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Office collaboration or smart working is not a simple matter, especially now that people work remotely, away from their offices.

Data security is increasingly being challenged as files of all kinds are managed by new devices and applications that are not centrally monitored.

When collaboration is lacking, tasks multiply or slow down one's work because the team is not aligned and does not have the tools to be.

If it is not easy to deal with colleagues to handle requests for assistance, work on a project, and perform all of the simpler routine tasks, frustration arises.

The frustration of course may be that of a colleague or customer who struggles to get in touch with your company, just because you are not in the office or have difficulty managing the context of information about them with your team or the applications you use to work.

If you are just starting out or looking to improve your online collaboration and productivity, our free guide is for you. We will tell you in detail about Google Workspace cloud applications that can assist you in your work.

We have gathered some tips that can help you right away to move toward leaner, simpler and more effective working methodologies. No need for technical expertise or lengthy, cumbersome implementations, so what are you waiting for?

Online collaboration that works is the one that is easy to use

Like it or not, we are moving toward hybrid work: working from home, from the office, from the coffee shop, while on the road.

Is your company ready? Do you have the right tools to offer simplified smart working and easy collaboration in the office as well as at home?

We know that conversations are the most important part of work when we are in the office. It is also true that cloud applications for online collaboration, allow you and your colleagues to work on the same files at the same time, even remotely, avoiding, for example, the copious sending of emails and attachments.

But this is just one example.

Whether you are in the same room or connecting from a different continent, today you can create anything with ease. Think presentations, documents, spreadsheets, made in perfect sync with other users.

Securely sharing, storing and accessing files at any time and from any device (cell phone, computer, tablet), without relying on email or hard drives, will simplify your workload and also that of your team, helping you avoid delays and setbacks.

This is a great opportunity not only to simplify smart working, but also collaboration, to gain the flexibility you need to be more competitive today. Remember, it is no longer important where you work, but how.

Download our free guide to read some useful insights for your work that can be easily replicated.

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