Leverage HYCU to improve data protection when using snapshots 


Data is now considered one of the most important assets of any company, a real asset to be managed and secured. 

The goal of HYCU, a solution from BaaS and DraaS, is to protect them from being damaged by human error, external attack, or malfunction.

This needs to be a priority for any enterprise, regardless of company size, placement, or business-critical workload, whether on-premise or in a public cloud such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

It is a common misconception that all workloads on GCP are protected by default, however, this is not enough, in fact it is not backed up automatically. With GCP you perform a snapshot and periodic data copy of your permanent disks at the zone or region level.

Why it is important to protect corporate data

With business process digitization on the rise, more software and tools are being used today, so it is important to ask the right questions:

  • How much would a stop to operational processes cost?
  • In the event of a business system down, how long would it cost to restore?
  • How much does each disservice to a customer affect the company?

It is easy to understand that without a proper backup and recovery system it would all go to the detriment of business performance.

Within the IT infrastructure, in fact, management data, analytics, customer information, and reports are stored-all important information for which the risk of data loss must be considered a great economic loss.

According to a report by CloudWards, here are some estimates among the most frequent causes of data loss or damage in enterprises:

  • 44% hardware anomalies or malfunctions;
  • 32% human error;
  • 14% software corruption;
  • 7% malware;
  • 3% natural disasters.

With HYCU you have a complete data protection solution

After creating a snapshot to capture the current state of the disk, you can use it to restore data to a new disk. 

Compute Engine stores multiple copies of each snapshot in multiple locations with automatic checksums to ensure data integrity.

You can create snapshots from disks even when they are attached to running virtual machine (VM) instances. The life cycle of a snapshot created from a disk attached to a running VM instance is independent of the life cycle of the VM instance itself.

Although GCP snapshots are key elements for a data protection strategy, a cloud-native solution that can seamlessly integrate GCP snapshots is still needed.

The data protection solution provides value to various resources within each organization.

Value to the end user

Here is how HYCU helps the application or server owner, developer, or help desk user.

  • Restoring Files and Folders
    Ninety percent of end-user requests are for restoring missing or damaged files. HYCU's native integration with GCP snapshots and IAM instantly installs any file.

  • Application Consistency Assured
    File system or database checks during data or application recovery processes could create complications on the process if backup files are not consistent with each other. With HYCU ability GCP snapshots to automatically disable file systems.

  • Cloning and disaster recovery of applications in a snap
    From simple tools that use GCP snapshots to instantly clone their applications and virtual machines for development or migration purposes, it increases the scope of data recovery capabilities. Also, in an emergency, perform multi-regional failover and failback to any site within GCP in a highly simplified manner.

Value of cloud administrator

Here are the three key areas that a data defense solution like HYCU protects:

  • Hands-on approach with guaranteed compliance
    Free yourself from manual snapshot management with HYCU's policy-based solution that can guarantee 24-hour copy compliance. Define protection policies to fit your organization's backup SLAs. Once defined, you can automate their assignment to existing VMs or new ones created within your GCP cloud account.

  • Promote the self-service model
    Free up administrator time for more important and critical tasks with HYCU's self-service model. Enable application owners and end users to manage their VM and application data protection with HYCU's built-in multi-tenancy capability, IAM and GCP legacy Projects. In addition, the platform can also help bundle multiple GCP projects for a unified protection approach.

  • 24-hour monitoring and alerts

Eliminates manual, scripted methods of keeping track of the status of backups with:

  • HYCU's centralized dashboard for quick visualization of the overall status of backup, recovery, and target capacity;
  • comprehensive HYCU report for a detailed overview of GCP data protection;
  • HYCU notifications for problems that require your attention with backup and restore errors.

Value of IT management

For IT management, there are three key areas of value that any data protection solution should provide, let's look at them together

  • Long-term backup
    HYCU can further improve the cost efficiency of the GCP object with automatic tiering at the archive level and requires no manual intervention for backups and restores.

  • Ensure backup security at all times
    Instead of relying solely on GCP snapshots that are vulnerable to malicious attacks, make sure you have peace of mind with HYCU's protected backups in GCP object storage, this ensures recovery from any form of malicious attack (such as ransomware).

  • Zero maintenance with proactive support
    Why bother updating custom scripts or learning new manual steps to manage GCP snapshots? The DPaaS model maintains and updates with the latest GCP and HYCU features.

Implement HYCU with a partner

If you need a cloud-scale solution specifically designed and hosted as a service that can integrate GCP snapshots to provide a complete data protection solution, ask power2Cloud for support.

Our team can guide you in implementing the platform and training you to use it to the fullest. 

With HYCU you have a tool that eliminates the complexity and risks of backup and facilitates data recovery.

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