Campania CIO Club meets Google Cloud

On Oct. 17, power2Cloud, a Naples-based Google Cloud Partner, will present Google Cloud's enterprise collaboration platform, which implements productivity and enterprise data security, at Palazzo Fondi to the newly formed CIO Club Campania.

Information and communication technologies are now fundamental in the lives of us all, and even more so for businesses, to which digitization and the Internet have granted potentially unlimited opportunities for development. It is no coincidence that the new government has also recognized the need to pander to the technological revolution, appointing Paola Pisano as Minister for Innovation.

Campania, which boasts a wealth of important and comfortingly growing businesses (as Unioncamere data tell us, for example), travels fast on the innovation train, as demonstrated by the birth of the CIO Club Campania, the first association of information and communication technology professionals in southern Italy, which brings together the CIOs and IT managers of the region's most prestigious companies, operating in many cases abroad. 

The Campania CIO Club will be present at Palazzo Fondi for the Google event as confirmed by its President Pasquale Testa: "Our Association aims to share the professional success stories of the best minds in the Campania ICT scene, so that they can serve as an example and stimulus for those working in this sector. I am happy to have enthusiastically collected the adhesion of many colleagues, to continue to propose innovative solutions that look to the future!"

At Palazzo Fondi, power2Cloud will give participants the opportunity to exchange ideas, share challenges and solutions using the Google Cloud G Suite platform. Testifying to the importance of the evening for Google will be the participation of Andrea Borgia, Lucia Fabrizio and Simon Wallace, contact persons for Italy and the entire EMEA area, arriving directly from the Dublin office.

"The time has come for companies in Campania to work as a network to make a system," says Giordano Iovine CEO of power2Cloud, "from the sharing of ideas and experiences a different way of doing business can surely be born for the companies in our area, which often constitute genuine excellence even outside our region, the more than 200 Companies that we have supported in digital transformation with Google Cloud branded solutions are a clear example.

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