Digital signage, what it is and how it can benefit your communication


Digital signage is no longer just a phenomenon, it is fully part of the communication strategies of many companies: the digital billboards that you notice on the street or in store windows have replaced classic billboards, transforming them into creative, dynamic tools with great visual impact.

In fact, content is enhanced through visual communication that captures attention with bright colors, eye-catching images, videos and unique fonts. This explains why displays are multiplying by leaps and bounds, placed in corporate spaces that are often also located in different cities and countries, think of the retail world.

Platforms for managing displays in a responsive manner, that is, adapting content to the medium in which it is transmitted, are diverse and offer animations, videos and animated graphics among the templates.

The main features that make digital signage one of the best of communication tools are dynamism, because you can customize and change the content you want to show in one click, and the possibility of conveying dedicated messages at specific times and places, also taking into account the editorial calendar.

Today we find examples of digital signage everywhere: from more informal communications on city streets, in airports, subways and restaurants, to more institutional communications in hospitals, museums, schools, fairs or spaces run by public agencies.

Mainly there are three key elements of this strategy:

  • the content, everything about the images, audio, graphics, and text that are shown to the public;
  • thehardware, the physical media such as screens, media, cameras, payment devices;
  • the software, the digital infrastructure that enables the creation, distribution, management and analysis of all content distributed on the hardware.

Read on if you want to learn how to use digital signage effectively and easily for your business.

Digital signage is an opportunity for every business strategy.

Examples related to digital signage are diverse; one can signal promotions, discounts or alert users when their turn has come if they are waiting. Generally, displays are placed in busy areas such as shopping malls, metro stations or restaurants.

The challenge in the coming years for all companies, which also operate in the retail world, will be to keep up with the web by integrating technology into physical stores to improve the user experience and create added value. Indeed, with the pandemic, consumer priorities have changed, the online market has grown by 80 percent, and with it so have expectations.

Let's see how you can use digital signage in running your business:

  • accompanies the customer through their shopping experience. With 66 percent of shoppers wanting to be guided, a digital strategy is key to providing a unique and memorable experience. For example, you can use touchscreens to give the ability to compose a total look, visualize how furniture fits within an environment, customize a pair of shoes right in the store, ask to complete a survey, a newsletter sign-up form, and so on;
  • show benefits: highlight the strengths of your services or products through digital media. For example, with kiosks you can provide tutorials, video pills to demonstrate their usefulness, share promotions, events and special occasions;
  • improves collaboration: digital signage can also have an important impact on employees. Visual elements can be a useful tool for reinforcing training, keeping staff informed of changing safety measures, increasing motivation and highlighting results.

Improve business processes and performance, invest in internal communication.

Digital signage is a form of communication that you can also exploit within your company and in any workplace to improve internal communication between departments and colleagues.

One of the most common ways is to display corporate announcements-think meeting room occupancy, events, or shared updates.

Good internal communication is also useful for improving the performance of one's employees by showing the company's purpose, vision, and mission or by sending messages of appreciation and recognition for achievements.

Within the common spaces you can also install a social wall. Digital signage can help you share social channel feeds in real time. Customer feedback is one of the fastest and most direct ways to let people know that work is appreciated, improving employee engagement and communication.

Working with motivated and engaged people is critical to business growth; digital signage will help you build a strong relationship between employees and your organization.

Do you want to leverage digital signage for your business?

Do you also want to create a more complete and immersive customer experience with a new form of communication?

There are various platforms that can help you implement digital signage strategies, one of the best known and most reliable is Appspace.

With Appspace you can manage from a single cloud-based platform displays, video walls, room scheduling, totems, kiosks and enterprise tv, thinking about scheduling and customizing the content needed to inform, promote and engage.

In this period, digital signage can be part of those useful digitization initiatives that count of incentives and funds, do not waste this opportunity.

Rely on a partner like power2Cloud to manage your displays with Appspace

power2Cloud works with entities that use digital signage in both B2B and in-house communications. You will find in our team a partner ready to support you in the integration, training and support phases.

We can help you share, promotions, news, announcements and reports on all your screens in a useful and appealing way. We also provide assistance if you need to connect other software you already use, such as: WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google Workspace, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Chrome Enterprise & Device, Atlassian, Salesforce or Office 365.

Appspace is for you if you manage:

  • pharmacies;
  • restaurants;
  • hotel;
  • professional studies;
  • gyms;
  • galleries;
  • cosmetic stores;
  • clothing;
  • waiting areas;
  • supermarkets;
  • fairs;
  • furniture store.

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