Google Workspace: Business applications for remote team collaboration.

Google Workspace: applicazioni aziendali per il lavoro di gruppo a distanza

Whether you're in the office, working remotely, or travelling, Google Workspace is your best ally for creating, communicating, and collaborating with your team, all from a single dashboard.

Business Starter

1. Personalized and secure corporate email

2. Video meetings for up to 100 participants

3. 30 GB of cloud storage space per user

4. Management and safety controls

5. Standard care

Business Standard

1. Personalized and secure corporate email

2. Video meetings of 150 participants + registration

3. 2 TB of cloud storage space per user

4. Management and safety controls

5. Standard assistance (upgrade to advanced assistance available)

Business Plus

1. Personalized and secure corporate email with eDiscovery and retention features

2. Video meetings for up to  250 participants with recording and attendance monitoring 

3. 5 TB of cloud storage space per user

4. Advanced management and security controls, including Vault and advanced endpoint management

5. Standard assistance (upgrade to advanced assistance available)


1. Secure and personalised enterprise email with eDiscovery, retention, and S/MIME encryption.

2. Video meetings for up to 250 participants with recording, attendance, monitoring, noise elimination, and domain live streaming.

3. Unlimited storage space.

4. Advanced security, compliance controls, and management, including Vault, DLP, data geographies, and enterprise endpoint management

5. Premium Assistance

Google Workspace potenzia la produttività

So many tools for your work in one place

Use flexible tools that make your work from anywhere a reality. Enhance remote collaboration with flexible applications that optimise time, resources, and investment. Work from your browser and from any device, even smarter today. Let our team guide you to choose the version that's right for you.   

You're in good company, these businesses have already chosen Google Workspace.


Use many built-in applications

Too many applications and different tasks can be disorienting or slow down your work. Join a video call from the chat, send quick messages from your inbox, connect with your colleagues, and share Drive files in real-time.

Many advanced feature 

Innovation has a strong impact on business

Internal teams need to enhance remote collaboration while increasingly using mobile devices. A Forrester report conducted on a sample of 20k employees in companies with an annual revenue of 3 billion dollars states that with Google Workspace, users save 171 hours per year, support requests decrease by 20%, and the ROI is at 331%.

Google workspace: Innovation has a strong impact on business
Google Workspace Add-ons

Connected with all your tools

Google Workspace Add-ons

Google understands that you use various tools to manage your daily work. That's why Google Workspace is natively integrated not only with its own applications but also with other solutions you use, such as HubSpot's CRM, Asana, Zendesk's Customer Service, and many others.

You can trust Google Workspace

The same integrated infrastructure and protection that Google uses

Google was born and operates in the cloud, which is why it works every day to protect your data according to the strictest industry standards of security, reliability, and compliance, such as ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018, HIPAA. Additionally, it offers a simple and effective administration console for system configuration settings and App usage.

The same integrated infrastructure and protection that Google uses

Frequently asked questions

power2Cloud is a trusted Google Cloud partner in Italy, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Our expert team specialises in providing comprehensive services including consulting, migration, deployment, and development. We offer both on-site and remote support, guiding you through a seamless digital transformation, ensuring your productivity tools are utilised in a secure and efficient manner.

In addition, we focus on conducting training sessions, encouraging all users to make the most of the platform's features, tailored to enhance your work experience.

Upon activating Chrome Enterprise, you will be assigned a dedicated account, ensuring you have access to best practices, timely updates, and personalised assistance to make the most of the platform. We are committed to providing the assistance you need throughout your Chrome Enterprise journey.

Many wonder why pay for Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite) when Google offers apps for free. The reason is that Google Workspace provides additional services specifically designed for businesses, which are not available in the free version. 

Some of the benefits include:


  • personalized company email @companyname
  • potentially unlimited storage space for Gmail and Drive
  • Reliable service with 99.9% uptime
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Outlook
  • Extra security options like two-step verification and Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • 24/7 phone and email support 


Reach out to our team to explore all the advantages of Google Workspace for your business without any commitment.

Absolutely. power2Cloud will plan and migrate your emails, contacts, folders, calendars, and files from previous email systems like Microsoft, IBM, and Notes to Google Workspace.  

The migration will be done securely and efficiently to ensure no data loss and minimal downtime. Contact our team to arrange the migration of your data.

Certainly! How many applications do you use every day for work? Google Workspace has everything you need to complete your tasks. It's a suite with many integrated applications for creating text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, scheduling appointments, video calls, and much more. 

