Google My Business tab to increase sales and geolocated searches


People searching for your business on Google reach all the information and details found online. That's why it's important to claim your business' Google My Business tab, if you don't yet manage it directly, and update it with all those details that can enhance your products and services.

No one wants to waste time, especially now that the pandemic has allowed us to take advantage of spaces, assistance and purchases, between reservations and Click and Collect.

These are new services created to meet the needs of the moment that have become full-fledged new opportunities for both users and customers, and for small and large businesses initiated to these new omnichannel strategies.

So physical store and eCommerce are not antagonistic, but complementary: you order online and pick up at the physical store, or you get the discount code at home and redeem it on eCommerce.

But it doesn't end there. Thanks to Google My Business (also known by the abbreviation GMB) you can not only get the word out about your business, but leverage geo-located searches useful for supporting sales in physical stores, and on your e commerce site, again with an omnichannel perspective.

The Google My Business shopping experience helps make the local services you offer visible on a daily basis and is among the perfect touch points for your sales, engagement, and service strategies. Among other things, it is so easy to use, thanks in part to its interface that it is simple to use.

As we wrote in the previous article this free tool allows you to easily update the way your business is displayed in both Google Search and Maps.

In your business card you can include contact information, phone number, opening hours, details about goods and services, and even payment methods (credit card, check, cash), to make it easy for all users. Because it is really annoying to get to the checkout and know that a store does not accept American Express, that there are no services for the disabled, or that some services can only be accessed online.

By curating a Google My Business tab, you can not only improve your online presence, but also improve the shopping experience of people who interact with search engines because they need products or services to buy from the online shop or onsite.

Show customers what you offer to leverage local search and online sales


Google My Business thus also becomes a sales channel associated with real-time searches.

Have you ever tried typing the name of a product into Google? For example, the pants model of the brand you like? If you have geolocation enabled after paid ads Google shows you the Google My Business tabs of the businesses closest to you that mention on their website one or all of the keywords you were searching for.

That's why we advise you to curate well not only the title, but also the description of the products on your eCommerce and include your website in the dedicated entry in your Google My Business tab.

If you have a business dedicated to beauty and personal care show your specialties, someone might want to buy eyelash lamination, maybe they are interested in balayage or special beard treatments. If you have a restaurant specify if you offer gluten free or vegetarian food, if you cater. If you have a hotel specify whether there is a mini club for children, whether pets are welcome, and so on. Don't take anything for granted!

This will help local search and make life easier for users who are searching even now for something that is close to their expectations for enjoyment and purchase.

What aspects does Google My Business reward to increase your company's visibility?

You may be asking yourself: how can I increase the visibility of my business? Google undoubtedly rewards the most comprehensive and detailed business forms, to facilitate searches and offer only relevant results.

In fact, Google's results highlight the strong match between the user's search and the information in your business's local board.

Don't forget the distance, too. If the user does not specify a location in the search string, Google calculates the distance based on known data about his or her location. If it is not specified, Google is still able to identify the geographic target it belongs to.

Another important aspect is the information that Google highlights and gleans from the web such as reviews, links, articles. Reviews are definitely important because they help improve your business' ranking.

Help customers find the products you sell with Google My Business

Shoppers increasingly search for products online before going to a physical store, so Google My Business is a strategic touch point for online commerce that also helps improve the customer experience.

This is why Google searches have grown by more than 8,000% year on year, partly because people want to compare prices and search quickly for what they need.

As well as being able to manually add product information to the business profile via Search and Maps, 

We want to help businesses stand out and reach new customers on Google. If you have many outlets and want to coordinate these activities we are waiting to meet you.

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