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Last time we talked about CRM and the benefits it can offer all businesses, including yours. Collecting and centrally managing all your data and making the customer experience meaningful becomes a simple and agile job.

You may have heard of Zoho, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, but today we'd like to show you the capabilities of HubSpot CRM, a cloud-based application trusted by more than 64,500 companies in more than 100 countries.

HubSpot CRM is not just about managing your contacts.

We are talking about a comprehensive platform, because alongside the free CRM it offers resources for marketing, sales and customer care teams .

In 2018, he received recognition from Alignable-a network of small and medium-sized businesses that generate referrals and share opinions about products and services-as a Marketing Automation & CRM Leader.

Here is what some Alignable users have said in recommending the solution to other colleagues, "I am in love with HubSpot. It works very well with both Outlook and Google Workspace and is extremely intuitive." "HubSpot offers so many tools, including free ones, for a small business owner like me." "I highly recommend it. It has a very reasonable pricing plan and a offers good support for marketing campaigns, blogs and emails. It is a great resource in the company."

We can confirm these enthusiastic comments, because in addition to being HubSpot's partner in Italy, the powerCloud team uses the CRM and other Hub tools with extreme satisfaction. So you can also contact our team for a demo or other information.

HubSpot CRM is the perfect cloud solution for those operating in B2C (business to consumer) or B2B (business to business).

Think of realities such as startups, professional services, but also pharmacies, large-scale retail chains, financial companies, eCommerce, retail, public administration, as well as manufacturing, distribution and sales industries of various kinds. There are so many examples in the field.

Focus on selling with HubSpot CRM


In addition to adapting to the relationships you cultivate with consumers or other businesses, HubSpot CRM is a very cross-cutting reference platform because it is used by stakeholders as well as front office users, perfect for quick onboarding and making the customer experience more meaningful.

When your internal processes encounter new challenges-think of the pandemic that has completely revolutionized the market over the past year-customers may feel destabilized.

What is compromised is their customer experience and, of course, your ability to manage these relationships as you try to gain more ground in the marketplace.

HubSpot began as inbound marketing software (a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them) and over the years has continued to add new products to its hub. Few know that it is also a CRM platform that is operational right out of the box without an IT department, if you don't have one.

In fact, if you don't have a CRM in your company or you have one that doesn't fit flexibly with your business, you should think about HubSpot CRM to skip over manual, time-consuming, and repetitive actions and finally focus on sales and customer service strategically.

The more time you spend putting all your marketing tools and user information together, the less time you will have to focus on what really matters: the experience you are providing to customers and leads.

HubSpot's free marketing tools, included with CRM, make it easy to create a successful marketing campaign: creating ads, emails, forms and landing pages within the same software has never been easier.


This allows you to satisfy your users and generate more leads. It not only benefits your company, but also your business because it enhances your skills.

That's why we recommend that you turn to a partner like power2Cloud to begin this journey and discover with our team all the best practices and features useful to your industry.


HubSpot CRM is definitely an easy and intuitive cloud solution. It was created with dynamic, mobile teams in mind, so you can access it from any device (email, tablet, computer), such as from your browser.

It is flexible, so you can customize contact, company, and contract records, showing only the information your team needs to see to contact, follow up, and close your deals.

Even the sales pipeline follows "your rhythms"-you can design your sales process yourself, all it takes is a few clicks and a few drag and drops. 

Of course, you can use free reports or create your own to keep track of individual agent metrics and progress toward business goals. 

Some criteria for choosing the best CRM for your company

Here are some features of HubSpot CRM that we feel like highlighting:

  • Add new contacts and companies to your database in seconds. Create new contacts directly from your email with one click or import lists. HubSpot CRM automatically creates and populates a company record for you.
  • Keep your contact, company and contract records up-to-date. While most CRMs require you to manually update information, HubSpot CRM automatically enriches your data and keeps records current by synchronizing with a database of more than 20 million companies.
  • Automatically records sales activities. Make calls, send emails, create tasks and post notes. HubSpot CRM will record your activities for you. You will no longer have to enter them manually. 
  • Quickly optimize your sales emails. With HubSpot CRM you can schedule your emails to improve open rates. You'll receive a notification as soon as your communications are opened so that you can re-contact your callers effectively.

What are the tools you can integrate with your HubSpot CRM


What tools can you integrate with your HubSpot CRM? The answer is that you can continue to use the ones you know, use and love. Connecting them is easy, so you can share data across all your core systems.

Counting on a solution that grows with you is important to provide continuity for your initiatives.With these building blocks, you can build a solid foundation for your long-term work.

Integrations are certainly the core business of all the cloud solutions we work with. It's really amazing to access HubSpot CRM functionality in Google Workspace or Outlook depending on which provider you chose.

With HubSpot CRM synchronization, you can create a new contact in your CRM, upload template emails, and automatically record sales activity without leaving Gmail or Outlook.

Same goes for meetings. Thanks to Google Calendar and HubSpot CRM, you can schedule your business meetings directly from your e-mail. This is also useful for qualifying the intensity with which you cultivate relationships with your clients or other companies. Through filters you can know which contacts you haven't heard from in a long time to take immediate action.

These of course are just a few examples.

The native integrations offered by HubSpot CRM are so many, we mention Asana, Aircall, Shopify, Zendesk, LinkedIN, Twitter, Facebook, but you can find so many more.

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