Script for accounting: effective daily and periodic reports in real time

G Suite is a comprehensive solution that includes integrated Apps such as Gmail, Sheets, Forms, Presentations, Calendar and more. Through Scripts you can enhance the functionality of these Apps according to specific needs related to your daily work routine.

The team at power2Cloud, Google Cloud Partners, will be happy to investigate the Script that is right for you.

Google Apps Script for Accounting. The requirement:

If you have stores or companies under the same holding company, your accounting department will also be busy recording and tracking daily sales trends for monthly reporting.

Numbers, numbers, numbers, numbers and more numbers! With an increasing amount of data, it is difficult to pinpoint the most important information and use it profitably. power2Cloud can help you simplify this by taming receipts and attendance and anything else you want to monitor for each of your stores.

If you still use Excel and email for this task you have our sympathy! Employees or your colleagues will be busy compiling files and files to attach to lots of daily and monthly communications that will also end up in your email inbox.

You will know that downloading and sifting through them one by one is an onerous task that requires time, attention, and most of all a lot of patience, which is why power2Cloud has developed a Script that will work for you!

What you can do with our Script: timely, real-time reporting

For one of our Clients, power2Cloud's technical department created a Script using Google Sites with Google Forms and Google Sheets. Each store was required to fill out two Forms, one daily and the other monthly, with predefined entries from accounting.

After entering the necessary information, automatically numbers and notes are entered into Sheets to be filtered by accounting, which processes them to derive statistics. All in real time! You also work quickly to achieve new goals.

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