At the Palace of Portici Aircall and HubSpot for Better Together event.


A winning formula doesn't change, Better Together events return. The date is Sept. 20 at the MAVV (Museum of Art, Vine and Wine) at the Palace of Portici, along with power2Cloud partners Aircall and HubSpot.

Meeting the French unicorn company that is a leader in the VoiP phone system and the American company famous for inbound marketing is certainly an opportunity for realities that want to learn about the benefits of an integrated ecosystem in which every conversation matters. The occasion will also be useful to discover a little-visited Campania location such as the Royal Palace of Portici. 

Special guests at the event will be Giampaolo Buonaura Account Executive Aircall and Ivan De Vita Customer Success Manager HubSpot, who will fly to Naples from Paris and Dublin, respectively. Also expected are Ruben Santopietro, Founder and CEO, and Domenico Maschio, Growth Specialist at Marketing Italia, who will talk about the use of these tools in corporate communication strategies.

"We are happy to return to Campania and organize this event with our partners. Every inbound and outbound call," explains Giordano Iovine CEO power2Cloud, " counts, as do all interactions collected from business channels, from eCommerce purchases, to support tickets, through administrative communications, because they are part of the customer journey.

We need to envision the native integration of VoIp telephone switchboard and CRM at the center of a bicycle spokes: they connect and centralize all daily activities, providing valuable functionality and useful data to all teams; the business thus continues to grow and can go far."


Better Together

Aircall + HubSpot, the perfect integrated ecosystem for every conversation!

h 19:00 Accredited reception 

h 19:30


Better together, omnichannel and integrations, creates a successful ecosystem

Alessia Impagliazzo Communication Specialist power2Cloud

The importance of a holistic approach. The benefits of integrations between Aircall and HubSpot.

Giampaolo Buonaura Account Executive Aircall

Optimize processes and centralize data to enhance the customer journey

Ivan de Vita Customer Success Manager HubSpot

Storytelling and digitalization, communication trends. The case of Marketing Italy

Ruben Santopietro Founder and CEO Marketing Italy

Domenico Maschio Growth Specialist Marketing Italy


Why a VoIp switchboard?

"The telephone can become a productivity tool," confirms Aircall Account Executive Giampaolo Buonaura, "a sentinel to gather information for communication, sales, and customer service strategies, but above all to personalize all services.

Having a broader context for each user simplifies all operations, plus integrations, such as the one with HubSpot, allows you to collect even more data and create custom reports-it's an easy task that you can do even in real time."

Viewing user data automatically, before the call even connects, is a great advantage. With native integration, in seconds, HubSpot records conversations, captures the recording and attaches it to the correct customer record for later review.

Why focus on inbound marketing?

HubSpot is a leader in inbound marketing and offers an all-in-one platform to create synergy between marketing, sales, service and operational functionality. It is a key tool for managing all customer communications, enabling personalized interactions and supporting retention-in fact, more than 100,000 companies in over 120 countries use HubSpot for their CRM.

"What has value for business," confirms Ivan De Vita Customer Success Manager Hub Spot, "should also work for customers, which is why HubSpot is dedicated to improving customer relationships to optimize sales and support processes. 

This is fully in keeping with Aircall's mission of supporting every business toward growth and success. By adding Aircall's unique features, HubSpot customers are now able to provide a seamless phone experience for current and potential customers.

Storytelling and digitalization, communication trends. The case of Marketing Italy


Customer experience is central to every business; integrating Aircall's VoIp PBX to HubSpot ensures a smooth path for companies to keep users engaged and sustain loyalty.

An ecosystem that connects voice to other business channels, from an omnichannel perspective, is a strategy that improves all workflows, engagement and conversion in the sales pipeline, will be told by Ruben Santopietro Founder and CEO and Domenico Maschio Growth Specialist at Marketing Italia. One of the most influential marketing and tourism companies in Europe. 

Visit Italy, one of the most successful projects, a community of more than 3 Million users and channels, which are the reference point for tourists from all over the world thanks to the creation of inspirational content, digital itineraries and an authentic narrative of the bel paese. 

The MAVV and the Royal Palace of Portici: innovation and tradition

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power2Cloud wants to continue to promote digitization as the enhancement of its territory. 

"We have chosen a location that combines tradition and innovation," Giordano Iovine concludes, "the MAVV, the Museum of the Vine and Wine, is a space that enhances Campania's food and wine excellences and their cultural heritage by promoting experiential tourism through a multimedia and interactive exhibition.

The spaces are located within the Royal Palace of Portici, the summer residence of the Bourbon royal family and now home to the School of Agriculture, and offer a fascinating immersion in the nature that embraces the Palace all the way to the sea.

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