You don't need to install any software programs; Google Workspace applications work on all devices and provide a smoother and more intuitive user experience. This way, you can focus on your work rather than the tools you use to perform it.

You can also continue to receive or process files created by other programs such as Microsoft Office, because Google Workspace is compatible with many systems.

If you start with the Google Workspace Starter and your business needs change over time, requiring more storage space or advanced features, it's not a problem. 

power2Cloud will handle the upgrade to the features you need. This upgrade will apply to all users. Adding licences is also straightforward. We love Google Workspace because it's a fully scalable cloud solution that grows with you! 

Didn't find what you were looking for?

If you haven't found all the answers to your questions or have a particularly complex issue to resolve, get in touch with our team.


Start improving collaboration and productivity now

Give continuity to your work wherever you are. Simple and secure.

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Google Cloud Platform: everything is designed to be scalable

On this page you will find the solutions and advantages of cloud solutions such as Google Cloud offered by power2Cloud. Take five minutes to read this article, because we will try to summarise all the advantages.

Cloud solutions have long been the winning strategy for improving internal processes, protecting data and scaling faster. This way you can cut maintenance costs and offer better service to your users/customers as well.
The data speaks for itself, by 2021, more than 75% of medium and large organizations will have adopted a multi-cloud and/or hybrid IT strategy*. While by 2022, public cloud services will be essential for 90% of business innovation*.
This is also because by 2025, the sum of the world's data is expected to increase by more than five times its current size**.

*Gartner, Predicts 2019: Increasing Reliance on Cloud Computing Transforms IT and Business Practices, December 2018.
**IDC White Paper, sponsored by Seagate, "The Digitization of the World from Edge to Core," November 2018 (Available on Google Cloud site).


What solutions does Google Cloud offer? Google Cloud is a set of solutions and products that help you solve the most complex challenges. Let's see together what they are:

  • - Google Cloud Platform (GCP): use cloud computing services that run on the same Google infrastructure. Security, data analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning support you in your daily challenges.

  • - G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work): is a set of seamlessly integrated apps designed for businesses. Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Documents, Sheets, Presentations and Drive use Google's AI technology.

  • - Google Maps Platform: find out how your organisation can benefit by leveraging real-world information with immersive geolocalisation experiences.

  • - Chrome Enterprise: switch to a secure, effective and immediate communication strategy to distribute your content with secure, high-performance devices.

  • - Google for Education: a free solution for developing innovative distance learning.


What advantages does Google Cloud offer?

Protect systems, data and users with the largest and most secure infrastructure in the private market. The Google Cloud network boasts over 100,000 miles of fibre optic cable, twice as much as AWS and Azure. Sensitive data is minimised with over 90 pre-defined and protected detectors by default.

Put your solution at the centre of your efforts with Hybrid Cloud or use the Google Multi-Cloud with the possibility of using several cloud providers at the same time to perform different functions or manage a function across several cloud providers.

Write once, use your code everywhere. Only Anthos enables the deployment and management of applications on-premise and between clouds with a 100 per cent software solution and no hardware lock-in.

Connect legacy applications between clouds. Google Cloud's Apigee API management platform enables businesses to more easily connect legacy and modern workloads in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Avoid any constraints with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation's number 1 open source developer and creator of Kubernetes, adopted by AWS and Azure.All with a fully managed solution: no operations, easy to use serverless.


AI / ML AutoML and BigQuery ML

Push innovation to the max with artificial intelligence and data analysis. Imagine having powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities at your disposal, simple to use and fully integrated with your core solutions and infrastructure.

Among the advantages of the Google Cloud is the ability to always take advantage of the latest technologies available. The future belongs to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Analyse your data better, make the right decisions and save your organisation time and resources.

BigQuery automatically scales to thousands of cores in seconds. AWS and Azure require manual configuration. Click to deploy GCP Marketplace. Offer Kubernetes applications that can be deployed without writing a line of code.

Leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning, integrated throughout. Democratising AI / ML AutoML and BigQuery ML allows teams without data scientists to use AI / ML with capabilities not offered by competitors. AI / MLCloud Speech supports 120 language variants, more than AWS, Azure. Accelerates the time it takes to make decisions. Google TPU 15-30 times faster than contemporary GPUs and CPUs.

With the right tools, power2Cloud can help you create a true culture of innovation: offer exciting opportunities to evolve your organisation's productivity and collaboration, and enable employees to achieve more. Provide them with better products and user-first services: a wide range of Google solutions to create new user experiences in the cloud.


