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Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator

Easily generate and manage automatically updated Privacy and Cookie Policies. They are customizable thanks to more than 1,300 clauses, drafted by an international legal team.

Cookie Solution

Customize your Cookie banner to make it streamlined and easy to use. Monitor your users' interactions with regulations and block all Cookies before consent.

Terms and conditions generator

Manage the terms of use of your service through pre-defined scenarios and pre-configured, yet continuously updated clauses for popular eCommerce platforms.

Consent solution

Register all your users' consents - Privacy, Cookie and ToS - from banners and forms on a single dashboard. Record double opt-in verification. Get full control of your data with REST API and JS SDK.

Internal Privacy Management

Easily adapt your entire organization with treatment activity logs, granular treatment policies, and the assignment of colleagues to necessary tasks.

Focus on your business, not laws

Find out how easy it is to be privacy compliant thanks to iubenda

With clear and easy-to-use dashboards, support from our experts in configurations, and continuously updated legal clauses, privacy regulations will be the easiest part of your job! Iubenda is a solution for every situation and regulatory environment.

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Full coverage

Track, manage, and store user consents, law-abiding!

With the combination of iubenda tools, you can immediately submit Cookie consent requests to your users-even divided by categories-as soon as they interact with your service, blocking until the right time to collect data. Simplify preference management and collect all terms, conditions of use and marketing consents on a single platform, while also recording which version of your documents has been accepted by the individual user.


The right information, when and how you need it

Retrieve consents easily and at any time

Recorded preferences and consents are transferred to iubenda's servers, which organizes them into views that are easy to navigate and show in case of any audits. Storage at third-party servers that cannot be modified by the data controller, such as iubenda's, ensures the integrity of the data, strengthening the evidence of proper data collection and processing.

You can trust iubenda

Security, Stability, and Privacy

Avoid heavy fines and penalties with iubenda's suite of secure tools. Partially drafted or out-of-date documents can cause great harm to your company. iubenda is designed by a team of highly experienced lawyers and technical specialists from around the world to ensure compliance with the strictest directives.


Frequently asked questions

The General Data Protection Regulation in acronym RGPD (or GDPR in English General Data Protection Regulation), officially Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 , is a European Union regulation on personal data processing and privacy, adopted on April 27, 2016, published in the Official Journal of the European Union on May 4, 2016 and entered into force on May 24 of the same year and operational as of May 25, 2018.


With this regulation, the European Commission aims to strengthen the protection of personal data of European Union (EU) citizens and EU residents, both within and outside EU borders, by giving citizens back control of their personal data, simplifying the regulatory environment affecting international affairs, and unifying and homogenizing privacy regulations within the EU.


The text also addresses the issue of exporting personal data outside the EU and obliges all data controllers (including those with registered offices outside the EU) who work with data of EU residents to observe and comply with the requirements. Since its entry into force, the GDPR has replaced the contents of the Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC) and, in Italy, repealed the articles of the Personal Data Protection Code (Legislative Decree No. 196/2003) that are incompatible with it.

Yes. power2Cloud and iubenda do not offer assistance or legal advice on privacy regulations. Together we will identify and fine-tune the complex technologies that will make managing GDPR compliance for your business really easy.

No. Our power2Cloud experts, in consultation with your referring attorneys, will identify the tools best suited to your specific case to build a tailored, sanction-proof solution. Contact us for more information.

iubenda integrates with most CMSs, eCommerce solutions and form builders. All it takes is a quick technical check to understand the most appropriate ways to proceed and thus connect your tools to the iubenda suite thanks to the work of our technicians.

Absolutely. Even using legal documents drafted outside the iubenda service you will benefit from all the suite's tools (including document version registration!).

iubenda offers an integrated scanning service for your site that will allow us to map every Cookie present and best draft the Cookie and Privacy Policy, taking into account all active services on your web space!

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Websites, how to make them compliant thanks to iubenda


Being online is not enough. Creating a high-performing site with an attractive design is not enough; there are other equally important aspects to consider.


Here are a few: is your site GDPR compliant? Are cookies set correctly? Are your terms and conditions clear and up-to-date? 


Don't forget that you must comply with certain obligations imposed by law if you don't want to incur unpleasant penalties. Thanks to iubenda e the team at power2Cloud you can make your website or an app compliant without too many headaches.


The Web represents an opportunity for your business, but it also requires some responsibility to users. 


To undertake strategies related to marketing, sales, and service activities, every business adopts tools, both online and offline, to collect and analyze user information.


Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms of Sale, are important not only for data protection, but also to be compliant with GDPR. They must be mandatorily present on websites, eCommerce, Marketplace and App, communicated in a transparent way and updated constantly.


Being compliant, especially with GDPR, is something that is often taken lightly, because it is a tough, insider's subject, but it is also true that many people believe they are solving the problem by copy-and-pasting these documents from other sites. 


Let's start right away by saying that nothing could be more wrong: your site cannot be identical to someone else's, even if you sell the same items. Copying from others will certainly not help you, especially since you are not using the same working tools and for the same purposes. Change your mind, don't risk penalties, rely on professionals.


