Black Friday deals? How much you can earn and what you need to make the most of it.

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Discounts, promotions, bundles, limited-time incentives. Some people have already started sharing Black Friday deals in advance of Nov. 27, and they have done so with good reason. 

In fact, that of Black Friday remains the most anticipated event before Christmas for both those who offer, and those who buy, goods or services.

According to the observatory of Shopify, eCommerce platform par excellence, "this year 84 percent of people surveyed said they were ready to shop during this week compared to 64 percent of Americans or 67 percent of the British and French." 

Online once again establishes itself as the virtual marketplace par excellence, where supply and demand meet. Indeed, it will once again be the preferred channel for hunting for the most attractive bargains or planning new purchases.

In addition to initiatives to dedicate to your customers or products to add to your wishlist, have you ever thought about taking advantage of Black Friday deals to purchase digital solutions for your business?

With a small investment you can generate added and repeated value over time to solve your business needs and get immediate feedback.

Our Black Friday is on the team!

We want to let you in on a secret, our Black Friday is team-based, do you know why? With power2Cloud, a certified digital transformation partner, you can increase sales and productivity by combining our team's digitization vouchers with the best cloud solutions on the market such as Aircall, Zendesk, HubSpot, Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace.

If these names don't mean much to you now, keep following us because in the coming days we will tell you what problems they have solved and help you evaluate the full potential for your business.

Whether you are a startup, a micro business or amore structured company, take the exciting opportunity to implement, correct or improve those tools that slow down your work and halve your productivity.

Think of the problems caused by the traditional phone line especially during smart work and the difficulty in transferring calls to the appropriate departments, but also the difficult to handle service tickets especially when demand increases or your team of agents is small. 

And it doesn't end there. There are still many who laboriously extrapolate real-time data to come up with better strategies, not to mention the daily frustration of untangling so many applications for communicating, planning, solving, creating, and administering.

We want to keep talking to you about digital solutions because online, thanks to the cloud, you can do and speed up many of these tasks, working on the move, not necessarily at your office computer. 

Staying connected and securely accessing from any device, thus including cell phones, corporate files and all business tools such as CRM, customer service software, e-mail and so on, becomes a new modus operandi, partly out of necessity partly out of foresight. 

Hybrid age: online and offline travel on the same wavelength

Do you know what a liberation it is especially in this time when we are forcibly working in different spaces, cities and countries?

Our advice is to think not only about new services to offer online to your customers, but also about those solutions that precisely online allow every business, including yours, to work seamlessly for the benefit of productivity. 

Today more than yesterday, we need to embrace a new culture, the digital culture, by equipping ourselves with the right tools to meet the new challenges.

A partner like power2Cloud can support your IT department, if you have one, or follow you through this transition by showing you the easiest paths to take for your needs. 

Our solutions require no technical expertise, activate quickly, and allow all results to be measured. 

If you think that digitization does not affect your professional business, does not affect your production, store or offices, regardless of the size of your business, you will be forced to think again.

"We are within a viaticum between an old way of doing things and a new way that we don't know yet, the so-called hybrid age," Paul Iabichino 's definition seems to us to be really pressing.

"The tensions we are facing were at the door for at least two, three years before the pandemic. The pandemic has only accelerated these reflections and made them a mandatory habitat within which to move".

 Doing business: addressing risks with a differentiated strategy and the right tools

You're probably wondering why we're pitching you a purchase right now when many regions have become red zones and just as many businesses are still disqualified by the uncertainty of the moment, grappling with smart working and new marketing strategies to overcome the crisis.

Standing still in this new economic rearrangement does not pay off and certainly does not save money.

We know that it is not easy for everyone to embrace this change, which is why you will also find within our Black Friday offers a digitization-related voucher that will allow you to take advantage of free consulting, migration, and training from our team. 

You are not alone*, keep moving forward, use technology to simplify and improve your processes, monitor and analyze the feedback you get, quickly course correcting if something is wrong. Aim for cloud solutions because they are scalable and therefore provide flexibility to your work, but also to your wallet

No big investment is needed. You can choose and use the best digital solutions on the market - also adopted by Fortune 500 companies - for your reality, whether small or large, by spending your budget. 

We know your problems and how to address them with our Black Friday deals

You will realize that migrating all services to the cloud (such as the phone system, omnichannel customer support, e-mail, CRM) and integrating them with each other is vital to continue seamless dialogue between applications for the benefit of the team and, most importantly, the users who come to you.

Because one thing is certain, we cannot deal with the pandemic and new market demands as we used to. We need to implement a diversified strategy through the right tools, starting with the problems and challenges we face every day, not just those of our customers.

That's why Aircall, Zendesk, HubSpot, Google Cloud Platform, and Google Workspace can help you improve the shopping and consumer experience, building customer loyalty that is increasingly exposed to competitors in part by personalizing your interactions.

They can also help decrease and optimize service tickets, especially if you are short staffed and working synergistically at the moment may still seem challenging to you due to distance and smart working.

Being online and having digital tools is not enough-it is only the beginning of a journey.

The amount of traffic growing online can generate new problems on your site or for your departments. In fact, the increase in online visibility can become proportional to the problems you will face in managing it: plan and solve weaknesses by playing ahead.

Think of even an unexpected increase in demand for a product/service (sales, Christmas, Black Friday), or an increased demand for information, more frequent returns, or uncontrolled dissatisfaction caused by customer service that is not always up to par. 

All of these issues need to be addressed quickly: quick to respond and also quick to correct if some strategy is not appropriate. Fortunately, thanks to the data extracted from the tools you use, you can better understand all these dynamics and make better decisions. This saves you money, time, optimizes your resources and increases productivity.

Tomorrow keep an eye out for Black Friday deals for Aircall, Zendesk, HubSpot, Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace, not to mention our digitization voucher.

With our proposals we want to support every business, including yours, at this time and in those to come through special incentives and the support of our team for the adoption and integration of our digital solutions.

Stay tuned: we have a week of offers and suggestions planned, and if you just can't wait, write to us now by filling out the form below.

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