How to integrate Google Workspace and HubSpot


Every day we exchange copious amounts of data between emails, presentations, documents, business deals. How can you keep track of it all if you don't have secure, high-performance tools to support you?

When it comes to office automation, you can't help but think of Google Workspace, Google's suite that offers high-performance productivity and collaboration tools; while HubSpot is a leader in inbound marketing, thanks to automation and customization.

Today we want to focus precisely on the integration between Google Workspace and a CRM such as HubSpot, a successful combination for any company, because it allows you to use the full potential of each product.

Office automation: why Google Workspace improves work and collaboration

According to Google more than 5 million organizations worldwide are already using Google Workspace. One of the main reasons is related to its versatility, in fact this suite can integrate with a large number of third-party services.

The tools provided by Google Cloud are perfect for all types of businesses (enterprises, entities, self-employed, associations, organizations in general), from the smallest to the most structured.

Your organization can simplify work and grow rapidly by using intelligent cloud-based applications to:

  • Communicate. Make decisions quickly by easily setting Meet with colleagues who are in different locations (Gmail, Chat, Calendar and Currents).
  • Create. Collaborate with any member of your team while simultaneously working on the same file from different devices, with all changes saved automatically. (Documents, Keep, Forms).
  • Access. Store corporate files in a single secure location that can be accessed by the entire team on any device (Drive).
  • Manage. Easily configure security settings, add or remove users, and control access to corporate data from any device.

In addition, the services are extremely reliable. The platform's technological infrastructure allows Google applications to be reachable at all times, while also avoiding any downtime for scheduled maintenance.

Google Workspace also is built on the basis of Google Cloud Platform, Google's system framework that offers the highest standards in the market in terms of data security, following the "security-first mindset" model.

HubSpot helps build deeper relationships with all users

HubSpot, on the other hand, is marketing, sales, and customer service software and includes a CMS and CRM that helps companies build deeper relationships with all users. An all-in-one platform with all the tools needed to improve business performance.

Thanks to HubSpot you can control a user's journey 360°, curating and refining its management at all stages of the process: 

  • Improve the quantity and quality of leads;
  • Managing in their own site independently;
  • Simplify all business processes;
  • Create marketing campaigns, through the use of landing pages, CTAs, forms and email marketing;
  • Use marketing automation tools;
  • Create reports to measure business performance;
  • Offer omnichannel support.

HubSpot's platform provides five Hubs; our team can help you activate a dedicated bundle or the one you need, according to your needs:

  • Marketing Hub: get campaigns going, increase visits and conversions on site and/or social;
  • Service Hub: use dedicated customer service features, facilitating ticket management across all your channels, immediately turn customers into promoters;
  • Sales Hub: the progress of deals in your pipeline is clear, with clear and accurate information about each prospect;
  • CMS Hub: manage website, update information easily via drag and drop;
  • Operation Hub: synchronizes Apps, organizes data, and increases the power of automations through Webhooks, custom code, and with the ability to schedule recurring workflows.

How to integrate Google Workspace with HubSpot to make the most of its full potential

The integration between Google Workspace and HubSpot's CRM is native and combines the best potential of both software for your business. You can improve every interaction and facilitate access to key information for all your users, to retain your customers and work productively.

HubSpot CRM connects to Google Workspace to help manage more contacts in less time from a central database: access all the information (mobile App also available) exchanged between your domain and each user, closing deals faster.

That's why we suggest you integrate Google Workspace to HubSpot:

  • Visibility. Directly observe the sales process with a centralized view of emails, notes, calls, and other interactions between employees and customers.
  • Consistency. With the management of data collected through CRM being accessible to all, teams will have smoother and more seamless experiences with customers.
  • Productivity. Drive CRM and sales processes with simple, familiar tools that synchronize seamlessly with each other.

Here are Google Apps that integrate with HubSpot and can help your business grow and scale quickly, these are some examples:

Link your CRM to email

  • Gmail: automatically log emails sent from Gmail to HubSpot, monitor opens and clicks in real time, and all from a single platform. Access every detail (Contacts and Companies saved within your CRM) without leaving Gmail, quickly recognize your contacts, quickly consult tasks, deals, information and tickets. Instead, with one click you can open from Gmail the CRM to consult the detailed tab with all the interactions exchanged between your domain (tasks, notes, emails, calls, meetings) and each user.

Link your calendar to your CRM

  • Calendar: easily keep track of your appointments by automatically synchronizing your Google calendar with HubSpot. You can provide, through a link, a direct link to your HubSpot calendar connected to Google, to show availability and facilitate booking meetings. These will be saved in real time on Google Calendar, in the tab of the contact and company they work for in HubSpot, with the ability to forward notifications and reminders.

Record clicks and views of your Documents in CRM

  • Documents: control who has viewed your files such as documents, invoices, presentations and business proposals. Put presentations, pdfs, and whatever else may be useful in your Documents in HubSpot, record views and clicks of each user in real time from a single platform. This of course is just one feature.

Choose a specialized partner to integrate Google Workspace services with HubSpot

Do you have either platform or are you interested in integrating Google Workspace to HubSpot? Rely on a partner like power2Cloud.

We are one of the main partners in Italy for both solutions , this allows us to provide the best possible support in configuring all the tools. Our team will help you choose the most suitable Google Workspace and HubSpot plans, customizing automations and features with technical and training sessions to

  • Increase business performance and productivity;
  • Improve the management of your contacts and your CRM;
  • Facilitate relationships with your customers;
  • Optimize business processes.

Want to learn more about how HubSpot and Google can work in unison for your business? Let's talk about it!

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