Google Cloud Platform

Are you a start-up or an experienced company? Your road to digital transformation will be a thrill with power2Cloud and Google Cloud solutions and technologies. With us, you already have everything you need for deployment at your fingertips.

Create, test and run easily and quickly with Google Cloud Platform:

  • - Compute Engine: Virtual machines running in Google data centres.

  • - Cloud Storage: Secure, durable and scalable object storage.

  • - Cloud SDK: Command-line tools and libraries for Google Cloud.

  • - Cloud SQL: Relational database services for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server.

  • - Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE): Managed environment for running containerised apps.

  • - BigQuery: Data warehouse for agility and business information.

  • - Cloud CDN: Content Delivery Network (CDN) for the distribution of web and video content.

  • - Dataflow: Analysis of data flows for flow and batch processing.

  • - Operational Suite: Application monitoring, logging and performance management suite.

  • - Cloud Run: Fully managed environment for running containerised apps.

  • - Cloud Functions: Event-based computing platform for apps and cloud services.

The move to the cloud must include special care with regard to sensitive data, as well as achieving and maintaining compliance with the highest standards, guidelines, and complex regulatory frameworks.
In addition to audits, third-party certifications, and dedicated documentation, Google Cloud makes serious legal commitments in this regard to best protect you. Google servers are ISO/IEC 27001; FedRAMP; HIPAA; SOC 1 certified.

With power2Cloud you have the best trained Google specialists in Italy at your disposal. You will never be alone! Our team offers support and expertise for your projects and market challenges.

We can help you manage by offering long-term technical and qualified support through updates and certifications. Furthermore, to push digital transformation and the use of new applications within your organisation, we provide customised training.

Simplify operations and deployment of your solutions with the incredible Google Cloud Platform possibilities: fully managed serverless offerings and hybrid, multi-cloud capabilities are ready in a snap with power2Cloud support.

Easily distribute resources across the enterprise, transform data into strategic information, create your own data analysis models and easily scale business intelligence: go beyond the conventional limits imposed by scalability and save costs at scale.


What is Google Cloud Platform for?

To get your company off the ground safely and with super performance, to dream big:

  • - Stable infrastructure

  • - Secure migrations (for the most important and critical projects, we also have an exceptional partner, cloudM. No service interruptions, you can sleep soundly)

  • - Application Development

  • - Data and analysis

  • - Machine Learning

  • - Security and reliability

  • - Cultural change

  • - Productivity and collaboration

The migration of a customer to GCP typically follows a four-stage process: assessment, planning, implementation and optimisation. Within each phase of the project, we provide service offerings to meet customers' needs on their journey to the cloud.


G Suite

The information we save and receive is growing day by day. This is also happening with the Apps we use to work while we are busy working remotely, not just from our office anymore.
What does this entail? Too much time is wasted going from one app to another looking for what is needed and completing repetitive tasks. A burdensome activity that also slows down productivity.
G Suite (formerly Google for Work) and the power2Cloud team want to help you by offering an all-in-one solution that makes those who use them more engaged, more autonomous, more productive, more collaborative, more agile.

Google's suite includes many natively integrated smart applications that increase the security of your data, facilitate collaboration among teams to improve productivity and grow your organization by making it more competitive.
Of course, it is not just about technological transformation, but also cultural transformation. For growth is possible in an environment where people can realize their full potential and productivity tools provide a competitive advantage.

Which cloud applications does G Suite include?


Communicate inside or outside your organisation whenever and however you want

Gmail: intuitive, efficient and useful professional email. Potentially unlimited storage space, SPAM free and access from any device
Calendar: Personal calendars, group calendars also shared, organize video conferences in one click, participate even by phone for your team, your suppliers, your clients/users.
Chat: messaging application, speed and security for your data, to save time and always be reachable
Meet: video conferencing solutions for secure meetings. One-click access from any device (mobile, tablet, computer). Switch to phone access if desired.


Create documents easily and intuitively work in teams

Documents: access, create and edit documents online. Access the edit history and restore the one you want. Collaborate in real time with other users.
Presentations: access, create and edit presentations online from any device. Easily and intuitively format your slides with other users in real time securely.
Sites: quickly build sites for the intranet or publish them for users. Responsive and easy to make with drag and drop, insert videos, images, forms...
Keep: jot down notes and lists so you don't forget your priorities. Create a text note with voice commands.
Sheets: access, create and edit worksheets online, with built-in formulas, Pivot tables and conditional formatting options. Use Sheets to edit Excel files.
Forms: create and analyze surveys with ease. Choose from several templates, enter short answer, multiple choice. View responses in real time in a Google Sheet.
Apps Script: Automate the workflow for Google Sheets, Documents, Presentations or Forms, integrate with external APIs and more.


