Look beyond customer service chatbots.

Customer service is conversational. All interactions are part of a single conversation.

How can you understand how and where your users want to receive support and how quickly you need to respond?

Regardless of the channel used (email, phone, social, chat), every user expects consistent, fast, and personal experiences everywhere and without compromise.

That's why Customer Service agents must be ready to process all kinds of requests thanks to a comprehensive and always up-to-date context. Remember that chatbots alone are not enough!

Perfect Customer Support is a mix of details that interact well with each other; it's not just about adding a new payment method, offering a good product, or a list of channels available between chat, email, and phone numbers.

It is no coincidence that there are still many realities that struggle to keep up with user expectations, which is why we have prepared a guide that delves into the work carried out by Customer Support, where all interactions are part of a single conversation, the one between you and your customer.

The relationship you have with people goes beyond CRM and chatbots, so don't lose sight of the human aspect behind every request and every channel deputed to assistance.

If you have the right tools and if you use them wisely, with technology you can personalize communications and services even when you are dealing with a large number of requests and your team is not very structured.

Technology is just a means to an end; customers don't care what applications you use to work, they care about the continuity you offer to your conversation.

Implementing digital tools for service or sales inquiries helps you engage users when needed, with minimal effort, plus it allows you to support Customer Service Agents, who work hard to ensure the best customer experience.

You will understand well that there is no choice between speed and quality when it comes to Customer Support. The recipe for a successful customer experience combines speed with efficiency, and it is only possible if companies organize their work in an agile and flexible way.

Don't miss the opportunity to create an even more meaningful connection between your business and your consumers.

Self-service, SMS, voice, social messaging, Customer Care chatbots: in a word, omnichannelality

Depending on the size of your support team, interacting on a single communication channel and delivering truly exceptional support might seem safer and easier, but you'd be wrong. 

It may have worked in the past, but the new 2020 Customer Experience Trends, surveyed of 45,000 companies in 140 countries, report that the most productive teams are adopting an omnichannel approach to Customer Service and thus achieving better results .

As you will read in our guide, companies are beginning to view every customer interaction through these channels as part of a single conversation, making the entire experience fluid and effective, with high levels of personalization.

We are not just talking about interactions exchanged through email and telephone.

Consider that customers increasingly want to seek answers on their own or, better yet, want to ask a chatbot to do it for them. They increasingly want to interact with companies as they do with family and friends, whether it's sending a quick message or scrolling through Facebook messages.

The approach is fragmented: a customer may start a conversation on Facebook Messenger, pick it up via email, and end it on the phone a week later. So here are self-service resources, SMS, voice, chatbots become the expression of an omnichannel approach.

Is your company ready to communicate across all these channels in a streamlined and simple way to increase productivity and customer experience?

What you will find in the guide on Customer Support:

  • The future of customer service? The right people with the right tools
  • More channels should not mean more problems
  • Promoting a new generation dialogue
  • Solving problems with the best outcome in mind
  • More channels, more solutions: a checklist for success
  • Choose your tools wisely
  • A comprehensive care experience is a double win

What are you waiting for? Become the company your customers want! Download our free guide on Customer Support now.

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