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"Our salespeople attended a trade show, is there a possibility to scan the collected business cards and automatically enter the data into CRM?"

This is the need expressed by a company we spoke with a few weeks ago, eager to automate and speed up the capture of all data collected even on offline occasions. Because while it is true that contact forms, digital totems, and live chat are all the rage today, we must not forget that in-person events are also slowly picking up.

If you also have this need, we thought we would tell you about a function that not everyone knows about and uses, that of HubSpot, which Turns paper business cards into CRM contacts (Customer Relation Management) within seconds . Do you also want to avoid manual operations and focus on creating great experiences for your users? Follow us!

The business card scanner is included in the HubSpot App and uses your cell phone's camera, in fact it is as instantaneous as a photograph. All you have to do is download theapp for Android or iOS and immediately start sharing data that all your teams can take advantage of.

After a trade show, conference, or event how many business cards end up on your desk, get lost, or stacked up waiting to be transcribed? Don't lose a single one of your contacts, cultivate them and turn them into lasting relationships.

HubSpot's app will help you learn more about your potential customer, partner or colleague so you can immediately organize lead generation, marketing and sales strategies, such as pushing the purchase of your products or services or increasing awareness with e-mail marketing initiatives.  

HubSpot's business card scanning app is a comprehensive tool for centrally managing all your data, in fact you find other features available such as:

  • Contacts and Companies (B2B and B2C)
  • Task
  • Upcoming meetings
  • Offers
  • Activity (opens and clicks on emails)

How does the HubSpot business card scanner work?

Here's what the HubSpot App looks like on your phone

The operation of HubSpot is really simple. Take a photo of a classic business card and the app will immediately scan and export all the data (last name, cell phone, company and job title) on a new profile card directly to your CRM, giving you access to many other features.

The application will automatically recognize all the information present, show you the preview for any changes, before saving all the data in the CRM system.

If available, contacts scanned from business cards will be imported with the following properties:

  • Name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Job Title
  • Cell phone number
  • Life cycle stage
  • Website URL

The main features

Here are the main items automatically entered into CRM
directly from business cards
  • Automatic entry of contacts and companies into your CRM, it only takes a few seconds

Scanning contacts in HubSpot requires three simple steps. Take that stack of business cards you keep from your last trade show, open the HubSpot app on iOS or Android, and click Create Contact. From there HubSpot will automatically analyze the data on the card and map it to the correct HubSpot properties. Once the contact is created you will have available: automatic contact-to-company association, the ability to send tracked follow-up emails, calls, tasks, and more

  • the scanner is included in the HubSpot App and is integrated with an all-online platform for all your teams

Most business card scanners are free for a few business cards, so they become expensive quickly. For a growing business, these fees can increase rapidly. HubSpot's scanner is free forever, has no limit and no hidden fees

  • AI scanner gets more competent and smarter with every business card you scan

Most business card scanners are static. If they scan or process a business card incorrectly one time, they will do so on subsequent times. HubSpot gets even smarter over time: the scanning technology uses machine learning to predict which data matches CRM properties

  • go straight to marketing automation with sequences and automations to make sure leads don't miss your communications. You can send promotions, email newsletters to improve your relationship with your customers or new prospects
  • Ability to recognize business cards from previously saved images
  • recognition of multilingual business cards

If you also work or are based abroad and therefore your relationships are also international, here are the supported recognition languages: English, Chinese (traditional, simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian (Bokmal, Nynorsk), Polish, Portuguese (Portugal, Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

Re-examine the information entered before saving it
  • Preview the results to make necessary changes before saving
  • Fast recognition process (better recognition speed for Ultra HD business card photos);
  • Encrypted recognition server connection for maximum data security
  • Accurate conversion of business card data(using smart OCR technology)
  • add text and voice memos for each business card
  • there is no violation of any law or right to privacy
  • your contacts are always safe and in one place.

Unique features

- Get more personal contact details from the database: company name, title, location, address, social media profiles.

- Sends an email with contact information to an already saved user's profile;

- saves the position of the recognition process;

- Configuration of mobile device management (MDM);

- enterprise key management: view reports, add/remove administrators, restrict access to enterprise keys to specific users or domains.

Do you want to start right away, too?

So many benefits for your relationships

CRM software like HubSpot can help you keep track of all your activities to push sales of your products or services and improve the customer experience.

As we said HubSpot offers an easy way to scan your business cards, but it has so many useful features for customer and prospect relationship management, you can learn more by reading for example the Temera or Manet success case and request a demo from our team right away.

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