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Because of the Coronavirus many people are trying to organize their work in Smart Working. If you are also looking for solutions for your Company, you are in the right place!

Our team has always worked in the cloud thanks to Google and that was even before we became Google Cloud Partners. We honestly can't imagine another way to collaborate; G Suite is invaluable to us.

We understand that other companies, accustomed to working with files saved on computers and a few hard drives, with employees busy attaching files and exchanging many emails for revisions and approvals, need change management.

Before talking about smart working, it is useful to talk about cloud solutions and before that about people, the people who use them and make change possible.

Businesses ask us first for simplicity, security andrapid integration of solutions , and we are here to help them.

G Suite: enterprise tools for smart working


Google/Gmail = email. Wrong answer!

There are still many who think Google is just an e-mail provider, but instead it includes Calendars, Documents, Forms, Spreadsheets, Meet for online video conferencing, and much more.

In fact, G Suite is the dedicated solution for companies that supports Start-Ups with a few licenses as well as Enterprises that have thousands, in all business processes, as we will see in more detail below.

Thanks to G Suite, you can access your e-mail and corporate archive using your browser, just enter your credentials, so you can work from home as if you were in the office safely.

All G Suite Apps are integrated with each other, pushing toward real-time collaboration and mobile work, from any device (mobile, tablet, computer).

This is important always, especially now that there is the Coronavirus emergency and employees are working from home.

Solutions for your Business in a Single Suite

G Suite helps your company with smart working. Here's what it includes:

  • Gmail for eletteonic mail.
  • Hangouts Meet for communicating via chat and online video conferencing, both bilaterally and in groups.
  • Documents, Sheets, Presentations to create, read and edit documents in real time with the ability to use it offline (without sharing).
  • Drive to store files of any format securely and unlimitedly (in the G Suite Business version). The author retains control of the document and can manage access to it at any time.
  • Forms for creating surveys and collecting data.
  • Calendar to create appointments, reminders or to-do lists.

The benefits of G Suite for businesses

If you are wondering what the Cloud is and what it can do for you and the Company you work in, we have summarized the main focuses for you. Thanks to G Suite:

  • your office is everywhere! Sign in from your browser. You will no longer have to retrieve your computer at the company or remember to take your calendar with you. You won't have to worry about data being stolen, your hard drive crashing, or searching for a file that ended up in who knows what folder.
  • all employees use the same applications, all speak the same language, from headquarters to dislocated offices. Does that sound small? This ensures a corporate standard in processes and security.
  • simplicity. The interface is simple and all applications are usable on their own; you do not have to be an IT person to use them.
  • collaboration. You don't attach multiple files, you can share them. Also if necessary you can work on the same Document with your colleagues to speed up work and always have the latest version at hand.
  • lighten your IT. Your IT department is vital to the Company. Thanks to G Suite, it will be able to devote itself to new projects while you use G Suite Apps independently.
  • security. Even if you are working from home or traveling. Your data is safe and secure! G Suite is GDPR compliant, plus you can increase security with two-step verification, security tokens, Mobile Device Management (MDM).
  • control. From the Administration Console you can manage views, changes and shares. Also in each document you can check the history of changes and always restore the correct one. In the G Suite Business version, thanks to the Vault you can archive, preserve, search and export data to meet your company's preservation and eDiscovery needs.
  • everything you need in a single Suite. You won't have to search independently for Applications or use multiple vendors to manage your needs. Everything is included in one Suite. Let's look in detail at what.

The services of power2Cloud Google Cloud Partner

power2Cloud is a Google Cloud Partner our certified team can offer you:

  1. Migration and implementation
  2. Training on all the Apps in the Suite (Documents, Calendar, Forms, Presentations). With Change Management sessions and focus on the Apps most useful to your work.
  3. Scripts to automate your processes according to your needs.
  4. Deployment specialist at your disposal to secure your domain with 2FA, MDM and more.

We have clients all over Italy, particularly in central and southern Italy, in different sectors.

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