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Why choose Jira Software?

Help teams become even more agile: use Kanban or Scrum visualization to plan priorities and track your deadlines with full context.

Leverage ready-to-use and customizable workflows, then track key metrics in real time for detailed analysis useful for your software development.

Use cases

Jira Software for DevOps and Agile Teams

Time is money! Jira Software helps your teams move faster. Track bugs, manage product and project, govern processes, assign tasks, and dictate timelines. Teams can manage stakeholders, budgets and feature requirements in one place, increasing security, flexibility and transparency throughout the project lifecycle.


Your work, no limits:
connect Atlassian and the tools you love

Jira Software Integrations

Spend less time managing work. Connect Jira Software to the tools you use every day like slack, Microsoft, Google, and zoom. Enhance your team's workflows with to thousands of integrations between Atlassian products such as Trello, Confluence, Bitbucket. Extend Jira Software with over 3,000 apps to customize and adapt it to any use case.

Your data is safe with Atlassian

Jira Software Security

Create and customize your permissions with granular controls.

All data is encrypted: in transit using TLS 1.2+; at rest using industry-standard AES 256 full disk encryption. Also with Atlassian Access you can connect to the SSO SAML provider, automate user provisioning, and synchronize with Active Directory


Frequently asked questions

An Atlassian partner like power2Cloud is not just a reseller; we don't just suggest the product best suited to your needs. We offer you deployment, development, training and integrations to maximize the value of the solution in your business.

Jira Software is used primarily in software development and by DevOps teams. Its extreme flexibility makes Jira Software a viable option for anyone who needs an Agile-oriented project management platform. 

Jira Work Management was designed with business teams such as Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Legal, Design, Sales, and Operations teams in mind. Jira Work Management does not currently have features such as sprints and does not include specific code development, pipeline and backlog features. Jira Software is optimized for software teams that practice agile methodologies and need scrum/kanban, sprint, versioning or release capabilities.

Jira Software Cloud updates occur in the background, automatically and without service interruption. Unlike Jira Software Data Center for which IT specialists are in charge of maintenance, so they will have to guide and oversee the update process manually.

Thanks to Atlassian's new cloud app pricing, many popular integrations that were previously paid for are free for teams with 10 or fewer members. This means that if your Atlassian instance has 10 or fewer users, you can use popular apps such as Scriptrunner, JSU Automation and more to extend and customize Atlassian products to meet your team's needs, regardless of budget. If your team is larger, integrations offer extremely cost-effective plans that grow just based on your needs.

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Jira Software, the number one software development tool

Whether you are part of a team of five or five thousand, Jira helps centralize and simplify work management in one place. If you're not familiar with all of Atlassian's products, know that the Jira family of solutions has opportunities for every business team: the Agile software team, the customer service team, and the marketing team. power2Cloud, as an Atlassian partner, is here to walk your organization through this journey and provide advice, support, and training. Jira Software is undoubtedly Jira's most popular product, perfect for managing work, planning, monitoring and developing level software. Think of Jira as a to-do list available to all colleagues, useful for keeping track of goals and deadlines. Who uses Jira Software? Any type of team, but it is especially in demand among those in software development, such as developers, project managers, and scrum masters.

What is Agile methodology?

Before delving into the functionality and use of Jira Software in detail, we want to dwell on the methodology. Atlassian products in fact work from an Agile perspective, an aspect that we will never tire of promoting and that we have made our own within the power2Cloud team as well. It is an iterative approach for project management, as for software development, that generates immediate added value, allows us to offer flexible and timely responses to market changes or customer feedback. Instead of putting all its eggs in the project delivery basket, an Agile team assigns and monitors requirements, plans, and deliverables by continually evaluating them to push people to adopt a useful approach and go through change without too much headache. Unlike the traditional "waterfall" approach, in fact, the Agile mode leverages feedback loops and continuous improvement, asking teams to collaborate cross-functionally. Although the project manager usually prioritizes tasks to be delivered, the team can self-organize with granular tasks and assignments. Open communication, collaboration, flexibility and trust among team members are at the heart of the Agile way of working. That's why one of the core values is putting people first: collaborating with customers and teammates is more important than rigid, predefined processes to follow, providing a solution to a customer problem more effective than hyper-detailed documentation.

Jira Software what is it for?

Using agile processes and tools without understanding them can lead your team to ineffective processes, which is why power2Cloud can guide you on this path. With Jira Software you can immediately improve your team's production processes with agile principles and methodologies. Here are some of the key features that teams particularly value for effectively completing team work: ticket and project tracking prioritizing the most important work items improves work efficiency streamline the week's planning by visually seeing incoming work find answers and ask questions about your work tasks stay up-to-date on your team's work offer scalability to your projects adopt flexible scheduling create automations to manage your workload use a compliance-friendly product leverage Jira Software integrations with Atlassian products (Confluence, Trello, and Bitbucket) and lots of tools you use every day, thanks to a rich Marketplace Analyze real-time data to improve your team's performance To achieve these goals, how does Jira Software work? Agile boards. Integrated into every project are Agile Kanban and Scrum boards that allow teams to visually move, just by drag and drop, their work from start to finish, of course adapting to the team's methodology and custom information. Workflow engine. Each team has a unique process for developing software. Jira Software has out-of-the-box workflows for teams to work through, with the opportunity to create specific processes, view approvals and statuses. Release management. The integrated release hub aggregates version tracking information, providing visibility and security to meet deadlines. Jira's reporting tracks key software development metrics in real time and provides analysis on velocity and burndown to help teams improve their agile practice.

Jira Software grows with your needs

To get started you have two opportunities, choose Atlassian's Saas offering in the cloud or self-hosted server installation, with which Jira Software can help you grow, adapting to your needs and requirements. Let's look at them together: Jira Software Cloud If you are a growing organization, the Premium and Enterprise editions of Jira Software offer additional features that help teams scale their agile processes and improve administrative capabilities to meet security requirements. If you are interested in migrating from your server instance to the cloud the power2Cloud team can assist you. 2. Jira Software Data Center. Large enterprises and business teams with stringent regulatory and compliance requirements can scale their server instance with Jira Software Enterprise Data Center (or DC). Data Center products are self-hosted and enable increased performance and disaster recovery through additional server nodes, and advanced features such as project archiving and audit logging to help administer larger instances. Ask our experts for more information. power2Cloud, an Atlassian partner, can help you get started with Jira Software right away.