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Google Workspace (G Suite)

Comunica, crea, archivia, collabora e gestisci il lavoro anche in mobilità con le app intelligenti G Suite – Google Workspace di Google Cloud.

Aumenta la produttività e la sicurezza, semplifica il passaggio di informazioni condivise sia all’interno che all’esterno della tua organizzazione con un’unica Suite.

Google Cloud Platform 

It uses cloud computing services that run on the same Google infrastructure: security, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Google Maps Platform 

Learn what benefits your organization can gain by leveraging real-world information and immersive geolocation experiences.

Chrome Enterprise

A secure, effective and immediate communication strategy for distributing content with a secure, high-performance operating system, browser and devices.

Integrate Google Cloud solutions with the applications you use.
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