How to format and delete empty cells with Google Sheets

"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Nothing could be truer. It is often the details that make the difference and improve our daily lives, including our workdays. Let's talk, for example, about the new G Suite features involving Google Sheets!

If you are in accounting and work with numbers, data and statistics on a daily basis you will be happy to know that Google has included three new features to format and work more easily in Sheets, the G Suite App.

Cross-referencing and transcribing data you may have reported it several times without realizing it, perhaps even forgetting to format it because you were in a hurry. Now you can save time and deliver documents with timely information, without manually correcting them and without developing Scripts.

Sheets continues to work with you more and more efficiently. Google Sheets helps you tame data and numbers!

If you want to know how to format and delete blank cells in Google Sheets and know the shortcuts compatible with your keyboard, here is a mini guide for you.

  • To remove duplicate data simply select the cells and columns you are interested in, go to Tools click on Data, then on Remove Duplicates. In the dialog box you will be able to confirm the range of selected data. The operation will take very few seconds.
  • To format entries and cut out whitespace, however, you will need to highlight the columns and rows you are interested in and click, again in the Sheets Tools bar, Data then Cut Blank Space. Simple, right?
  • To find out about compatible shortcuts from your keyboard just click on Help, then on Keyboard Shortcuts. You will get a list of all the ones available: this will let you know the commands that will make it faster to use Google Sheets.
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