New Google Calendar: sharing calendar with external users is easy


Google Calendar updates to make business management even easier. 

Using one's calendar well and keeping track of all appointments at all times is crucial. Not surprisingly, in recent years, the use of online meeting platforms and the use of shared calendars has increased exponentially.

One of the latest additions to Google Calendar includes a much-needed feature that makes booking appointments even more streamlined, even if the users are outside your business domain.

"Appointment Scheduling" allows you to set predefined time intervals between video calls and offers the ability to book a Meet for anyone and everyone completely independently, thus avoiding copious email exchange. 

The recently added sharing feature (which you will see in a dedicated CTA) is also easier and faster now, allowing you to send users your calendar to ask them to book an appointment.

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New Google Calendar : share your calendar with all users with ease


The function called "Appointment Schedule" has replaced the "Appointment Spaces" function. 

This new implementation of Google Calendar allows you to share a personal booking page linked to your calendar, making it easier for all users to book.

Unlike the old feature you can now share the page with anyone, even non-Google users.

To further enhance this service, Google also recently added a "Share" button that allows organizers to copy a short link showing all available appointment times (you can select days and times you prefer), directing the end user to a specific page.

If you want, you also have HTML code available to embed a booking page directly on your website.

In addition, to ensure safety for those who share their calendars and avoid abuse with unnecessary appointment bookings, Google has also included an opt-in to verify the email of users who want to book a Meet.

This new feature was enthusiastically welcomed by entrepreneurs, freelancers, and teams looking for a tool that would allow for agile and dynamic management of appointments with all users.

Use Google Calendar for business planning


Google Calendar is included in the Apps Google Workspace and allows you to edit, create and schedule events with users, both internal and external to your company.

Within each Google calendar event is a link to a virtual Google Meet room where you can interact with other users, upload files or links to useful resources. In addition, those who can only connect from their cell phones have all the references to enter Meet with one click. 

One of the strengths of Google Calendar is undoubtedly itsintegration with Google Workspace Apps, such as Gmail, Drive o Google Docs, because you can use Meet in an agile way without opening too many work windows.
In addition, thanks to native integrations, Google Calendar also connects easily with external software such as HubSpot!

The flexibility is especially appreciated, because you can create different calendars, to organize them in two different ways:

  • through assigning a Calendar to each employee, so each team member has a personal calendar to manage his or her time and schedule Meetings;
  • with managing Calendars for projects to enter due dates and meeting dates with internal and external teams and meet all deadlines.

By choosing to use Google Calendar, you can ensure your company has a key aspect that improves your team's performance: scheduling. 

Thanks to this tool you can:

  • Synchronize Calendar with other team members: create a shared network to check and edit appointments;
  • Effectively manage invitations and responses: configure the function by which you receive, via email or SMS a notification to update you on any responses or reservations;
  • choose who to share with: create different calendars to share based on the area in which your employee works, which is critical for corporate security and privacy;
  • Schedule appointments: sharing your corporate calendar is perfect for scheduling any task. No more worrying about setting a date for a meeting and then having to move it because your stakeholders are busy.

Integrate HubSpot with Google Calendar, take advantage of meeting tool


As we explained a moment ago, one of the great advantages of Google Calendar is the ease with which you can connect it even with external software such as HubSpot.

Another way that allows users to independently book an appointment in fact is to synchronize Google Calendar with HubSpot's meeting scheduling tool.

This allows users to schedule appointments completely independently by sharing a link. HubSpot's Calendar when booking will show available time slots and keep those already occupied non-optional.

HubSpot provides additional links to allow the user to reschedule or cancel the appointment, again completely independently.

Three different types of calendars are available, based on the needs of teams:

  • One-on-one: the contact will make an appointment only with you or the user for whom you are creating the planning pages.
  • Group: this team scheduling page displays the time slots when all your team members are available for a meeting. Useful for giving the contact the opportunity to book a meeting with more than one member of your team at the same time.
  • Round robin: This scheduling page shows the individual availability of all team members. This option helps a contact book an appointment with a team member whose availability best fits their schedule.

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