The most useful Google Workspace news for your business


We have selected for you the top Google Workspace news from the last quarter.

Learn all about what you can do today, with small and large improvements Google continues to make to its platform and Google Workspace applications.

1. Start a new Meet in one click

You have the ability to quickly open a new meeting with Meet by typing from any browser just meet.new.


2. Quickly contact the participants of a Meet

If you need to communicate via chat with participants in a meeting to share resources or some information, here are some updates that will make your job easier:

  • within the event in Calendar on Web or mobile, you will see a Chat icon next to the list of invitees-select this icon to create a group chat with all event participants. Please note that this applies only to participants within your organization; external participants are not included in the chat group. 
  • Also in in the Web Calendar or on your cell phone you will find the icon to copy the email addresses of all participants 
  • But also the icon to Send an email to all the guests included in that Meet.

3. Check and easily access the Meet of the Day meetings.

In Gmail, you have quick access to the day's meetings and can start one in just a few clicks.

Consults My Meetings to quickly check the day's schedule without accessing Google Calendar, quickly consult information about the day's participants, schedules and activities.


4. Submit your Documents, Sheets or Presentations directly to Meet


Present directly on Google Meet from Documents, Sheets or Google Presentations to make it easy to present your files to those who are attending.

Be sure to use a Chrome browser on your computer to present Google Documents, Sheets or Presentations in Google Meet.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to Google Meet .
  2. Attend a meeting.
  3. Open a file in Documents, Sheets or Presentations .
  4. In the top menu area, click on Present at a meeting.
  5. Choose your meeting (or enter a meeting code).
  6. Select the card preview to confirm and start sharing. 
  7. Back in Meet, view the content presented directly in the meeting.

5. Turn on automatic brightness adjustment for your Meet


Increase visibility in Google Meet on the web. Working even in smart work, it can often happen that you are in dimly lit environments or that you set up your desk against the light perhaps behind a window. That's why we explain how to activate the feature that uses artificial intelligence to automatically adjust your video and make you more visible. 

Let's say dark is not good but neither is too much light, Google Meet on the Web automatically detects when a user appears underexposed and increases the brightness to improve visibility. 

Here's how to do it:

  1. On your computer, open meet.google.com .
  2. Participate in a video call. 
  3. Before joining or during the call, click the three dots at the bottom, then click Settings
  4. On the left, click Video and Camera.
  5. Adjusts the lighting of the video. Activates the function Allows you to see yourself even in low lighting conditions.
  6. In the upper right corner, click Close.

How to reduce or increase the quality of your video.

Here's how you can change your computer's camera or video quality if you encounter:

  • Video or audio delays
  • Poor network connection
  • Low Battery
  • Limited data available
  • Other quality issues

How to change the camera or video resolution

  1. In a web browser, open meet.google.com/.
  2. Click on Settings, then on Video .
  3. Choose a setting you wish to change: 
  • Camera: select your camera device. If your camera is working, to the right of Video you will see your video feed.
  • Sending resolution : the quality of the image on your device that others see.
  • Receiving resolution : the quality of the image that is seen by other participants.
  1. Click Finish .

6. See Time Insights to understand how much time you spend on Meet and with which users


We all complain that Meetings go by so fast, now you can also control how much time you invest in meetings by consulting very specific metrics.

Now you can access Google Meet Usage Information (Time Insights) to find out how you spend your time in meetings, you will have available: Time Analysis, Time Spent in Meetings, People You Attend Meetings With. 

If you do not see the Time Insights option, your administrator may have turned it off for your organization.

  • You can view Time Insights only on the computer.
  • If you manage other people's calendars and have "manage share access" permission for those calendars, you can view their Time Insights.

7. Make all types of files available offline in Google Drive.

Google Drive stores your most important files, whether they are Documents, Sheets, Presentations, PDFs, images, or the hundreds of other file types. Google continues to work to make all types of files (not just Google files) accessible, even when your Internet connection is unavailable. 

In 2019, Google launched a beta version that made files such as PDFs, images, and Microsoft Office files available in Google Drive on the Web offline.

Now Google is making this feature available to everyone. So if you mark these files as available offline, you can easily open them from your browser even when you are not connected to the Internet.

8. Simplify searches with new filters in Gmail


Searching in Gmail on the Web is even more intuitive and timely: take advantage of the drop-down lists to find specific information right away. Under "From," you'll now be able to quickly type a name, choose from a list of suggested senders, or search for emails from multiple senders. 

9. Disable or re-enable automatic saving of answers to Forms and Quizzes.


When you answer a Google form, a quiz when you are logged into your Google account, your answers will automatically be saved as a draft for 30 days from the last edit or until you complete the submission.

This feature that has been in high demand by Google users helps you not have to start over if:

  • You cannot complete a module or quiz at one time,
  • You have to switch from one device to another,
  • You have low Internet connectivity.

If you want to turn off auto-saving, we explain how to do it.

  1. In the Google Form click on Settings.
  2. Next to "Presentation," click the down arrow.
  3. under Limitations you can disable auto-saving for all respondents.

The latest Google Workspace news: conclusions

These are some of the updates from the last quarter that you might find interesting.

As you know Google is constantly working to release updates and improve the user experience for its users, simplifying the work and integrations between all its applications.

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