Access your data securely and intelligently

Drive: potentially unlimited storage space, choose according to your needs. Securely store and share all kinds of files with Drive.
Cloud Search: search for the data you need across Gmail, Documents, Drive, Presentations, Calendar Sheets and more. Use machine learning and save time.


Manage your users and increase security

Administration Console: one centralized and secure dashboard to manage your G Suite Apps: add users, activate services, manage mobile devices, and more.
Endpoint Vault: manage, store, search, and export your organization's emails, saved log chats, and Google Drive file contents for eDiscovery needs.


Cloud solutions, what problems do organisations that do not use them face?

Those who do not use cloud solutions are often stuck with manual and repetitive work. They are also forced to work only at their office desk to the exclusion of all other devices (tablets, computers, cell phones).
The issue that many organizations undoubtedly encounter is that of space. With the increase of data and documents there is a need for secure and unlimited storage. In fact, paper storage brings with it quite a few limitations. One struggles to search for necessary files, with the possibility of losing data also thanks to phishing attacks, malware.
In addition, manual tasks report a high margin of error and a major investment due to costly maintenance.
Non-centralized management does not allow monitoring and authorization of external editing and sharing especially when not working with the organization's own devices.
How many emails do we receive every day to edit and comment on files of all kinds? Not only does this take up a lot of time, but it also makes the work more complex because we cannot tell which version is the most recent.
What about the applications that revolve around every employee's daily work routine? There are so many that it is difficult to manage them especially because they are not integrated with each other.

While there is a lot of talk about digital transformation and change management there is a lot to be said that it was mostly the lockdown that taught many the importance of smart working through cloud applications.
So someone realized that these were an important resource not only during Covid19 but as a new business model.

Real-time collaboration is only possible with cloud solutions such as G Suite that allow you to work from any device securely.
G Suite applications increase productivity and allow you to stay connected while giving continuity to your work and your users/clients.
This avoids attaching unnecessary emails, working on dated files, losing important information, or being constrained in a limited way to only your office computer.


What are the advantages of G Suite?

With G Suite you work on the go, in the office, on the road, while you're at clients/suppliers, from home it's really easy, not only here are some benefits of the G Suite cloud solution:
All in one solution: SPAM free e-mail, shared calendars, cloud storage and more in one Suite.
Work on the go. Your office is everywhere! Access from your browser or any device (tablet, computer, cell phone) to your data securely.
Simplicity. The interface is simple and intuitive; you don't have to be an IT person to use the applications.
Collaboration. Stop attaching files. Multiple users can collaborate, share and edit the same file at the same time. History is always restorable.
Relieve your IT. Your IT department can focus on new projects while you use all the apps independently.
Security. Everyone uses the same Apps with professional and secure standards even if you work remotely. Manage everything from the Admin Console. G Suite is GDPR compliant.
Business transparency. From the Admin Console you can manage views, changes and shares and revoke them for any reason.
Native integrations. Apps are natively integrated with each other and with many of your business tools you use, plus they talk to different operating systems.
Automatic Updates. Google Artificial Intelligence helps you work with and analyze data. Users can find the files they need.

The power2Cloud team is ready to listen to your needs and recommend the version that's right for you:
G Suite Essentials includes Google Meet, Google Drive, Documents, Sheets and Presentations, plus administrative controls.
G Suite Basic up to 30 GB of storage and a Professional Suite with lots of productivity and collaboration applications: professional business email, shared calendars, Online Documents, video meetings and more.
G Suite Business unlimited storage space on the cloud (or 1 TB per user if there are fewer than 5 users), the applications included in the Basic version plus advanced features such as Vault that Preserves, stores and searches data for eDiscovery for email, chat and files, and audit reports to monitor user activity.
G Suite Enterprise unlimited storage space on the cloud (or 1 TB per user if there are fewer than 5 users), the applications included in the Business version plus advanced features such as Cloud Identity Premium to manage users, devices and apps.


Google Maps Platform

Most data in the world contains a location-related component. Create engaging location experiences and improve business operations with comprehensive real-time data.
Deliver a meaningful customer experience, optimize business operations, and enable strategic decisions with Google Maps Platform!

What does Google Maps Platform include?



