


"Our goal," says Domenico Maschio, Growth Specialist Marketing Italy - was to bring the format Visit in Italy. This is an institutional initiative of territorial enhancement that has been present and established for many years abroad, in cities such as London or Dubai.


In a country like ours, which could live on art, tourism and culture, it was missing. We seized this opportunity. The bet was to launch Visit privately, trying to make the project self-sustainable.


Visit Naples was the first, thanks to the work of a small team of 20-30 employees, engaged in sales and marketing activities. Having validated sustainability, we began to scale by opening Visit Venice.


We soon realized that the market was ready and there was room to act throughout the country. In August 2019, we created Visit Italy, a portal aimed at the promotion and enhancement of all destinations.


The setback came in March 2020 due to the pandemic. Despite the sharp decline and crisis in the tourism sector, we decided to continue to invest in making the internal organization more structured, allowing all resources to work in a streamlined way, including smart working.


Improving the management of the sales team was the first challenge.


At first we tried to replicate the organization intended for communication by uploading all the data to be shared to an Excel file, which effectively turned into a CRM.


However, this system revealed some difficulties, such as the inability to quickly access the data needed to quickly analyze business performance, which was useful for our strategies. Several team members were engaged in reporting periodically: twice a week they collected the information important to us, but this happened not without delays and errors.


Another problem was theinability to know the performance of our collaborators and the average time to close a deal.

In Marketing Italy, the need arose to look for a tool to speed up data collection and analysis, to make faster and more confident decisions, learn more about customers and scale quickly.


We looked at various solutions and chose to migrate to HubSpot, fully espousing the inbound philosophy!"

Today, Marketing Italy has a clear vision of resources and processes

"We looked for a partner right away because we wanted to start quickly to figure out the best way to make the most of HubSpot's potential. 


Thanks to power2Cloud the migration of all our contacts to the platform was very quick and easy. We started configuring the CRM master records according to our needs, overcoming the limitations of data analysis that previously cost us a lot of time. We currently use both theMarketing Hub and theSales Hub.


After careful analysis of our sales processes, several pipelines were created to monitor the progress of negotiations, have a clear view of deal closing times and team performance.


Integration with Aircall was the next step. Previously we were using company cell phones, now thanks to the VoIp switchboard we follow up in real time with onboarding employees.

By listening to recordings, for example, or monitoring the number of outbound calls, we can set up periodic meetings to suggest new contact scripts and improve all conversions. 

This opportunity today is perceived as a supportive tool in daily work, intact even our employees appreciate its added value.


With the migration to HubSpot, we have also adopted Google Workspace, mainly for GDPR compliance and to simplify communications with all our users and have a clearer view of how each contact is managed. Power2Cloud also supported us in migrating email from our proprietary server.


Now all the documentation we use is on the team drive, available to anyone who needs it at any time. Sharing calendars, which allows us to know each colleague's schedule without time-consuming contacts, is also very useful.

Thanks to the connector between Gmail and HubSpot, we can check, within the CRM, how and how many emails are exchanged, when and how many Meets were organized, notes, calls, tasks, and so on.


Tracking the customer journey and adopting inbound marketing strategies allows Marketing Italia to better track our partners and offer more consonant products." 

With the new ecosystem, each contributor's performance is increased by 15 percent

"Having relied on a partner like power2Cloud was important. We were concerned about the complexity and timing of the migration, but thanks to them we quickly identified the key steps to make onboarding the various tools fast and flexible."

Ruben Santopietro

CEO and Founder Marketing Italy


"Having relied on a partner like power2Cloud was important.

We were initially concerned about the complexity and timing of the migration, but thanks to them we quickly identified the key steps to make onboarding the various tools fast and flexible.


Today we are able to convert many more contacts and close deals quickly. With the integration of Google Workspace, HubSpot and Aircall, we have been able to identify inefficiencies especially in sales processes and have been able to improve and standardize them. We estimated a 15 percent increase in performance for each employee.


Thanks to the accuracy of data analysis, we can make important decisions with more awareness. All information collected from our salespeople and team members is no longer personal and does not have to be transcribed, but is automatically captured in the CRM.


We are scaling fast, and our goal is to consolidate our positioning as Italy's leading company in territory marketing."

"Thanks to the integration with Google Workspace, HubSpot and Aircall we are able to make important decisions with more awareness, plus we have estimated a 15 percent increase in performance per employee.".

Dominic Male
Growth Specialist Marketing Italy

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Marketing Italy is a leading company in

European in the promotion and enhancement of territories and tourist destinations, collaborates with institutions and private companies. A team composed of some of the most influential professionals in the field of digital marketing applied to tourism works on the award-winning "Visit Italy" project. In 2022 it was included by Panorama magazine in the list of the 10 most promising marketing companies in Italy.

Country: Italy

Sector: Travel & hospitality

Categories: Aircall, Google Workspace, HubSpot

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