Google: a corporate culture to be inspired by!

Over the years as a Google Cloud Partner, our team has learned to not only implement new work tools, but to embrace a new culture.

When we first visited the offices in the Dublin office, together with Lucia Fabrizio, Territory Manager G Suite SMB, we were struck by the fact that they are not as gray as classic corporate environments. Even the look of the people who work at Google is a bit outside the box, very informal and un-congested compared to Italian standards, for example.

At Google there is a lot of color, great attention to design, lots of coffee break areas that make you feel immediately at home, foosball table, gyms, swings, and plenty of spaces to socialize or work on a PC away from your desk. In short, employee engagement, productivity and creativity first! It is no coincidence that Google has won several awards from Comparably such as Best CEOs for Women, Best CEOs for Diversity and Best Company Happiness.

There are numerous awards given to Google Comparably
Here are the awards won by Google Comparably 2019

Not to mention that in the internal events agenda, Google organizes many inclusion and sharing initiatives to support communities of people who work side by side every day.

In fact, in Google's offices there are men and women who come from all over the world and have different personal, religious, sexual backgrounds, everyone is represented!

Let's play together! Our post-event lunch

It is very important for power2Cloud to live this reality, because Google's is a model that many Companies try to be inspired by and that we try to replicate in our small way. This is not only limited to the working tools, the Cloud, the working procedures, it is a matter of culture or mentality, as someone here in Naples would say!

To celebrate the success of the event with the Campania CIO Club and Google Cloud that took place on October 17 at Palazzo Fondi, we decided to organize an unusual lunch break a few days ago.

We are a team and like all teams it is important to know how to play! The location chosen (as a surprise) was Neapolitan Trips, a hostel that few Neapolitans know about. It is located in the heart of Naples, a few steps from Via Toledo, and offers patrons from all over the world a very convivial environment with foosball, Monopoly, Risk and many board games. We felt it was the perfect place to have a sandwich in the company of our colleagues.

A time to play and exchange ideas, to relieve stress and return to the office more energized than before.

The details that arise behind the organization of an event are so many, despite the care and attention there can always be some smears, so it is important to compare and continue to improve.

We are happy to have glued, cut out, assembled, transported, organized spaces and gadgets for the event involving CIO Club Campania members and Google Cloud.

For the success of this event and other great little successes we would also like to thank Lucia who always follows us, Andrea, Luca, Simon... our Google family that pushes us to always give more, looking at things from a different perspective.

Google's ten truths

We want to remind you of Google's ten truths. "We wrote these ten truths," you can read on Big G's official website, "a few years after Google was founded. We review this list from time to time to see if it is still current and true. We hope it is and that you can help us keep this commitment."

1. The user first: the rest comes later.

2. It is better to do one thing, but do it flawlessly.

3. Fast is better than slow.

4. Democracy on the Web works.

5. Information must be accessible everywhere.

6. It is possible to make money without harming anyone.

7. There is always more information than you can imagine.

8. The need for information crosses all boundaries.

9. You can be serious even without a suit and tie.

10. Excelling is not enough.

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