How do I set up read confirmation in Gmail?

How do I set up read confirmation in Gmail? There are many people who want to know if a recipient has read the communications sent. This is a frequent request especially if it is a sales, marketing or customer service related communication.

Here's how to enable read confirmation in Google Workspace's Gmail email, that is, the one intended for businesses, because in consumer Gmail it is not present:

  1. Open Gmail
  2. Click on Write
  3. Write the email
  4. At the bottom right of the 3 dots icon click on Request Reading Confirmation
  5. Send message

A Requested Read Confirmation window will appear to the recipient. "One or more senders of this conversation have requested a read confirmation." You will then have two options for action, click on, "Not now "or "Send confirmations." If it confirms you will get an email notification.

Screenshot Required Read Confirmations in Gmail. There is text: One or more senders of this conversation have requested a read confirmation. There are two choices: Not now and Send confirmations.

Read confirmation in Gmail is not enough. Are you familiar with HubSpot?

If a user clicks on the X in the upper right corner of the pop-up window or on "Not now," you will never get a read confirmation.

There is a sure and unequivocal way to know if your recipient has read your email. Thanks to CRM (customer relationship management) HubSpot and the Log and track features you can receive real-time notifications for not only the opening of emails from your business domain.

Notifications will appear to you if you work from the desktop, also recorded within the individual contact's tab, or as a popup in the HubSpot App for iOs and Android mobile devices.

But there's more. If a user clicks on one or more of the links you insert in the text of your email you will know every time it happens-it could be an invoice, a company profile, a catalog, your website, a quote, and anything else you want.

No more secrets with HubSpot! This market-leading CRM natively integrates with Google Workspace's Gmail, Microsoft 365 and to other email providers, has so many useful features for all your teams.

Do you know what that means? That everything is connected and there are no manual actions involved, which often carry with them large margins of error.

It is an investment that starts from small budgets as needed and is suitable for different sizes and verticals from startups to corporate entities. You can read some use cases here which also tells about the integration of email with CRM and VoIp PBX.

Organize automations and targeted activities: track clicks, email opens and interactions

Knowing whether a user has opened an email is strategic information for the administrative team, but also for customer care, marketing and sales. In fact, you can organize automations and targeted activities to follow up on your users' interest or concerns. Accessing reports allows you to always have a clear idea about user interactions for your communications.

Anticipating an insight, phone call or email response becomes simple and intuitive with HubSpot's Track feature. Telepathy? No, just the use of the right tools.

All communications are recorded in the CRM and remain available to your company. Always accessing the necessary context allows you to recognize your interlocutor, understand what communications are exchanged with other colleagues, but also know what data are associated, open tickets and deals, meetings set, and clicks on individual communications.

If you are interested we have continued to explore this opportunity here. In any case you can ask our experts at any time to show you concretely how it works, you will be amazed!

Before we say goodbye, we want to reassure you, HubSpot's platform provides No-log settings and granular controls to exclude certain domains from automatic logging of communications and properly distribute more advanced features only to the right referrers.

They usually end up on the no-log list-consultants, banks, and even all internal communications-but that is a choice within each company's policies.

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