View the world on the world's best-known map. Give your users the quality of Google Maps appreciated and loved in more than 200 countries.
But it doesn't end there. You can bring the real world to your users with Street View and high-resolution satellite imagery. Or using maps as images or as interactive maps, making them more useful with indicators, lines, colors, polygons and customizations.



Give users the best way to get from one point to another on the map. Route has up-to-date public transportation, bicycle, car, and pedestrian directions for 40 million miles of roads in 200 countries.
You can tackle complicated routes with information on distances between multiple locations, suggested routes, and current and future estimated travel times. Determining the route a vehicle should take to choose the fastest routes, or assigning work locations to workers based on real-time traffic conditions.



With Place you can help users discover the world using details from more than 100 million verified activity cards and points of interest. This also helps users find you through reviews.
Place in fact provides details on place names, addresses, ratings, reviews, contact and weather information, automatically returning location suggestions as you type. Turning phone numbers, addresses or names into places and converting addresses to geographic coordinates or vice versa is really easy.
Another important aspect is scalability.
When you work with a solution that serves billions of users like Google Maps, you can ensure flexibility and security for your work.
On Google's secure and future-proof infrastructure you can develop a prototype at global scale without having to worry about space, reliability and performance.

What advantages does Google Maps Platform have?
Google Maps Platform has countless advantages. First, it offers fast and scalable performance thanks to Google's global infrastructure. So you can work without having to think about capacity, reliability or performance.
Securely with over 99% global coverage, you can provide your users with the reliable location information they need, wherever they are.

Differentiate with rich, accurate, real-time data. Create extraordinary user experiences based on rich data from maps, traffic, location and real-time imagery.
The maps your customers know and love. Create the next generation of location experiences with the map used by over a billion users.

The power2Cloud team is ready to listen to your organisation's needs in order to find the most suitable solution.


Chrome Enterprise

Your next operating system, easiest-to-use browser and devices connected to each other in the cloud.
Google Chrome Enterprise activates the enterprise capabilities of Chrome OS, Chrome browser and Chrome devices, freeing up IT to empower your employees' work in the cloud.

Chrome OS
Chrome OS is a cloud-native, versatile and lightweight operating system designed for security, simple in management, providing quick access to your most important work apps, regardless of device.

Chrome Browser
The Chrome browser provides a reliable and easy browsing experience on all devices and IT administrators built-in security mechanisms, centralized management and enterprise-wide controls.

Choose from a wide range of Chromebooks, including touch devices and convertibles. Work devices designed to meet the needs of people working in today's world, whether in the cloud, in the office, or in public contact.

Bring the cloud into your everyday work with power2Cloud, Chrome OS, Chrome browser and Chrome devices. Always work securely from any device or location. Enhances speed, convenience, collaboration and fluidity of work. Use mainly cloud-connected applications for work.

83% of corporate workloads will be in the cloud by 2020. 77% of companies already have at least one application or part of their IT infrastructure in the cloud today.

It benefits from a truly cloud-native, modern and immediately available operating system: easy access to apps with the managed Google Play ecosystem; web apps via Chrome browser; Windows apps via leading VDI solutions; native Linux apps.

A smart way to work. Fast, seamless start-ups, work from anywhere, on any Chrome device, use AI to find information faster.

Turn employees and colleagues into cloud workers: power2Cloud and Google are your ideal partners. Increase collaboration with G Suite, Drive file integrations and easy access to G Suite applications. Edit and collaborate on Office files in Google Drive.

Choose versatile software and devices for your business. Designed to be secure from the design phase, multi-layered device security controls and mechanisms, isolated and managed apps. Regular and controlled updates; advanced business functionality, high-level security to keep your business data safe. Flexible access to resources regardless of use case, simplified management of Chrome devices and other critical infrastructure, employee downtime reduced by background updates.

Reduced hardware and licensing costs. The impact of Chrome OS and G Suite on your business is measurable:
30 minutes per week of reduced downtime per user, resulting in; increased productivity;
15% improvement in help desk efficiency;
100 euros per user saved on technology products;
20% reduction in endpoint security incidents.

Remotely manage the Chrome browser
Use Chrome on your organization's Windows, Mac and Linux computers. You will have powerful IT tools and all the settings you prefer. You'll be able to apply management policies, install business applications and extensions, and manage other business features.

With Chrome you have a cloud-based administration dashboard to enforce security policies for all corporate users. Detailed reports reveal installed software and updates.

