Power2Cloud becomes HYCU partner for BaaS and DraaS solutions


The power2Cloud ecosystem of solutions continues to expand. power2Cloud has partnered with HYCU, a leader in Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

"We are excited about this partnership," explains Giordano Iovine CEO power2Cloud, " because we know it will help us extend our solutions and continue to drive success for our customers, who need the right services and infrastructure to support agility and scalability.

With HYCU, companies eliminate the complexity, risk and high cost of legacy-based solutions. Migration, disaster recovery and data management between clouds are as simple and immediate as a click!"

Comprehensive software for IT: the benefits of HYCU


IT administrators can freely move applications, containers and VMs between on-premise and cloud infrastructures. That's why power2Cloud chose HYCU for its customers:

  • Multi-cloud. It is a solution built for your technology stack, you can protect and manage your data in different environments such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Nutanix and VMWare.

  • Minimal maintenance and rapid upgrades. With its agentless architecture and lack of additional management servers, HYCU has little or no maintenance. The platform provides updates without requiring manual steps or complex configuration tasks.

  • Agentless and application aware. Whether backing up VMs, applications, or physical servers, HYCU is 100 percent agentless. This not only simplifies configuration, but also encourages backups without any overload, which take into account application data and can be restored in point-in-time mode.

  • Built to ensure non-compromise by ransomware with immutable backups ( made available by cloud provider as technology ).

  • Outstanding Customer Service. HYCU is known for its exceptional customer service, with the Net Promoter Score (NPS) exceeding 91, the highest of any backup provider in the market.

  • Quick in implementation and configuration. Unlike a typical backup platform, which requires a significant amount of time to implement agents, data movers, repository servers, and so on, HYCU is a simple V-App that can be deployed in minutes.

  • Cloud-native: you can perform continuous backups to numerous cloud providers natively, without any additional installation.

  • 100% application-focused: HYCU monitors VMs to find out where applications are running and ensure that any migration, staging, or disaster recovery is fully consistent and restorable.

Corporate data is protected with HYCU

HYCU Protégé is the only Application Aware solution for Cross-Cloud Migrations and Disaster Recovery that supports you by protecting your data. The software ensures data resilience by using Spin Up functionality to migrate VMs between on-premise and cloud infrastructures. 

The main services made available are:

  • Self-service testing and creation of development instances. When you perform a migration from one cloud to another you need to make sure that the data is consistent with the application, plus you need to have a backup copy ready in case the operation does not go as you would like. HYCU simplifies the job, allowing you to migrate on demand or in stages. It also allows you to create new instances from backup copies to run development, reporting or production tests.

  • Disaster Recovery. If something goes wrong during the migration or if you simply want to run a test, HYCU secures a failover service for your data at the click of a button, even choosing the time point at which you want to run it.

  • SLO Compliance on Multi-Cloud. Even if data are distributed across multiple cloud providers, HYCU ensures easy management of data protection and Disaster Recovery compliance.

 Enterprise backup for business continuity turn to an HYCU partner

Today, most operations are carried out through multiple devices such as computers, tablets, or smartphones. Companies are therefore increasingly exposed to data loss or cyber threats, human error, malicious users or cyber attacks (ransomware attacks, viruses, other malware).

Data is at the heart of a business, and losing it not only causes immediate problems but also represents immeasurable damage. The only measure to counter any risk is to perform an efficient, fast and secure backup. 

Backup is usually done for two main purposes:

  • Recovery of lost or damaged data;
  • Management of an earlier version of erroneously edited or deleted files.

HYCU provides a platform to eliminate complexity and risk during enterprise backup and facilitate eventual data recovery by offering highly intuitive and secure protection.

Want to find out how HYCU can help you protect your critical data and accelerate your multi-cloud data protection journey? Just ask power2Cloud!


Don't wait. Contact an HYCU partner to learn everything you need to know about and request a trial now.

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