Of course power2Cloud, as an iubenda partner in Italy., can help you create Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Terms of Sale and all those documents that make you compliant with the law.


You also have the opportunity to rely on an experienced team, not only for iubenda, but also for other digital solutions that can help grow your business.


Websites and Apps at risk of penalties because they are not compliant


Who browses your content, purchases on your eCommerce, registers for your newsletter or fills out a contact form, is communicating their sensitive data to you, must therefore be assured that this data, their data, is processed in compliance with the law.


The law obliges every site or app that collects data, to inform users through Privacy and Cookie Policy.

These are documents that explain in a clear, complete and transparent way, the work you have done on your site, mentioning all the third-party tools you use, also detailing the link to their respective disclosures.


Often Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy are present, but incomplete, because they do not mention all the tools used as the law requires.


Also, don't forget that users must express their free, specific, explicit and informed consent through one or more checkboxes when they perform an action such as filling out a form, if it is not present we advise you to take immediate corrective action by asking our team.

The iwriting to the newsletter is just one of the call-to-actions that are normally included on online sites, also think about contact forms, sections intended for comments or reviews, the one dedicated to job offers.


Every day we collect sensitive data from newsletters, contact forms, online purchases


The collection of data that occurs in each form, for marketing or sales purposes, requires data processing that follows current regulations and requires compliance with the principles set forth in the GDPR. 


The GDPR places the burden of unequivocal proof that valid consent has been collected on the holder.


These proofs of consents must contain specific information to be considered valid, we mention a few: who gave the consent, when and how the individual user's consent was acquired, but also the reference of legal documents and conditions in place at the time the consent was acquired.


But this is not the end of the story, the data we continue to collect is so much, so our reflections do not end here. 


As you know, websites are increasingly highlighting their online storefront pages with their corporate social media, such as Facebook or Instagram, they also often use the inclusion of Google Maps to enable users to easily reach offices and stores from their location.


There are so many aspects to consider, not forgetting the third-party plug-instions that are installed to optimize the site and create more interactions, but also to those we use by "default" such as Google Analytics, to extrapolate in-depth statistical analysis and understand how users access and consult our site.


These are just a few examples. All these aspects should not be underestimated when analyzing, because each site is structured differently and pursues specific purposes.


If you consider this premise, you will understand well that you cannot use standardized texts related to privacy policy and cookies, because they are not compliant with respect to the GDPR.


Drafting these documents is a task that must be customized and must take into account the structure of the site and all active components, which is why iubenda and the power2Cloud team can help you.


For eCommerce Cookie Policy and Privacy are not enough!


As you consult the search engine and randomly choose some website or eCommerce, you will undoubtedly stumble upon incomplete Cookies or none at all. 


When are Cookies not compliant? We think of those that are not visible when you first log in or are not obvious, those that do not allow you to set your preferences in detail, for example, only allowing you to accept the policy, and moreover not showing the link to the full document (Cookie Policy).


All these aspects should be set up with the help of legal advisers or by using online compliance software solutions such as iubenda.


Also, don't forget that if your site is an eCommerce site, the documentation is more elaborate. If you sell products or services, the dedicated Privacy regulations are not enough.


Those with eCommerce often offer the option for users to register by creating their own account, an important function for managing wishlists (lists with favorite products), accessing and managing preferences, tracking returns, shipping, discounts, and so on.


As the owner of your eCommerce you must disclose how the amount of data collected for user profiling is used and for what purposes. In fact, in addition to the statutory provisions for eCommerce, it is necessary to prepare general terms and conditions of sale, which are also useful for the prevention of possible disputes.


Again, we do not recommend copying texts found on other sites, because they may have some gaps, thus not conforming to your website, exposing you to unpleasant penalties.


Why it is important to rely on a partner like power2Cloud in Iubenda 


In addition to the documents we mentioned, which are necessary for legal compliance, here are other aspects to consider.


Cookie Law requires the collection of user consent before initiating the installation of profiling cookies.


Technical cookies are necessary for the operation of your site (it will show up as a pre-flagged item), but users choose whether to offer their consent for all other types of cookies. 


That's why setting up this tool correctly is important for site performance and your business.


Also don't forget that regulations change depending on the country of reference. Each country follows its own and may have peculiarities with respect to other national laws.


When operating in multiple countries, think eCommerce, it is therefore necessary to monitor the international legislative landscape and take the appropriate steps to bring your business into compliance with the regulations of the various markets you are overseeing.


Our advice is to use iubenda with power2Cloud support because adjusting to bureaucracy can slow down your projects. 


Even if you have your own legal team, a constant, multi-pronged effort can cause slowdowns in starting new projects, even with compliance that is actually easy to manage.


In addition, not complying with the standard causes steep penalties.


The GDPR provides for penalties of up to the greater of 20 million euros and 4 percent of one's global turnover.


In the case of sending commercial communications, the authorities may also order the complete invalidation of your customer database if you are unable to prove the collection of appropriate consent.


What is iubenda?


Iubenda is a simple, comprehensive and professional solution that helps you comply with regulations and has already been chosen by more than 70,000 customers in more than a hundred countries.


power2Cloud has partnered with this legal software not by chance. 


