Jira Work Management

Manage your work through a fully customizable tool to plan and monitor your activities. Jira Work Management is perfect for all teams.


For those who want to work in a structured and agile way

Why choose Jira Work Management?

Leverage a modern work management solution to create customized workflows, simplify team collaboration, and make your team more agile. Deliver a smooth, simple and intuitive experience for all users: marketing, HR, finance, planning, operations, legaland sales teams.

Use cases

Jira Work Management connects all teams

Access an intuitive interface and identify dependencies in advance. Automatically flow information between specialized departments as well as non-technical ones. Meet deadlines and choose the view you prefer to track and edit work and projects: list, calendar, time sequence, and bulletin boards.


When tools and data communicate with each other, teams also work better

Jira Work Management Integrations

Work like never before: access more than 500 integrations and more than 3,000 extensions to shape your team's processes to perfection. Jira Work Management also integrates natively with Jira Software and Jira Service Management, connecting tasks, workflows and products with new features such as advanced roadmaps.

Atlassian you can trust

Security of Jira Work Management

Fortune 500 realities rely on Jira and Atlassian to keep their data safe. Atlassian undergoes independent third-party audits and certifies its products with SOC2, SOC3, ISO 27001/27018, PCI DSS and more. In addition, Atlassian Access offers enterprise-grade security and centralized administration.


Frequently asked questions

Jira Work Management includes features such as forms to help business teams share requirements and project requests across teams, however, it is not optimized for those that provide customer support and need specific support features such as HelpDesk portals, SLA and code-side change monitoring tools, context information about the individual customer, task queues, escalations, and more! In addition, Jira Work Management modules are accessible only to Jira users licensed for that instance, while Jira Service Management modules and portals are publicly accessible by non-users.

Yes, and it is highly scalable and flexible.

With Jira Work Management you have templates and work templates, which will allow you to carefully implement your new projects in seconds. The templates are suitable for every team, designed with industry best practices in mind and through customer feedback.

Track the status of your team's projects through high-level overviews, customized reports, and dynamic dashboards, many of which are out-of-the-box! Discover bottlenecks and continuously improve your work with the click of a button.

Absolutely. Empower your team with automation tools that don't require code knowledge and work on all Jira products. Automatically assign tasks, send Slack messages, and more. You also have hundreds of automation templates available to help you get inspired and get started right away.

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Jira Work Management for team and work management

Are you looking for a modern work management solution to improve business collaboration in a consistent and structured way? Jira Work Management (formerly known as Jira Core) is for you because it allows you to plan and monitor team tasks and all your projects. Track the status of your team's activities, identify bottlenecks and continuously improve your processes with Jira Work Management. You now have a powerful ace up your sleeve that connects all teams, those in marketing, HR, finance, and design with the more technical teams to work together like never before. Although Jira is largely known for Jira Software and Jira Service Management, the majority of Jira users are people who need an even friendlier and more intuitive experience, precisely because these are people who do not deal with the more technical aspects in their daily lives. Empowering only technical teams is not enough; one team or department that is disconnected from others can bring an entire company to a halt. You will understand well that uniting each work team and providing them with the same effective tools is more important than ever especially for solving problems Jira Work Management enables teams to enjoy all the native business features of the Jira family of products, including shared and structured workflows, improving team connectivity. You can leverage powerful automation for routine tasks and advanced privacy controls to keep information secure at all times. These features help in the day-to-day operations of many companies to quickly apply standards and best practices across all teams, achieving unprecedented business continuity.

Why Jira Work Management?

Built on the Jira platform, Jira Work Management is almost a no-brainer if you are already using Jira Software or Jira Service Management. Time management is not that simple, kind of like managing a team Getting the entire organization to collaborate with the same family of tools has never been easier! Jira's shared platform also allows you to quickly identify dependencies, define goals, and automatically share information among all the teams in your organization. That's why we love Jira Work Management: Integrated with Atlassian products. It connects easily with Jira Software and Jira Service Management, enabling task dependencies between products and compatibility with advanced features. simple and intuitive interface list view: track and edit your work or related projects faster than ever with inline editing, custom columns, and the ability to apply filters for each user. calendar view: view and manage tasks over time and schedules to meet deadlines accurately. timeline view: schedule and establish dependencies to allocate work and map larger projects. This is an adaptation of Jira Software's roadmap feature and provides support for all types of problems, as well as displays problem data on the time bars themselves. forms: create beautiful forms for any project in seconds with our new drag-and-drop form builder. Forms make it easy for teams to share project requirements. board: track work to completion through your team's custom workflow. template: get started quickly, no installation required. Each project has custom fields, problem types, workflows and configurations intended for specific use. background colors: project administrators can choose from 14 background color options to give their project the look and feel that matches their team. dynamic reports and dashboards to track the status of your team's projects through high-level overviews, custom dashboards, more than 30 reports. Find out what your bottlenecks are and continuously improve. Limitless automation: assign tasks, send Slack or Teams messages, and save time at every step and as often as you like, with custom or predefined rules.

Optimizes work with all teams

Teams work better when each person understands how their work impacts the others. The Jira architecture, shared among Jira Work Management, Jira Software and Jira Service Management, allows information to flow seamlessly into any project within your organization, regardless of which team or department it belongs to. Let's take an example: website update requests can be submitted by customers through a feedback portal in Jira Service Management. Follow-up tasks followed up by marketers and designers collaborating in Jira Work Management are then ultimately passed on to developers using Jira Software to develop and implement updates. Check out some use cases with us and ask our experts which Atlassian product solution is right for you. We're here for you!