Use Windows group policies or on-premises configuration tools for Mac and Linux to manage all corporate devices. Google provides an MSI installer for Windows, as well as policy templates for the three different platforms.

Manage Chrome devices
Another important aspect is the management of Chrome devices.
Remotely control security and operational policies. On devices where the Chrome operating system is installed, it's even easier. Work smoothly with Chromebooks, real work computers, and Chromeboxes or Chromebits, designed specifically for digital signage or as kiosks for specific tasks.

From your cloud-based console you can apply policies, install apps and extensions, connect devices to your VPN and Wi-Fi networks, and manage other Chrome features - all in real time.

Choose and decide, with power2Cloud you can. Apply more than 300 enterprise policies to both Chrome browsers and devices:
Authorize or blacklist URLs of apps and sites
Apply privacy and security policies
Install and manage enterprise apps and extensions
Manage automatic Chrome updates


Google for Education enables learning anytime, anywhere

Google for Education provides shareable devices and collaboration tools created for teachers and students. Find information on how to become a Google for Education partner and for existing partners, explore resources for sales, marketing, implementation, training and support.

Our goal is to design tools that meet the evolving needs of all those who use them. Families can understand what technology is being used and why, have immediate visibility into their child's progress, or communicate with teachers in a meaningful way.Students have new opportunities for personalised learning, without neglecting accessibility needs, and have devices in line with their preferences.

Teachers can free up time to better connect with students and engage with classes, in class or at home, and better collaborate with other teachers and stakeholders. Finally, IT administrators can enjoy the simplification and optimisation of deployments. With more control and better security, software and hardware can deliver the technology end users want and meet cost constraints.

Wherever learning takes place-school, home, or a mix of the two-our portfolio of solutions is designed to enable students to achieve their learning goals wherever they are.
G Suite for Education productivity tools that stimulate learning everywhere (G Suite for Education Enterprise). G Suite for Education is a free suite of communication and collaboration tools that includes Gmail, Classroom, Documents, Drive and more.
Powerful yet oh-so-simple Chromebook devices. A powerful tool dedicated to educators: create, collect and grade assignments easily while sharing interesting tips and insights with your students instantly.
Google Classroom Content that brings learning to life. They come ready in multiple forms, including classroom-ready tablets and clamshell or convertible devices. Meet the specific needs of your classroom with Chrome Education Upgrade to unlock the full capabilities of Chrome OS.

Expand learning possibilities with advanced video tools.Start virtual classes with up to 250 participants or live streaming events with up to 100,000 participants on your domain.Record meetings, automatically save to Drive and share recordings.

Stimulates comparison thinking with. Uses unlimited essay originality reports to save time in assessment. Compare students' current and previous work to verify the authenticity of the work. Protect intellectual property and maintain the school's ownership of the work


Google Cloud Security

Users are increasingly on the move, devices are multiplying, and meanwhile data remains in the cloud.
Choosing Google's cloud helps not only your processes, but also the security of your data. With Google Cloud you can reduce organizational costs, increase employee productivity, and eliminate complexities, because simple means safer!

Google Cloud secures your business with an Infrastructure built and managed to help prevent threats. It offers transparency with controls that meet the guidelines, regulations and objectives of each organisation. It also allows you to work with peace of mind without worrying about compliance to fulfil the proper management of customer data.

Please note that with Google Cloud, the data remains yours:

  1. 1. You own the data, not Google

  2. 2. Customer data are not passed on to third parties

  3. 3. Google Cloud does not use customer data for advertising

  4. 4. All your data is encrypted, at rest and in transit, by default

  5. 5. We protect ourselves against possible malicious internal access to your data

  6. 6. Google never gives 'backdoor' access to any government agency

  7. 7. Privacy practices are verified according to international standards

  8. 8. Transparent access ensures visibility and control over all access and decryption of data.

Your data is safer with Google Cloud:

The numbers speak for themselves: over $30 BILLION invested in security between 2015 and 2017. But that's not the end of the story; 1,200 specialized control and security engineers monitor the systems 24/7/365.
Security is really tight, because all data is encrypted three times: at the time of upload to Google's servers, at rest on the server, and the moment a file is opened.
Files saved on Google's servers are unpacked into N° files and are then distributed to different servers in different countries. Of each packet of files Google makes several copies that are saved on different servers.
Combined with this is the fact that Google has the most powerful antispam and antivirus in the world and is GDPR compliant.
If you would like to know which Google Cloud services are best for your business or if you would like to discuss with our team request more information without obligation now.