Don't let any critical contingencies slip through your fingers. Allow development and operations teams to plan for service disruptions and maintain control during incidents.


Everything groups and administrators need

Why choose Opsgenie?

Improve collaboration at critical times for your business so you can act quickly throughout the entire incident lifecycle. Monitor all activities and provide useful information to improve productivity and promote continued efficiency, even in the worst of contexts.

Use cases

Opsgenie for traditional IT teams and in large enterprises

Depending on the size and industry of your organization, IT incidents can cost your organization a lot of money in a matter of minutes. Opsgenie is designed for development and operations teams of all sizes. It helps reduce the frequency of incidents and improves response so your team can stay in control and offer faster and faster resolution.


Over 200 apps and web services at your disposal

Integrations of Opsgenie

Connect Opsgenie to the apps you use daily to quickly consolidate the flow of alerts and notifications at critical times. You have over 200 efficient apps and web services to synchronize data and streamline your workflow.

A one-stop shop for all your security needs

Opsgenie Security

Configure schedules, escalations, alerts, and incidents so everyone knows what's going on at all times. Ensure the highest standards of security for your systems just when they need it most: access detailed activity logs and leverage encryption in transit and at rest for any data. Atlassian is committed to providing the highest level of reliability, privacy and compliance with the most stringent international standards, for all its products.


Frequently asked questions

Opsgenie is available as a standalone offering that integrates into any IT or development stack; while it is included in all Jira Service Management cloud plans that offer full ITSM with end-to-end contingency management or in Atlassian Open DevOps to help teams simplify response and contingency management.

Opsgenie has native integrations with the advanced features of Bitbucket, Jira Software, Jira Service Management and Statuspage.

Yes! Opsgenie is a great modern incident management solution for on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments.

Opsgenie removes the guesswork surrounding alerts and incidents, dispelling doubts at times when time is precious. You don't have to wonder which alerts are important, where the alert came from, and who should handle it. Opsgenie meets your needs for the entire alert and incident lifecycle, from notification to the technical team and stakeholders to the actual response and post-mortem analysis. Because the entire emergency lifecycle is recorded by Opsgenie, reports and analysis allow you to assess the performance of all team members, resource allocation, the strategy used to resolve the problem, and more.

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Opsgenie Atlassian for incident management

Opsgenie is a modern incident management platform that enables development and operations teams to plan for service disruptions and maintain control at all times. With over 200 deep integrations and a highly flexible rules engine, Opsgenie centralizes alerts, reliably alerts the right people, and enables them to collaborate and act quickly. Throughout the entire incident lifecycle, Opsgenie tracks all activities and provides useful information to improve productivity and promote continuous operational efficiency. More than 3,000 companies rely on Opsgenie to ensure uptime and customer satisfaction. OpsGenie is Atlassian product that customers use to aggregate alerts from monitoring tools as part of the incident management and response process. Its value propositions are: Apply business logic Determine the correct workflow Alert the appropriate person(s) via push notification, SMS or email Appropriate methods of alerting: SMS, email, phone call

Why choose Opsgenie?

Opsgenie is available only as a cloud deployment and has native integrations with Jira Software, Jira Service Desk and Confluence, which connect: centralized alerts: streamline the flow of alerts with dynamic schedules, escalations and custom actions Automatic incident response: execute system commands directly from the OpsGenie interface simplified team management: create and maintain custom on-call schedules and notification policies ensure network integrity: monitor the "heartbeat" of systems and know about system outages in real time collaborate effectively: work seamlessly in chat environments or via OpsGenie's native video conferencing bridge dynamic reporting: analyze incident response and improve your team's processes Plan and prepare: determine who needs to be alerted. Use templates to prepare messages, predefine collaboration methods, and create status pages to communicate with stakeholders reliable alerts: ensure that critical issues are never missed and that the right person is notified. Use OpsGenie's flexible rules engine to target the right alert to the right person at the right time and notify responders using multiple communication channels. Analysis and reporting: provide insights to improve your operational efficiency. With the dynamic reports provided by Looker, you can drill down into any report and customize the view to suit your customers' needs. In addition, our post-incident analysis report allows you to review incidents and improve your incident response process It offers over 200 integrations and great flexibility while working to centralize alerts, reliably alert the right people, and enable you to collaborate and act quickly. Throughout the incident lifecycle, Opsgenie tracks all activities and provides actionable information to improve productivity and promote continued operational efficiency. By linking alerts to ITSM tools and processes, Opsgenie facilitates the following critical actions for incident response teams: Incident creation. Incident rules allow the user to dictate scenarios in which alerts should be grouped and an incident should be created automatically. Incident response .Opsgenie can forward alerts and incidents to collaboration tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams. Stakeholder communication. Instantly communicate incidents to responders and stakeholders. Opsgenie creates incident status pages and sends notifications to specific people upon request, or as part of a defined procedure. Collaboration in response. Opsgenie automatically initiates video bridges and conferences for incident resolution communication. Incident Template. Reduce average response time by using incident templates. Configure workflows and communication channels for specific types of critical alerts. Incident Post-mortems. Opsgenie Post Incident Analysis reports collect the data from an incident and provides a dashboard where your team can review their response time, and improve their processes. Who uses Opsgenie? Like Jira Software and Bitbucket, software development and IT operations teams are the primary buyers for Opsgenie. Large companies and teams are looking for a modern IT application stack to accelerate migration to the cloud and always-on services. Opsgenie integrates with monitoring tools to make sense of the information created by their notifications and generates tickets into the customer's ITSM system of record (such as Jira Service Desk) to help infrastructure teams stay ahead or quickly put out incidents. Opsgenie is available as a standalone offering and is included in all Jira Service Management cloud plans that offer full ITSM with end-to-end incident management. Ask our experts now.