Thanks to this tool and with the help of our team, we work every day to make sure that all the sites and apps in our network and that of the companies that request it, comply with the requirements imposed by the main international regulations, such as the GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union), the Cookie Law, the CCPA (the California Consumer Privacy Act) and the LGPD (the Brazilian General Law on the Protection of Personal Data).


We believe that it is a very sensitive topic much underestimated by entrepreneurs who have small businesses, but also by those who manage enterprise-level traffic and sales.


Together with iubenda, a company composed of both legal and technical figures who specialize in this area, power2Cloud has developed a proposal to offer you a simple and secure solution to the need for legal compliance.


In particular, making use of the professional solutions offered by iubenda, we can deal with:


- prepare custom privacy and cookie policy, we think of customers who already use the platform of Shopify, but also those who use eBay, Amazon, and many others.


- Adapt your site to the requirements of the Cookie Law (and the CCPA, where necessary) by installing a comprehensive system to manage displaying a cookie banner on each user's first visit and obtaining valid consent to the installation of cookies;


- Record consents given by users when they fill out a contact form, registration or newsletter sign-up found on your site/app, as well as California users' opt-out requests in accordance with the CCPA;


- Prepare a terms and conditions document to govern the contractual relationship with your users.


We have chosen a professional and legally accurate solution, and we will do our best to bring your site/app into compliance with regulations, but we are not legal professionals and therefore cannot offer you any guarantee of compliance. 

If you want the certainty of compliance with all regulations, you should always involve a lawyer to do a comprehensive review of your business yourself, even beyond what is necessary for the purposes of bringing your site/app into compliance. 

If you do not have trusted legal counsel to turn to, we can put you in touch with one of the attorneys in iubenda's network of legal partners.


All the documents to make your site compliant with iubenda 


So, if you have an online store, are thinking about website creation or run an App, here is a brief overview of thethe main compliances that affect your business and that the team at power2Cloud and iubenda will help you produce.
Let's look at them in detail:


Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator


iubenda is the perfect solution for creating, managing and updating Privacy and Cookie Policy for GDPR and CCPA.

We can easily generate and manage a professional Privacy and Cookie Policy that is automatically updated, customizable with over 1300 clauses, available in 8 languages, drafted by an international legal team, and aligned with major international regulations.


- Privacy and cookie policy always up to date


- Edit documents remotely


- Customize with over 1,300 ready-made clauses


- 8 languages available


- Hosted by Akamai


- Behind it is an international team of lawyers


- GDPR-Ready and CCPA-Ready



Managing cookie consent per Cookie Law, GDPR and CCPA


With iubenda you can generate a CCPA notice and ensure opt-out through a "Do Not Sell" link. It allows you to adapt each site to the Cookie Law with a fully customizable cookie banner, configuring preemptive cookie blocking and obtaining user consent before releasing cookies.


- Customizable cookie banner


- Survey of consensus actions


- Code lock and reactivation without refresh


- 8 languages available


- Advanced consent statistics


- Hosted by Akamai


- CMP integrated with the IAB framework


- Web server module (Apache, nginx, IIS)


- CMS Plugins (WordPress, Joomla!, Prestashop, Magento)


Consent solution: keep track of GDPR consents and document CCPA opt-ins and opt-outs


- Store and manage evidence of consent, opt-in and opt-out under GDPR and CCPA by keeping track of completed data collection forms and accepted legal documents. Includes an intuitive dashboard to access the archive of recorded information at any time.


- Easy to install JS library for online forms


- REST HTTP API and JS SDK to have full control over consents


- Add, revoke and manage user consent


- Keep track of the form by which consent was requested from the user


- Stores multiple preferences for each user


- Get the consent history for each user


- Check for the presence of a double opt-in


Offline compliance requirements


The GDPR also has significant impacts at the internal corporate privacy level. For example, it requires the data controller to:


- Appoint data controllers, DPOs and/or representatives in the EU


- Inform the supervisory authority in the event of a data breach


- maintain a record of treatment


- Conduct data protection impact assessments (DPIAs).


Internal Privacy Management


The internal Privacy Management documenta the processing activities within your organization.

Generate a treatment log by keeping track of all treatment activities performed within your organization with more than 1,300 pre-configured options. You can divide them by area, assign managers and staff, document legal bases and any other information required.


Terms and Conditions


The Terms and Conditions define the terms of use of the site, app, or service in a legally binding manner. 


The Terms and Conditions document is therefore essential to protect against possible misuse of the service by users and to protect the business owner from potential liability. Therefore, this document can be useful in any scenario, but it is indispensable for e-commerce.


Terms and Conditions Generator


iubenda is also the complete solution for drafting, updating and managing Terms and Conditions useful for eCommerce, Marketplace, SAAS and App. 


Allows you to easily generate and manage a professional Terms and Conditions document, customizable with more than 100 pre-configured clauses, available in 8 languages, drafted by an international legal team and always up-to-date with respect to major international regulations. Ready-to-use integrations for e-commerce such as Shopify, eBay and Amazon.


We invite you to seek advice from our team, iubenda partners, to make your site or app compliant right away.