Give your team a place to create and work on your documents, take notes, share ideas with your teammates and improve collaboration from anywhere.


Collaborate and share knowledge efficiently

Why choose Confluence?

Break down silos between teams, organize everything in one place. Take notes on meetings, according to frameworks tested by prestigious universities and community users, linking each activity to tasks tracked on Jira Software o Jira Work Management. Share and receive feedback in real time with interactive mentions, charts, tables, integrated iframes, and more.

Use cases

Confluence for Agile teams, devOps, ITSM

Access an open, shared workspace that fits any department and project. Confluence is a tool for all teams: Agile, devOps and ITSM, Marketing and Finance, Legal and HR. Use blogs, roadmaps, meeting notes, capture project requirements, assign tasks to specific users and manage multiple calendars with the help of the Team Calendars add-on.


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Confluence Integrations

Flexibility is freedom. Design what you need when you need it: integrate Confluence to the Atlassian suite, to platforms such as Jira Software, Jira Service Management e Trello, to work wherever your team is, or browse the Atlassian Marketplace and customize your instance, according to themes and styles, design tools and document management that best fit your business.

Collaborate securely on your projects

Confluence Security

Confluence is GDPR compliant and offers privacy controls and data encryption that meet industry compliance standards (SOC2, SOC3, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, PCI DSS and more). And with Atlassian Access, your organization's administrators track changes to user and group management in Jira and Confluence Cloud.


Frequently asked questions

Jira Software is a project management tool that allows you to schedule, manage and monitor every task and phase of development, while Confluence is an e collaboration tool that helps you store, organize and share all the information and resources that affect a project.

Compared to Google Workspace, which is a pure team collaboration tool, Confluence's organizational structure and features help you organize business information in a design- and development-oriented way. If you need Google's additional functionality, you can add an integration to bring relevant Documents, Sheets, and Slides into the conversation.

Confluence is a well-ordered repository of information, design documents, notes, and memos. You can create different work areas for each project or client and sort all your texts by tags and nesting.

The Atlassian ecosystem is fully natively integrated: all you need to do is add a slash "/" to enrich your documents with tasks, epics, stories, images, and more.

Of course! Confluence alerts you every time a colleague adds a comment, makes changes, quotes you or puts a like on a document you produced, in addition to many other qualified interactions.

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Confluence: create, store and share information with team and clients

Created for agile teams, ITSM teams, and DevOps teams, Confluence is the reference tool in the Atlassian product family for creating content and improving collaboration within any organization, sharing resources efficiently, with transparency and efficiency. You can capture project requirements, assign tasks to specific users and manage multiple calendars at the same time, but that's not all, here because in addition to IT services and thanks to integrations with other tools in the Atlassian family, Confluence is also perfect for sharing the knowledge base with your users increasing the performance of your organization's help desk. power2Cloud, as an Atlassian partner, can guide you in getting to know Confluence and help you scale quickly. Ask our experts now if this solution is right for you!

What is Confluence?

Atlassian Confluence helps you create, store, and share useful information with all tea members; with this tool you can also easily manage customer care and self-service resources available to your users. Think of Confluence as a central hub, a place where you can easily create and find the information you need to track your work, such as meeting notes, project plans, product and requirements. A unique space where you can collaborate with ease, create documents, provide feedback quickly and interact with ease until your work is finalized. In Confluence everything is organized and at your fingertips, the user as well as teams are at the center of this platform that keeps all work organized and accessible. Who uses Confluence? Everyone, not only IT Service Management, but also marketing teams, human resources, project managers, every organization, regardless of size or industry they operate in, for all need to: create information and tutorials, share ideas and plan new projects. Store information and organize pages. Easily find the information you need. easily share projects and feedback, also collaborate with other teams.

Why use Confluence?

Confluence is used in three main ways by teams, for: knowledge base: HR and legal procedures, best practices, tutorials, to communicate product changes and other services to customers; collaborate on projects: organize projects, launch strategic initiatives, roll out products and features, and more. Loved by project managers and developers, marketing and product teams, and researchers; interact with employees: share announcements, blogs, webinars and information; promote an open culture for your team. Confluence is a tool that is part of every user's everyday life, like any tool you need to delve into its potential to take full advantage of all its benefits. Besides being a great teammate for the whole team, in fact it can help you be a better leader because you can: communicate and socialize your ideas with well-structured content find the essential resources you need to do your job structure brainstorms and document your most important ideas provide and receive feedback from your colleagues in real time stay up-to-date on your team's work collaborate anywhere and access what you need at any time through the Mobile App As with other Atlassian products, Confluence offers lots of integrations and a rich Marketplace.

Pages and spaces in Confluence help you work better

Pages and spaces are two important concepts in managing Confluence for your team and also your day-to-day operations. Pages are content-rich and dynamic; they can include text, tables, information calls, images, videos, charts and other elements. You can create pages for almost any purpose: marketing campaigns, HR policies, product requirements, support materials, even personal brainstorming notes. There are no limitations to the types of pages you can create! Let's look in detail at what you can do with pages: 1. Read them. You will most likely spend time reading pages that others have created. Confluence has a wealth of knowledge for the team. Reading pages is a quick way to get to the top of your team's work. 2. Edit them. If you are working with many people, you may need to make changes to existing pages. Confluence pages are documents that can be continually updated with new content. 3. Add comments. Give feedback or share your thoughts with the comment feature. You will learn more about comments in future courses. 4. Create new ones. You can create new pages for any need. Meeting notes, project plans, random ideas, training guides, policy documentation-anything you want! 5. Organize them. It is easy to organize pages, especially to find them more easily later. Pages are contained within spaces. A space is a collection of related pages; your team may have hundreds, all contained in one space. Spaces help organize pages into meaningful categories. As a user, you probably won't need to create spaces because your organization's administrator or team leader will do it for you. Do you use Confluence and realize that you're not pushing this platform to its fullest, or do you want to start using it for your organization? power2Cloud, as an Atlassian partner, can provide consulting, implementation support, and training to help you better master this tool. What are you waiting for? Learn how to use Confluence to transform the way your team works with our experts.