How to protect data from phishing.


This is no April Fools' Day, mind you! Don't take the bait either: protect your business data from phishing and accidental loss with Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite).

We especially want to remind you of this today, because it is often because of carelessness that sensitive information is put at risk, causing irreparable damage.

For many, working remotely has become the new normal: the alarm clock rings and still in your slippers between coffee and brioche you are already at your desk at home to start your day.

Keeping people connected has become an even more heartfelt challenge, especially not to register inflections in productivity. On the contrary, this moment in history can and should stimulate a new way of working, a cultural before digital transformation.

It is no longer important where you work, but how; to do so, however, you need the right tools to create, communicate and collaborate securely and in real time, from any device and from anywhere.

Enterprise data protection in smart working as in the office

Whether you are smart working or in the office doesn't matter, protecting your data is critical, regardless of where you connect.

Equipping secure, up-to-date solutions to respond to evolving threats is a priority. The wealth of any business is offered by data and its analysis, don't forget that.

power2Cloud, as a Google Cloud partner in Italy, cares about the security of your information and wants to help you simplify this management, so you can ask our team for more information now.

We will be happy to show you all the features that are useful for your work and best practices for increasing security by properly training your team.

You may not know that Google and the business services it offers run on the same infrastructure, so your company will benefit from the same features and updates that it constantly releases.

The robust global infrastructure, together with more than 700 security professionals and a continuous drive for innovation, allows you to benefit from a highly secure, reliable and compliant state-of-the-art environment.

power2Cloud as a trusted Google Cloud partner is helping companies and teams of all sizes leverage Google Workspace security to protect your business from threats.

You can read about the direct experience of some customers on our success case page. Caffè Borbone, for example, with Google Workspace has reduced the frequency of SPAM and phishing by 70%, making its team's collaboration more skillful and secure even on the move.


Gmail protects your data from phishing. Google you can trust!

Gmail is just one of the applications included in Google Workspace. These are tools that are indispensable to your work (Google Calendar, Drive, Documents, Presentations...), fully integrated with each other that allow you to work securely in the cloud and increasingly competitively. Don't get left behind, start now!

You can modernize the way your teams collaborate with a hybrid setup that uses up-to-date legacy tools. By adopting applications that make your team more productive, you save time searching for needed information and streamline all workflows.

Here are some benefits for the security of your data: Google protects your information and that of your customers not only from phishing.

  1. SPAM Detection. Machine Learning has helped Gmail achieve 99.9% accuracy in SPAM detection, thus blocking sneaky SPAM and phishing messages. Less than 0.1% of e-mail in the average Gmail inbox is SPAM.
  2. Malware detection. To prevent malware, Google repeatedly and automatically scans attachments for viruses to prevent a user from downloading them. Gmail also checks files that are attached before they are sent so that malicious files are not unknowingly shared. This helps protect everyone who uses Gmail and prevents the spread of viruses. Attachments in certain formats, such as . ADE, . ADP, . BAT, . CHM, . CMD, . COM, . CPL, . EXE, . HTA, . INS, . ISP, . JAR, . JS, . JSE, . LIB, . LNK, . MDE, . MSC, . MSI, . MSP, . MST, . NSH, . PIF, . SCR, . SCT, . SHB, . SYS, . VB, . VBE, . VBS, . VXD, . WSC, . WSF, and . WSH are automatically blocked, even when if they are included as part of a compressed file.
  3. Phishing prevention. Google Workspace uses Machine Learning to protect users from phishing attacks. Google's learning models compare sites that are classified as phishing and those with suspicious URLs. Whenever new dangerous sites are detected they are automatically entered into the protection engines. This all happens much faster than manual management. Google Workspace allows administrators to adopt security keys, making it impossible to use compromised credentials in phishing attacks.
  4. Defending your brand from phishing. To prevent abuse of your brand in phishing attacks, Google Workspace follows the DMARC standard, which allows domain owners to decide how Gmail and other email providers can handle unauthenticated email from your domain. By defining a policy, you can help protect your users and your organization's reputation.

You can count on Google: security for your data

No advertising
Google does not collect, analyze, or use user data for advertising purposes (you will not see ads in Google Workspace). Google uses your data to provide Google Workspace services and support, such as SPAM filtering, virus detection, spell checking, the ability to search for emails and files within a single account, and more.

Own your data
The data your company enters into Google Workspace services does not belong to Google, remains yours, and is not sold to third parties.

Access Transparency supports Google's commitment to transparency, with granular controls of actions taken by Google staff and the reason for each access, including reference to specific support tickets.

Your Apps are always accessible
Google guarantees the operation of Google Workspace with a 99.9% SLA. It has no scheduled downtime or maintenance windows. Unlike most providers, apps are always available, even when Google is upgrading services or maintaining its systems.

Google provides you with Audits on the management of your data or the location of its data centers. You can delete your data or export it at any time.

Contact an expert from our team to find out how Google Workspace can help you solve your business challenges. Don't wait to lose your data, play it forward!

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